Brandon Jacobs agrees to new contract with Giants


We noted earlier this week that Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was willing to restructure his contract. Now he has.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Jacobs agreed to what is being called a “small restructure” of his contract.

The deal reportedly involves Jacobs taking a cut to his base salary for 2011, but he can earn the money back if he reaches certain incentives. The contract will not change his 2012 salary.

Jacobs agreeing to a cap-friendly restructuring makes it more likely that the Giants will be able to re-sign his backfield mate, Ahmad Bradshaw.

17 responses to “Brandon Jacobs agrees to new contract with Giants

  1. I’m glad he’ll be in NY…… I like when the Eagles play against old washed up RB’s.

  2. lachargers

    agreed, the fumbles have to stop, but the giants still had the 6th best rushing offense in the nfl with a patchwork line. they cant be that bad. the giants just upgraded at center, LG and LT so like you….i cant wait for the giants to re-sign the little fumbler.

  3. Hilarious how all these eagirl fans are all over these news stories talking smack in the comments.

    Here’s an idea you useless scrubs, your team hasn’t been relevant since the 60’s. Your trophy case is empty. Your the cellar dweller of the NFC East, and your QB is a felon.

    Win a title before you idiots act like your franchise is any good.

  4. eaglesfootballfan says:
    Jul 29, 2011 1:16 PM

    Why would Brandon do this after he got demoted from starter to backup.


    Because if he didn’t they would cut him

  5. @ dcbassguy:

    You mean the RB’s who combined for 2,500 total yards and 17 TD’s last season…?

    Yeah, they’re terrible. Enjoy this washed up RB tandem for 2-3 more years.

  6. @dcbassguy
    That’s OK. We like when the Giants get to play against 3rd Overall pick busts that can’t handle it when they get boo’ed and have to go cry to their mama (like VY).

  7. I feel like he would’ve benefited from a change of scenery. I also think he’d of been a better choice for Denver than McGahee, as far as “older” RBs go. Meh.

  8. Realnflmaster….. That mite of been one of the funniest best burns on a team ive heard hahahahahahah omg. Thats just so awsome on so many levels

  9. Hater’s gonna hate! If you’re not a Giants fan, why did you even open this article… Oh, wait, let me answer that myself… BECAUSE you would LOVE to be a part of GREATNESS!!!

  10. It’s my hope that Bradshaw makes it his #1 priority to limit his fumbles this year. I think he will and I think he continues to improve. I like that Jacobs has incentives to get his $ back and hopefully that means he will run like train that he is instead of like the sportscar he thought he could be last year.. ALSO – I love when players are willing to restructure their contract for the benefit of the whole. I think this spells good things for the gmen!

  11. as a Giants fan, i love it when the pathetic eagles fan base shows up to comment on us.

    get over it…..3-LOVE, Giants 🙂
    (yes im using tennis terms)

    i also must say that i enjoy the healthy eagles/giants rivalry. nothing like prime time or 415pm game exposure to the best battle in all of football.
    to make it better for me, im a Mets fan…….so i also hate the phillies.

    boston, who cares. im not a yanks or jets fan so im cool with them.
    its philly that i hate.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

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