Confusion lingers regarding deadline for reporting to camp


With Nnamdi Asomugha cashing in with the Eagles and receiver DeSean Jackson holding out for a long-term deal of his own, the question of when Jackson must show up to receive credit for his all-important fourth accrued season becomes critical.

The 2011 Transition Rules that were developed by the NFL and presented to the NFLPA for Monday’s vote approving the new labor deal provide as follows on this point:  “The deadline for any player under contract to report to his Club shall be the twenty-third day of the 2011 League Year.  If he has not reported by that date, he shall not be eligible to earn an Accrued Season for the 2011 League Year, subject to a demonstration of extreme personal hardship as set forth in Article 8, Section 1(b).”

With the 2011 League Year expected to start on August 4, this provision means that Jackson could stay away for more than four more weeks without losing the ability to become an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

But the official NFL calendar states that the deadline is August 9, more than two weeks earlier.

We’ve asked for the NFL to clarify these two directly conflicting provisions on Thursday morning.  We’ve been told an answer is coming.  When we get it, we’ll pass it along.

The issue also applies to Titans running back Chris Johnson.  But since he’s under contract for two more years, it doesn’t matter whether he gets his fourth accrued season in 2011 or 2012.  Either way, he’s not due to become an unrestricted free agent until 2013.

For Jackson, the issue becomes very important, very soon.

Unless the next trick the Eagles have up their sleeves is a new deal for DeSean.

18 responses to “Confusion lingers regarding deadline for reporting to camp

  1. Just give Jackson his new deal. We all know he’s earned it, and it’s not worth the distraction. He has overplayed his contract to a ridiculous degree.

    I don’t really like holdouts, but the fact is that one play can end a career. Gotta get paid before that happens.

  2. @andyreidisfat

    uhh… Djax is a big time WR…. they should just freaking pay him. I think they should keep asante too if they can. Eagles have a rediculous team now!

  3. NFLN is reporting that the player has to report 30 days before the first regular season game to earn an accrued season, that’s where the August 9th date comes from. So, obviously someone is using the wrong rule…

  4. Roseman was asked if they were going to look at extending veterans on the eagles n if they had space left under the cap to do so he said they had cap space left and we got a couple guys here in house we gonna sit down and talk about. Pretty much saying their now gonna focus on working out a deal for Desean and Vick.

    So everyone relax Desean is gonna be here for a while. I cant believe after all the good things this front office has done this week you guys are still acting like the sky is falling.

  5. Good job eagles, blow your money on a corner who plays on one side of the field and doesn’t change a game.

    Desean will gladly go to Dallas and burn your horrific defense twice a year.

  6. djack will get a contract samuel will stay drc might b traded but if not than wr r gona b in for a struggle

  7. realnflmaster says: Jul 29, 2011 9:12 PM

    Good job eagles, blow your money on a corner who plays on one side of the field and doesn’t change a game.

    Desean will gladly go to Dallas and burn your horrific defense twice a year.

    1. DJax is still on a contract w 2 years left.
    (not going anywhere soon)

    2. the Cowboys don’t have any cap $$ to pay him.

    3. DJax wont go to team that hasn’t won Conference championship game in this century.

    besides that …your comment looks OK

  8. I would love to have Desean at his current price for 2 more years hold out a couple weeks longer playa………….and we can sign a couple more guys!

  9. Samuel and possibly Jackson will be Browns by the time there camp opens on Sunday. The browns have done nothing at all and need to get up to the cap floor. They also happen to have a bevy of Atlanta falcon draft picks to spend. Cb and wr are two of their biggest needs, and the man who built the Eagles is now building the Browns.

    There is a hot tip for you to chew on pft.

  10. With two dates in conflicting rules, the league will go with the earliest report date and the NFLPA(*) will support the later date. That looks like an arbitration issue looming. Good luck to the idiots that want to make a power play with the circumstances up in the air, especially when it will cost them $30K per day.

  11. andyreidisfat says:
    Jul 29, 2011 8:21 PM
    I sure hope so. But i get a bad feeling a Samuel and djax to someone for a big time WR is in the works. Detroit i am looking at you.

    as much as i would love that, thats not even realistic.

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