Davin Joseph, Jeremy Trueblood return to the Bucs

The Bucs offensive line is suddenly looking a lot better and the Bucs aren’t nearly as far under the salary cap anymore.

Guard Davin Joseph is back with the team on a seven-year, $53 million contract as first reported by Steve Duemig from WDAE in Tampa. Right tackle Jeremy Trueblood also agreed to a two-year deal per Duemig and Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter also reports former Falcons punter Michael Koenen signed a six-year deal with the team.

Joseph is a player that inspires a lot of varying opinions from folks around the league, but he can be one of the best run-blocking guards in the league when he is at his best.

Trueblood provides depth at right tackle after the team missed out on Cowboys tackle Doug Free Thursday night.

We’re not sure if there is a big “splash” for the Bucs to make after this. They are not in the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes.

16 responses to “Davin Joseph, Jeremy Trueblood return to the Bucs

  1. Goooooooooooood news. A little puzzled on Trueblood considering his penchant for false starts and temper tantrums, but he’s been there and knows the system well. I’m cool with giving him another year or two to calm the eff down.


  2. Had to bring Davin back to anchor the o-line interior. Trueblood? Well, if the price is right it’s never a bad thing to have competition on the line.

  3. Bucs now have the best underrated. line in football , three pro bowlers in joseph, penn, and faine. and have blount and freeman, plus bennett and Williams, oh yeah a man named Winslow jr. TEAMS NEED TO LEARN, BUILD THROUGH THE. DRAFT!!!

  4. we didnt draft winslow. and i believe at least one of those linemen you mentioned started on another team preakin

  5. yes faine did. a**. who r u? this whole football team is built through youth, I said underrated line, they are resigning guys they originally drafted, but you can’t read can you? wish idiots like you would just shut the yeah up.

  6. Mississippibred.
    Learn to read, their are 3 parts to my comment. Just cause you are one of the dumb bucs fans that want to spend all our money now, and don’t believe in spending wisely, like paying guys you drafted, aka joseph black trueblood. And when the time comes cause you want to overpay free agents, and we can’t pay blount or freeman, get back to me on that dumb a**.

  7. preakin… calm down 🙂 its all good im just saying that your post seems to imply that all of our luck including the players you listed were the fruits of ‘building through the draft’

    we did not draft faine, blount, or kellen winslow, so some of our success is in minor free agency moves too (though winslow probably counts as a ‘splash’) we have a good gm and a good plan but as much as he keeps saying it its not all ‘building through the draft’ we’ve done pretty well in undrafted free agency and free agency too. Just other areas we have had success in.

  8. i wasn’t trying to imply that we should go make a move and spend all our money on other people from the outside, just that we have done that successfully as well as our successful drafting (and yes i AM assuming price and mccoy do NOT turn out to be busts, i think they will surprise in coming years)

  9. and my bad on implying winslow was a free agency move, it was a trade which, i believe has worked out pretty well.

  10. @preakin

    Weren’t you the one who was raving about how smart the Bucs GM was? Well then, tell how smart it it to spend almost $20 million for a punter? And not a great punter, but the guy who ranked 30th in the league? $20 MILLION FOR A PUNTER? LMFAO!!!

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