Derrick Harvey, Vince Manuwai get the boot from Jaguars


One of the worst NFL trades of the last five years looks even worse Friday morning.

The Jaguars cut former No. 8 overall pick Derrick Harvey, just three years after the Jaguars gave up four draft picks to move up to get him. (They dealt the No. 26 pick, two third-rounders, and a fourth-round pick.)

That trade doomed former Jaguars G.M. Shack Harris, and the organization has spent a while recovering from it.  We guessed Harvey might get cut and the team clearly couldn’t find anyone willing to make a trade.

Guard Vince Manuwai also got cut, according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.

The releases will help clear room for safety Dawan Landry, who is expected to sign Friday. We’ve seen that Landry was “close” to signing in Jacksonville for days now, so we’ll let you know when it actually happens.

30 responses to “Derrick Harvey, Vince Manuwai get the boot from Jaguars

  1. And with that, the mess of Shack Harris gets cleaner and cleaner. Gene Smith is cleaning house.

  2. Especially since the Ravens ended up using a couple of those picks to move back up and grab Joe Flacco while the Jags needed a QB

  3. I remember when everyone panned the Derrick Harvey selection. Looks like they were right.

  4. Their father, Shack Harris, has been run out of town too. Glad to see more of his cancer is being purged from our growing organization!

  5. As a Lions fan I would love to see Harvey get picked up at a low cost to come in and compete in camp. Besides the obvious Shack Harris connection, the fact that we saw huge stride from cast off Lawrence Jackson last season (another former 1st round “draft bust”) this could be a good pickup. At least at this point a low 1 year offer to compete in camp brings essentially zero risk and high reward given the current talent on Detroits D-Line and Harvey’s potential/talent.

  6. If you can get him low…he will offer depth at the very least…Have fun. we owed him too much!

  7. That Harvey trade has to be considered a top 5 worse trade in the NFL.

    It sounds like the Jags all ready have thier replacement at guard signign Jason Spitz of GB for 2 years.

  8. Hope Harvey signs in the AFC South – that way Garrard won’t have to worry about getting sacked this year…

  9. Harris single-handedly crippled this franchise for a decade and only now are we starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Leftwich, Jones, Williams, Nelson, Harvey……

    What a list. Thanks Shack.

  10. When I saw the Jags throw away a crapload of picks just to get Derrick Harvey back in 2008, I knew they were in trouble (without speaking in hindsight)

    Reason, defensive ends in the first round are the new busts!!! The media only uses Tony Mandarich and quarterbacks as boom/bust subjects because one had a sexy looking SI cover and QB’s are ratings gold!!! Fans, please be careful when your team takes 4-3 ends!!! If you look at their track records during the past 10-12 years they’re are damn scarier than the QB’s taken during the same time period!!!

  11. Vernon Golston
    Derrick Harvey
    Jamal Anderson
    Jamarcus Russell
    Jarvis Moss
    Charles Rogers
    Robby Carpenter

    Can you believe they agreed to salary caps for rookies??? Why…………..

  12. Multiple draft choices Almost Always are better than one pick. You better be dadgum confident of your selection when give four picks to move up. And there are VERY FEW #8 picks that are so certain that anyone should trade four picks to get there.

  13. Of Shack Harris’ last two drafts in 2007-2008, there is only one player left. It’s a miracle that team had gone 15-17 the last two years.

  14. LOL, is there such a thing as a “revered”, or even “respected”, former General Manager in the history of team sport? I doubt it.

  15. feldman9000 says:

    Wait a minute, Jacksonville still has a football team?

    Yes, they do. You will be reminded of that fact when they come to your city and kick your teams ass. Please tell me who your team is so I will get get double the satisfaction when that happens.

  16. Looks like the Jags are contacting Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles as a possible replacement for Harvey.

  17. feldman9000 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 2:22 PM
    Wait a minute, Jacksonville still has a football team?
    That is so funny. I’m falling out my chair right now. Jax still has a team? That’s classic. Great job. Keep’em coming.

    Harvey should have been cut last off season. You think 8th overall pick money is enough motivation for this cat. Shack Harris set this team back 7 years with his horrible drafting and free agent pick ups. Thanks Shack

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