Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

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The Miami Dolphins are saying goodbye to linebacker Channing Crowder.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins cut Crowder today.

Crowder, who has played his entire six-year career with the Dolphins, was scheduled to make $5 million this season. Last season Crowder played in 11 games, starting them all.

In his comments to the media Crowder is one of the most consistently entertaining players in the league, so we look forward to hearing what he has to say about this.

35 responses to “Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

  1. Adios Crowder… You sucked down here. The only person who believed you were amusing or a decent player was YOU!

  2. Not that great of a player but I actually really liked him funny guy will miss him for sure but why didn’t we trade him for something at least

  3. Another Dolphin free agent bites the dust.

    Miami Dolphins 2009 Free Agents:

    February 20
    -Dolphins re-sign OT Vernon Carey to 6 year, $42 million deal.

    February 25
    -Dolphins re-sign LB Channing Crowder to a 3 year deal.

    February 26
    -Dolphins sign S Gibril Wilson to a 5 year, $27.5 million deal.

    -Dolphins re-sign S Yeremiah Bell to a 4 year, $20 million deal.

    February 27
    -Dolphins sign G/C Joe Berger to a 3 year deal.

    March 3
    -Dolphins sign C Jake Grove to a 5, $29.5 million year deal.

    March 12
    -Dolphins sign CB Eric Green to a multi-year deal.

    That’s not even counting the 2008 class of

    Justin Smiley
    Ernest Wiflord
    Gibril Wilson

    All but 2 (Carey and Bell) cut.

    Only thing worse than our draft picks are our free agent pick ups.

  4. Nagging injuries, reduced production and big salary. Still only 27 so will probably get picked up.

  5. I’ll always remember him for what he said before the London game a few years ago – 1. What language do they speak over there, and 2. I wonder how British people will react to seeing black people for the first time. A true moron

  6. citnetter says:
    Jul 29, 2011 4:16 PM
    Have to say, I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on in Miami…


    Easy- when you go 7-9 two seasons in a row, you clearly need new players. Crowder is an average starter making good money. Dolphins are cleaning house.

    I’ve followed Fins since 1985 and I genuinely think this team has a chance. Defence is good (not great) and offence has some pieces. Need ilb, another guard to challenge/replace Jerry, and a TE. If Henne makes some improvements in reading the game (specifically, making his reads quicker) this team could surprise. I don’t see a 6-10 team or worse like some of the fair weather fans.

  7. First decent move Ireland has made.

    Long overdue.

    Crowder is an absolute, worthless stiff and the next big play he makes in the NFL will be his first.

  8. @mastermathias19,

    Carey is coming off knee surgery and there is competition for his starting job. If he’s not the starter then the fins will probably cut him too so they can unload his $4 mill salary.

    So I am guessing you aint down with Ireland the GM. I thought they had developed some good young players recently but I dont follow them too closely.

  9. Crowder is a frustrating player.

    You can count the total number of impact plays (INT, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries) he’s had on your hands.

    He doesn’t read running plays, but shoots gaps and gets lucky occasionally.

    He can’t cover to save his own life.

    He gets juked out of his jock when in space.

    And yet, his consistent mediocrity is better than a lot of other people off the street.

    As a dolphan, I didn’t understand why they resigned him with the big contract.

    After seeing a year next to a true playmaker in Dansby, I guess the coaches know it won’t get any better. Every.

  10. pc1976 says: “I’ll always remember him for what he said before the London game a few years ago – 1. What language do they speak over there, and 2. I wonder how British people will react to seeing black people for the first time. A true moron”

    I’ll always remember Channing for his ability to expose the casual (I watch SportCenter – here me roar) fans as gullible, knowledge-less, idiots – who actually thought he was dumb instead of being funny…. and who in actuality cede about 100 IQ points to Crowder.

    Who will expose the gullible, true moron fans now?

  11. This guy was THE most overrated football player in the NFL. He had 1/2 of a season in which he played well, his free agent year – the last 8 games. Other than that, he’s been the worst blitzing ILB in the NFL; terrible in pass coverage (his one interception came on a gift as Brady was being hit – while Crowder was, where else, in no man’s land covering no one); he gets stood up by scat-backs, he misreads running plays regularly; and his mouth does nothing but incite the opponents.

    What else needs to be said about this guy? He’s terrible. It’s just a year too late. But, arguably the best move of the off-season by the Dolphins.

  12. I’m a Dolphin fan and the worst/best I can say about Crowder is I’m indifferent to him. His talk would be interesting if he EVER made big plays, but he didn’t. But then again, he’s beaten out potential replacements for 6 years, so he can’t be that bad.

    My only hope is that they did it today and not on the first day of cuts is because they see someone they like that got let go and are spending Crowder’s money on someone new.

  13. “And yet, his consistent mediocrity is better than a lot of other people off the street.”

    @dvnelson72 – my sentiments exactly in my post. He won a spot for 6 years. That’s about the best I can say about him.

    I think we could count the big plays he made on the hand of a woodshop teacher who had more than 1 really bad day at the office…

  14. sasquash20 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 4:25 PM
    Dolphins fans who watch ever game, is this guy any good? Or is this just a money move?
    He is decent but not a playmaker. Tackles OK and can stop the run but sucks in coverage. I think it is more a money thing and confidence in Dobbins and/or Edds to do as well or better. Crowder was OK when he played but that was less than he should have. He is on the bike more than Lance Armstrong.

  15. Crowder was an above average tackler BUT he was slow, unathletic and NEVER made a big hit or play for the Dolphins. I have season tickets and cant remember him ever causing a fumble or gasp with a hard hit or tackle. Its a good move for the Dolphins to release him. We need playmakers and the 5 million we’ll save will come in handy when we surprise everyone and sign Carson Palmer in the pre-season. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

  16. citnetter says:
    Jul 29, 2011 4:16 PM

    Have to say, I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on in Miami…


    Let me break it down for you:

    Crowder is an extremely mediocre ILB. He is due to make 5 million this year. Not worth it. I have seen this move coming for 3 years.

    I also assume you are upset with the Matt Moore signing. Shows how small your fair-weather fan brain is. Chad Henne IS our starter this year. Period. You have to invest more than a year and a half into a QB before you decide it wasn’t worth it. He stepped into a poor situation, with a banged up O-line, mediocre rushing attack, and god-awful scheming with Dan Henning running the offense. Watch game tape of Henne in the last 2 years. Sure he has made mistakes, but he has only been a true starter for a year and a half! How about the Monday night game against the Jets where he was 20-26 for 260 yards, 2 TDs, 0 ints? Oh yea, and he executed s 5 minute 4th quarter game winning TD drive that same game. This guy can BALL. Period. Watch some of his game tapes from MI. He needs a fair chance, and this year is his chance.

    With all that said, there was no way we were going to give up a 2nd round pick, which is most likely what Denver was asking for, for Orton, who for all intent and purposes, was going to be brought in to be a solid veteran number 2 QB. Matt Moore is a young QB with great potential, and will get us by for a couple weeks if Henne gets hurt.

    Would we rather have gotten Orton? Of course! But there is no way we give up a 2nd round pick for him.

    Don’t forget we got Reggie Bush… I don’t see how you can be upset with the moves we are making. We are trimming the fat, and putting together the last few peices of the puzzle to make a real run at the post-season. Now we just need a Zach Miller or Kevin Boss, and our offense is set.

    And to the guy who said our defense was “good, not great”, I hesitate to even dignify that with a response, but I can’t help myself. We were a top 8 defense last year. We have all of those players returning, minus Crowder, plus AJ Edds and Derrick Odrick… I am not sure what your definition of a “great” defense is, but I believe that a top 6 or better defense, which is what we will have, would be considered “great”.

  17. Crowder ran his mouth constantly, but always with humor and intelligence. For the sage observers above who didn’t get his schtick, that’s their problem. Crowder lives every day with joy and fun as the goal. He’s taken his modest athletic gifts all the way to the NFL, which is a lot more than 99.9% of the American male population can say. I wish him the best. He was a credit to the Dolphins.

  18. I predicted earlier this year that Crowder would be tried at OLB to see if he had any potential that would justify his salary. I guess that the answer is NO!

    The defense should be good again. If we ( the Dolphins) can hold on to those pick sixes and not drop those potential picks like last year, we could end up with some very good field position.

    A short field could help Henne immensely. I am in a wait and see mode regarding the offense. Polite could really help out Bush and Thomas with those tough yards between the guards. Putting the TE / HB in motion could ease the pain of running inside too!

    Ethereal problem on this team is holding on to guys with 3.5 big plays in 6 years. Injury prone guys that want to go Hollywood on you! The personnel decisions made now will determine our success during the regular season; don’t expect too much!

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