Eric Wright is headed to Detroit

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We’ve been waiting for Nnamdi Asomugha to sign so that the other cornerback dominoes could fall in behind him.  Perhaps Johnathan Joseph’s deal with the Texans will have the same effect.

The Lions appear to have reached agreement with Eric Wright, formerly of the Browns.  Wright is now sporting a Lions hat on Twitter and got a congrats from former Lion Gerald Alexander.  NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora confirmed Wright is going to Detroit.

“Lets get it goin Detroit!! Lets flip the script!!” Wright wrote before linking to him intercepting Matthew Stafford in 2009.

We almost forgot Wright was a free agent, but this is a worthwhile gamble.

A year ago at this time, we heard Shawn Springs list Wright as one of the best five cornerbacks in the league. That’s a stretch, but the kid has plenty of talent and had a stretch of excellent play in Cleveland. He’s young and we assume he is coming at a discount price.

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  1. Lions still need to sign Chris Houston and another linebacker (hopefully Tulloch or Barnett). But, love this signing. If the defensive line is as good as advertised, you could see Wright, along with the rest of this secondary, have breakout seasons.

    Mayhew and Schwartz have both been God-sends the last two years.

  2. A year ago, he was EXPECTED to be one of the best 5 corners in the league. He definitely struggled in coverage all year long, I don’t know if something shattered his confidence or he just wasn’t 100% healthy. I was kind of looking forward to seeing if he could redeem himself this year, but I’m not at all bothered that he won’t have the opportunity now.

    So long Eazy-E. And good luck.

  3. I’m sorry, why is Gerald Alexander welcoming him to the team? He was traded for a horrible receiver two years ago to the Jags and now he’s on the Panthers. The only link he has to Detroit is 0-16! When the Lions win it all within the next 5 years is he getting a ring too?!?!

  4. Of course he is still chasing Boldin in the end zone.. I have never seen a corner abused as much as he was, but anyhow he landed in the right situation and may continue that tradition.

  5. Thank you Detroit! Watching him get torched every game for a Td. was unbearable. Hopefully for you guys, he was just in a funk.

  6. Browns fans have been wanting to run Wright out of town since the middle of last season. He did struggle, but has performed very well in the past, and this will really pay off if he can regain his form. But once he struggled, Browns Fan in his infinite wisdom decided that everything was his fault, he was garbage and he’d never do well again.

    And Browns fans wonder why they have to overpay for free agents……

    Good luck, Eric. You’ll enjoy playing for a fan base that won’t issue death threats. I wish he would’ve come to my favorite team, but I’ll still pull for him.

  7. This couldn’t have helped Wright’s on-field play:

    “Wright told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that as his on-field performance deteriorated, he heard from Browns fans threatening his life.

    “I went from people expecting me to be a top cornerback in the league to receiving death threats,” Wright said. “It was a lot to deal with.” “

  8. Youtube Anquan Boldin and Eric Wright…..Boldin made this guy look like he was still playing highschool ball last year, Q had 3 TDs in one game against Eric Wright…..Detriot should have went after Joseph, hes a damn good corner

  9. “and got a congrats from former Lion Gerald Alexander.”
    Nice recovery because the article 10 minutes ago said “he was welcomed to teh team by Geral Alexander.”
    Top shelf reporting Rosenthal. Emit just called he’s no longer a Cowbow

  10. Maybe Eric Wrights struggles can be attributed to the Browns terrible pass rush….He’ll be fine in Detroit…It worked out for Chris Houston….

  11. I do not think it is outside the realm of possibility for the Lions to win the division. I say this for 3 reason:

    1. The Bears are making radical changes to their offense – not all of them good at all. It’s going to take time for that offense to gel.

    2. The Packers are getting rid of Cullen Jenkins (huge mistake) and seem kind of lackadaisical in general. Also, they’ve lost Brandon Jackson and who knows if Ryan Grant is going to be even a shadow of what he was two years ago.

    3. The Vikings suck.

  12. I will always remember him for that memorable AP run…when he was thrown to the ground like a rag doll.

  13. Has there ever been a player that has lived up to their potential in Cleveland? Quinn or any of the 20 QB’s over the past 10 years, Rogers, Winslow JR, etc…. Atleast the Lions are going to be a competitive team this season. He’ll turn it around just like Houston and The Browns fans can find someone else to threaten and chuck bottles at. No wonder Lebron left. LOL

  14. I would have liked to have seen Wright play a little this year to determine whether he had an off year last year or if he really sucks. I mean, he looked like he was covering guys while wearing loafers. But I’m not in the business, Heckert and Holmgen are. Based on the moves those guys have made so far, there is reason to trust their judgment. NEXT!

  15. He did stink last year and everyone remembers the Ravens/Boldin game but what did Rob Ryan expect? He sent the HOUSE (7 or 8) and left him man on man with Boldin a few times and the pressure did not get there. No corner or DB has a shot when that happens. He bit on a double move on one TD and on another he was in position but the ball was thrown where only Boldin could get it. I remember him vs the Giants on MNF dominating 2 years ago.

    Wish the Browns would have kept him, we need all the help we can get.

  16. As a Browns fan, I thought Wright was unfairly abused last season. True, he looked absolutely awful at times, but when he might have benefited from the fans’ support, he instead got death threats. . .nice.

    I wish they would have re-signed him. Detroit’s gain.

  17. He is good for about 2 plays per game….which doesn’t make up for the ten blown coverages per game as well. Also, terrible tackler. He was more awful then good. Potential means nothing if you don’t back it up.

  18. wright was not unfairly abused hes awful. He NEVER turns around in coverage and gets beat deep like its going out of style. He also has the habit of being an awful tackler so unless he gets coverage help over the top he will get burned often.

  19. between Wright, Durant, and Wendling it appears the lions are trying to repair the 2007 Millen Draft Debacle when he landed Stanton, Ikaika Alama-Francis and Gerald Alexander with their 3 second round picks.

  20. As a Browns fan, I couldn’t be happier to see him go. He was pretty decent at one time, but he was so horribly bad last year that I wanted to throw a brick through my TV.

    It’s one thing to throw an arm up and miss a pass when you’re trying to cover- or to be a step behind… or to get run-over on a head-on tackle on occasion… but that isn’t what Wright was doing.

    All last year, with very rare exception, he seldom ever threw a hand up to try to deflect a pass, was 3-4 steps behind the receiver *constantly*- I mean to the point where I was wondering sometimes if he had even lined up in the right place- and watching him try to tackle was a joke. It was like trying to stop The Hulk by throwing crumpled pieces of paper at him. And then when he *would* make a play on rare occasion, he’d dance like he had just won the SB. Ridiculous.

    As for the person who said maybe he played like that because of things like death threats, he didn’t *start* getting threats until he had already been stinking the field up for quite a while.

    All I can say is good luck, Eric. And I hope Detroit’s O can score a LOT of points this year. They’re gonna need ’em.

  21. Wright is not a great corner but he is too good for them to let go. Looks like the Holmgren era is like the all the others with these “new” Browns, totally worthless. I feel for all Browns fans, a habit which i broke last year.

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