Ex-Cowboys receiver Sam Hurd heads to Chicago

For the second time this morning, we have news of a former Cowboys wide receiver who’s heading to the Bears.

First it was Roy Williams, in a move that can’t be confirmed until this afternoon. Now former Cowboys receiver Sam Hurd has agreed to a deal with the Bears, in a move Hurd himself has confirmed.

“I’m excited about this, no hard feelings towards Dallas,” Hurd told ESPNDallas. “It’s a job and it had nothing to do with the Cowboys. I would love to play for the Cowboys but I’ve always loved the city of Chicago and what the Bears stood for.”

In five seasons with the Cowboys, Hurd caught 45 passes for 630 yards and two touchdowns.

18 responses to “Ex-Cowboys receiver Sam Hurd heads to Chicago

  1. Not a bad pickup. He’s cheap, and he’s a decent 3rd receiver or role player. Great on special teams too.

  2. When is the Malcolm Floyd announcement coming out? (for the love, throw us a bone here… AND RESIGN MATT FORTE, STAT!)

  3. This is an … interesting move. My gut feeling says that this move is more about special teams than it is about a receiving job. Hurd doesn’t have the ideal skill set for a Martz offense, as he doesn’t have the superb quickness to get in and out of his cuts. He’s a solid, steady receiver, a bigger target. He could perhaps fill a Ricky Proehl-type role, but Earl Bennett is already more of the possession receiver for the Bears, and Knox and Hester, along with Roy are more ideal fits for Martz, so the depth chart for WR playing time, will be tough to crack. That said, Martz spreads it out a bit.

  4. I love chicago’s moves so far. Excellent management. I see a team begining to slip under Mike Martz’s tutilage. Just like S.F. just like Det. Just watch. Sam Hurd is decent – average and another one of many average WR. Unreal… As a vikings fan. I absolutley love their management staff. They better sign Forte or they are in deep *&^%.

  5. When will I wake up from this bad dream? Who is in charge in Chicago. Obviously it is Martz. Gets his QB in the draft with Enderle, his way with the TE in his scheme by dumping the best pass catcher, and now he is adding burnout Cowboy trash? Martz turned down a contract extension offer in April so what if he leaves? Bears will still be stuck with a bottom third offense, no weapons on offense, and a couple scrubs picked up to show for it. Front Office needs an overhaul immediately!

  6. @jfever24

    Why a Vikings fan is commenting on anyone else’s front office is beyond me. Have you been sleeping the last couple of days?

  7. biggie440 says: Jul 29, 2011 12:19 PM

    i have to say that i like this better than that roy will business

    EXACTLY. I can’t stand that guy – the dance moves, the taunting when you’re losing by 30, Bears fans hate that. I already root for my team in spite of Cutler, don’t make me hate more of my own players…

  8. Can we make a move now on one of the Falcons two FA offensive guards? I think it is warranted…possibly…

  9. Hurd is a very solid player and will have a break out year. Cowboy fans will be sorry to see him leave. He called J. Jones bluff last year and made alot more money because he knows he can play.

  10. roy williams, greg olson were terrible moves, i don’t understand wtf is goin on? Dabears management were always cheap-asses, but now they’re gonna spend a chit-load of money on average players that won’t even help us.
    Bear-down Bears fans…………………….

  11. His whole career is about half of a good receiver’s season, or just a little more than what your running back caught last year. Nice pick up.

  12. Basically just replacing Rashied Davis. No biggie, plus a bigger wr to place in some formations.

    Decent pickup. Still waiting on MSW or Floyd!

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