Expect to hear some Asante Samuel trade talk


So Nnamdi Asomugha is a Philadelphia Eagle.  Still getting used to that one.

The move will be huge news in Philadelphia, especially to the Eagles’ former top-paid cornerback. We fully expect trade chatter to start surrounding Asante Samuel based on the following tweet from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The #Eagles plan is to carry all three CBs for the season unless they get a good trade offer,” McLane writes.

Translation: We would really love to hear your good trade offer.  Please send them to us.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films in the Philly area points out that Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie both play bump and run coverage. Samuel does not and may not fit what they want to do in 2011.

Samuel is due $5.9 million in 2011, which is a reasonable enough salary. He’s currently not in training camp because of an “excused absence.”   It wouldn’t shock us if Samuel stays in Philly because he’s still very good and could be tough to deal at this late date.

We would officially like to thank the Eagles for keeping this week so damn interesting.

70 responses to “Expect to hear some Asante Samuel trade talk

  1. Asante just gets on my nerves to watch. Hes a great zone CB but man up or tackling?? Ughh.

  2. I hope they keep all 3. Never know with injuries. With all 3, you can imagine how much fun a cover 2 or any nickel package would look. If our dline produces this year, we’ll be straight crushin’ fools.

  3. I’m pretty sure Asante will be just fine picking off Manning, Romo, and whoever the Redskins decide to throw out there because now they’ll have to throw his way.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Asante stays, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes either. DRC has size and speed, maybe he can man the nickel and they make that their base package

  5. There is already talk in Detroit about Samuel, because the Lions defensive scheme fits Asante perfectly

  6. “Web would officially like to thank the Eagles for keeping this week so damn interesting”.

    I would officially like to thank the Eagles for preventing the NY Jerks from getting Asomugha.

  7. I doubt to teams people will want to trade something good and pick up a 9 million dollar contract this season.

    If I was the eagles I would keep him but that is a lot of money tied up in one position.

  8. I’m not an Eagle’s fan, I’m a Lion’s fan, but wow, the signing of NNamdi just put you guys at the head of the NFC. If you guys do move Asante to saftey, it’s over for the NFC! He’s always been a great ball hawk, free saftey roaming around would put him in the Pro-Bowl.

    now with that said……..GO LIONS!!!!

  9. since the new rules say the teams can carry 90 players in preseason, if we don’t keep all three, keep them till the first day of the season… i’d like to see the m keep all three.. who cares if Samuels doesn’t play bump and run..what receiver is going to want to run against these 3? at either side??

  10. He is a ball-hawking CB that does not play bump & run very well. That equates to a playmaking free safety in pretty much any defensive set.

  11. “Web would officially like to thank the Eagles for keeping this week so damn interesting”.

    I would officially like to thank the Eagles for preventing the NY Jerks from getting Asomugha.

    I would officially like to thank the Eagles for STOPPING THE COWGIRLS FROM GETTING NAMDI and for making me lose my voice from screaming so loud. Its good to be an Eagles Fan.

  12. I’d love to see the Lions get involved for Samuel. Maybe Cliff Avril plus a draft pick…Graham on PUP list makes this trade not look so bad, right?

  13. Send him to the Cards with Kolb and Bradley, get a few more draft picks, then shop those picks for some linebackers.

  14. I think Asante would be a disaster at safety. He doesn’t hit anything. Instead I’d like to trade DRC for a safety.

  15. Lions or Bears… :Lets see if the Birds can sneak in on the burress sweepstakes now… wow what a day… the Phillies have to do something to keep their names up here in Philly lol (all locals know how much the Eagles hate when the Phillies steal their thunder…)

  16. umm, both the Cardinals and Bengals need a corner and need to spend money and are not named the Dallas Cowboys.

  17. Would love to see Favre return and face that Eagles secondary just so he could add the all-time single game interception record to his resume…

  18. I think the Eagles are looking for DT or Linebacker for Asante. The Vikes, 49ers and Patriots have some interesting players who would fit into the Eagles system.

  19. Hopefully they can get a LB for him. Either that or keep Asante and put him at safety.

  20. Enough with the Asante to safety talk. Safety’s actually have to hit people. Dawkins covered space and picked quite a few balls, but he hit like a linebacker. Samuel does not.

  21. The 49ers didn’t even flinch when they heard Quinton Mikell was a FA and contacted Johnathan Joseph when he was already practically signed.

    Nothing convinces me they will be working a deal for Samuel.

  22. The Eagles are making it REALLY easy for Juan Castillo to make the jump from O-Line coach to D coordinator.

  23. I’d like to see the Browns go after Asante. The familiarity with Heckert and Jauron should make it an easy transition. A DB corps of Haden, Samuel, Brown, Ward, Usama Young, and Mike Adams would be quite good.

  24. perfect spot is cleveland they have the cap room and just lost eric wright to the lions

  25. Thoughts on DRC to safety… Antrel Rolle, part II except he’s not getting moved because he sucks, but because he’s…. not good enough?

    Eagles secondary would look like this: Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Nate Allen. Wow…

  26. i really like the nnamdi signing but i love sante, he has been an integral part to our defense… it would be better to keep all three DBs!!!!

  27. They’d better keep all three of them if they want to make a run during the playoffs. Rodgers still possesses better players with Jennings, Driver, and Nelson.

  28. WOWSERS! I am impressed with the Eagles. They will be so much fun to watch. I don’t think they have any intention of trading Samuels unless they get a deal they can’t refuse (unlikely). I think they will start all three to form the best D Backfield in the NFL. They’ll move either Samuels or Rogers-Cromartie to Free Safety ala Ed Reed. And then look out! Samuel could easily pick 15 passes in the middle at FS with corners flanking him like that. I sure wouldn’t want to throw against that secondary if they have even an average pass rush. Ballhawks like that can create a ton of coverage sacks!

    Reid and Belichick are swinging for the SuperBowl fence. Exciting stuff!

  29. love to see Asante at nickel CB. good luck throwing the ball then. but at the same time i feel for Asante because he’s obviously still one of the top CBs in the NFL and it would be sh*t playing a back up role. at nickel he can play off the line with press on the corners and be very effective watching the QB there and wont have to be as physical :S maybe..

  30. The best possible scenario would be to keep all 3. We’re all pumped up about all the off season moves the eagles are makin, don’t ruin it by trading one of the greats on the team. Now they need to pay Jackson and than sign a lb and once that is done think about maybe upgrading the protection to Vicks blindside since justice didn’t protect it very well. This team has the highest expectation of em all, superbowl win or major bust

  31. I enjoy the quick thinking Eagle’s fans. “Just move him to Free Safety”! 2 problems with that.

    1. In addition to playing more zone than man coverage safties are usually asked to tackle and assit on running plays. Not really up Asante’s alley.

    2. Ball hawking by jumping routes and taking chances kind of defies the definition of the word safety. If he guesses wrong, the WR is taking it to the house.

    Here’s a 3rd one for free:

    Exactly who is going to do any tackling on this team during a running play? Sims, Bradley, Mickell, umm…. Your ends Babin and Cole will start lined up outside of the tackles and basically run straight up the field at the snap. Your linebackers are all undersized, Bunkley is not the same player any more, you safeties are smallish and inexperienced and Nmandi, Asante and Dominique (Sounds like Destiny’s Child 2.0) will be trying to make an interception.

    I’m not a Cowboys fan but their smartest move would be to bring back Barber. Because he, Torain and Jacobs are going to slowly, I mean v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y chug it down your throats.

  32. pfatl says:
    Jul 29, 2011 7:39 PM
    Enough with the Asante to safety talk. Safety’s actually have to hit people. Dawkins covered space and picked quite a few balls, but he hit like a linebacker. Samuel does not.
    Hitting is meh except for some intimidation factor…tackling is what you really have to be great at esp. @ safety. Since your team likes my team’s former DBs…they have one who will hit everyone on the entire football field up to and including his own teammates..but can’t tackle (he takes horrible angles). He’s a safety too. Want him? This is his last year on his rookie deal I think. :p

  33. Asante is an all pro CB. Why would they trade him. I would hate for them to trade him. He’s been consistant since he been here. So what if he cant tackle. Ill take an int over a tackle any day. I hope we keep them all. All this is just rumors. How can you listen to all these experts talkin Asante trade and none of them had Nnamdi coming to Philly. Andy Reid said its going to be like Troy Vincent Bobby Taylor and Al Harris all over again. Just imagine QBs runnining from our pass rush throwing into our Secondary. Smh. “Can’t Wait” (B. Scott).

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