Falcons cut Michael Jenkins, Jamaal Anderson


The Atlanta Falcons’ first-round draft picks from 2004 and 2007 are gone.

The Falcons released wide receiver Michael Jenkins and defensive end Jamaal Anderson, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Jenkins caught 276 passes for 3,512 yards and 20 touchdowns in seven seasons with the Falcons. He had a career-high 777 yards in 2008, but his production has declined since then, and the drafting of Julio Jones paved the way for Jenkins to be replaced.

Anderson started all 16 games as a rookie in 2007 but has never lived up to what the Falcons expected of him. Last year he lost his starting job, and he leaves the Falcons having recorded just 4.5 sacks in four seasons.

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  1. Why hope Jenkins comes back? He’s a dime a dozen WR. And really how large was his salary?

    What you need to hope for is them finding a guy who can replace Finnergan (is that the guy, the one with the terrible knees) and eventually Gonzalez. They need the big target. To go along with Roddy, Jones and Douglas.

    They will add someone to the D that went 13-4 last year.

  2. I would like to see Jenkins come to the desert and replace Breaston. Anderson was a bust I reckon. Shame. Thought he was going to be something good.

  3. Why on earth would you want him to come back? Both of them overpaid BUSTS! Best move Falcons made this week . Both of them were hogging a lot of money that could be spread out. To get back our OL or even have a chance to get this one corner (nnamdi) who could help our struggling secondary (Grimes is suspect at times and most falcons fans will agree). Anderson can’t be considered and overpaid backup he is just a waste of money period . I would rather see my Falcons pick up randy moss on a 1 yr deal than to see them pay Jenkins or Anderson another cent!!!

  4. Michael Jenkins would be a SOLID addition to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    I think he’s a better option than Plaxico Burress.
    Jenkins is a tall WR, with great speed and route-running ability. Drama-free too.

  5. eagles better pick up this clown and move him inside.
    He has no burst, but has some freakish power. thats a perfect 4-3 DT.

  6. Cutting Jamaal Anderson finally removes the last bit of stain from the disgraceful Bobby Petrino era. They should have done it two years ago. Atlanta only drafted him because Petrino coached him at Arkansas, and i knew as soon as they said his name it was a horrible pick.

    i remember watching that draft and saying to my dad, “anybody but Anderson.” And then the pick came in…

  7. Players drafted AFTER Jamaal Anderson in round one, 2007:

    Patrick Willis
    Darelle Revis (ouch)
    Dwayne Bowe
    Brandon Meriweather
    Jon Beason

    Horrible pick.

  8. Defensive ends named “Jamal” are never good prospects.

    The Packers had their own disappointment with Jamal Reynolds.

  9. @jkjdawg – Petrino didn’t coach Anderson at Arkansas. Petrino was the coach of Louisville. That said, yes, it was a horrible pick.

  10. Jenkins would fit real nice as my Cowboys slot receiver. He is a good 10-20 possession guy……

  11. Man this bums me out. Jammal Anderson was a good decision and I commend the Falcons on releasing him to free up money. I am however disappointed to see Jenkins go. I do think he was grossly overpaid. However he was a solid receiver. He wasn’t the guy that was going to win the game for you but he was a guy that was going to move the ball downfield and get you the first down. He would have made an awesome third receiver to the Falcon depth chart.

    Wherever he goes I hope that he does well and that he lands with a good team and here is hoping Douglas can stay healthy fill the 3rd string position well.

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