Funny money starts to fly: Alan Branch gets $8 million


The Seahawks have a thing for two-year, $8 million contracts.

Charlie Whitehurst has one.  Tarvaris Jackson has one.  And now former Cardinals defensive tackle has one, including $4 million guaranteed according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Close watchers of the Cardinals probably can’t believe it.

Branch’s tenure in Arizona was spotty at best, but the Seahawks are desperate to add some bulk on their defensive line.  It may be the time of free agency where the funny money starts to fly after midnight.

10 responses to “Funny money starts to fly: Alan Branch gets $8 million

  1. Oh Crap, that probably means they aren’t going to pay Mebane what he wants and picked up Branch as insurance.


  2. Maybe Kolb and Charles Johnson were humorous, but so far there has been no funny money compared to years past. Every deal has me shocked at how low the dollars are. Maybe I spent too much time following other sports this offseason.

  3. And Branch’s ex-defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast is coaching at Cal.

    It seems like Seattle thinks that they can turn a pile of crap into something good!!! New Rule: You can’t do that until you’re a multiple time champion!!!!

    How do I know … look at Bill Walsh and Belichick!!!

  4. goldrush94:

    “Boy, the Hawks are really pushing for a title!”

    Wow, you Niners fans really are pathetic commenting on each and every Seahawks related move all day long.

    This sarcasm coming from a fan who’s team has been sitting on their hands all throughout free agency and putting all their eggs in one basket for Asomugha.

    You lost Spikes, Franklin, Baas (your only center), and Clements. Your #1 WR is going to the PUP list and your #1 RB is asking for more money as he comes off a broken hip.

    You signed a washed up kicker in Akers and Alex freaking Smith once again, for 5 million dollars too much.

    No need to hate just because everyone in the division is improving but you.

    Now go back and cry in your little corner.

  5. He is good for few plays but he has not been in condition for a full game.
    Whis knows Branch
    I wanted to keep him, but 4 mill lol

    He’s a good spot player, will wear down fast and does not have the drive to be better (so far).

    Watch and see as he is slow at practice and doesn’t respond well to coaching.

    He is very sensitive

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