Greg Olsen says it bothered him that Bears wouldn’t let him play to his potential


After getting traded from Chicago to Carolina on Thursday, tight end Greg Olsen had kind words for his Bears teammates and fans. But he acknowledged being “bothered” that when offensive coordinator Mike Martz came to town last year, his role was reduced.

“There’s no worse feeling then not being able to play up to your potential,” Olsen told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Last year, I felt like that was the case.”

In 2009, Olsen had a career-high 60 catches for 612 yards and eight touchdowns. Then Martz came to town, and those numbers dropped to 41 catches for 404 yards and five touchdowns.

Now, after the Panthers acquired Olsen for a 2012 third-round draft pick, Olsen will play for Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who was the offensive coordinator of the Miami Hurricanes during Olsen’s freshman year there. Olsen is excited about that.

“To get back with coach Chud, and what he’s done in the past, with tight ends, is going to be huge for my development,” Olsen said, “and I’m looking forward to it.”

Olsen says he doesn’t know exactly what his job will be in an offense that also includes tight ends Jeremy Shockey and Ben Hartsock, but he does know Chudzinski — unlike Martz — will get the most out of him.

“It’s hard to say,” Olsen said. “But, his track record of using guys is pretty clear, and that’s encouraging. Now, it falls on my shoulders on how I perform. To be honest, I think it’s a way to finally get out of the restraints of what our system was.”

And that’s Olsen’s parting shot at Martz.

21 responses to “Greg Olsen says it bothered him that Bears wouldn’t let him play to his potential

  1. Why is it, with so many gifted & talented people out there stuck in the sad world of unemployment, that a truely certifiable bafoon like Mike [Martz] keeps getting job after job?? Is there some kind of law of physics or scientific equation that explains this?

  2. Cam Newton should be happy right now, DeAngelo Williams, great running back, hopefully Jonathan Stewart is still there, if not okay, Steve Smith, number one wide receiver who has had a change of heart (who wanted to leave Carolina and was disgruntled all off-season aka lockout season), the Bears trade Greg Olsen to them (great playmaking tight end who had a held back season due to Mike Martz’s system) and Jeremy Shockey (this isnt 2002, but he is somewhat effective) comes in free agency, wow two former tight ends from the U, this kid should be alright,

  3. He-Man will be missed in Chicago. This deal will look even worse once that lunatic Martz is shown the door after this season.

  4. On a related note, Jay Cutler says it bothers him that the only guy in the lccker room who didn’t despise him got traded.

  5. bears have been pushing the right buttons. they trade olsen(in his last year of contract) for tremendous value(3rd round pick from bad team) and get a WR for low cost. sounds smart

  6. Greg, we will unleash your potential here in Charlotte. Can’t wait to see you suit it up in the black and electric blue. Go Panthers!

  7. I dont understand what the Bears are doing… I don’t complete despise the Bears grabbing Roy, but i do despise them letting Olsen and Aromashadu go… It’s too bad Olsen has Newton throwing him the ball, his numbers definitely won’t get better any time soon

  8. At some point NFL head coaches are going to figure out that Martz’s system/scheme is essentially to complicated and involved for the average football player. Kurt Warner is the exception to many rules, regarding football acumen and study/preparation. The other QB’s Martz has dealt with couldn’t hold a candle to what Warner brought to the table. Half the time Cutler just looks like a kid whose parents forced him into calculus class to move him along but in reality he had now business being there. Maybe having Williams to throw to will help, but until Martz scales things back a little bit, or until he finds another Warner, his offenses will continue to burnout mid-season.

  9. I really like Olsen as a person but I never saw him break one tackle in three years. It always looked like he was running on his tip toes out there. Great hands though, I wish him luck in Carolina, who could be scary good in a couple years.

  10. Olson had his moments on the Bears. Not under Martz though.

    I think we got OK value for Olson, but I really don’t like what this does from an offensive strategy point of view. It’s pretty much telegraphing to every team in the league: “The Bears don’t pass to Tight Ends. Ever.” Doesn’t strike me as very smart. But, I guess I’m not an “offensive genius” like Martz is.

  11. justinsam10 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 6:39 AM
    Cam Newton should be happy right now
    Yes he should be. It’s been since Polian was there that the QB got surrounded with receiving weapons like that in Car.

    If Cam plays poorly though, I look forward to fanboi Dukes screaming (erroneously as usual) that they didn’t do enough to help Cam succeed and that NONE of it is Cam’s fault. He loves Cam like he does VY and McNabb…unconditionally and without regard for facts.

  12. Its amazing how so many people are STILL bashing Newton even though he’s never taken a snap nor has he actually been announced as the starter. Give the kid a break, stop speculating before he’s even stepped onto an NFL field.

    I think the Panthers are going to be a very different team this year. Scarry different!

  13. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 7:15 AM
    still sounds like 10 yds per catch to me


    10 yards moves the chains last time I checked.

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