Leonard Weaver upset that media, not Eagles, told him he was cut


Leonard Weaver earned a reputation as a good guy both on and off the field as a fullback for the Eagles, and he’s spent the last 10 months working hard to rehab a serious knee injury so he could get back on the field for the Eagles. Unfortunately, the Eagles have decided to let him go.

Weaver understands that the NFL is a business, and that’s the way it works sometimes. But he says he’s upset because the Eagles didn’t even bother to tell him themselves — he learned about it when a reporter asked him about it.

“I’m sorry to say but I just found out I was released by the Eagles,” Weaver tweeted, via CSNPhilly.com. “The kicker behind that is that the organization didn’t call me and tell me. I had to find out by a reporter. Now I have mixed feeling about that because I gave everything I had to the organization, and I would think that they would at least call . . . and let me know what was going on, but as I have learned over the years, fans, business is business. . . . However, I wish the best for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

The Eagles, however, dispute that account, with a team spokesman saying they did inform Weaver before the media did. Weaver tweeted in response to that, “yeah but what are they gonna say they left a message, it is still wrong.”

The knee injury Weaver suffered in Week One last season was so severe that Weaver is not expected to be able to play at all in 2011. But he’s keeping a positive outlook and says he thinks he’ll play again.

“I’ll see you all when I comeback,” Weaver tweeted. “I’ll be back!”

36 responses to “Leonard Weaver upset that media, not Eagles, told him he was cut

  1. Damn sorry to say but ,why do you think with the front office so busy now with FA , training camp and trades that they are going to chase you down. They left you a message if thats wrong answer your phone next time. Good luck in coming and I wish you the best Leonard.

  2. If the Ravens can’t get Leach or Vickers, we’ll take you in Baltimore, Weaver

  3. That week one game vs Green Bay was a war!
    I never saw such hitting in my life,,both teams wanted to show who was better,,,,The Packers finally proved their point
    That week one game vs Green Bay was a war, ,,

  4. Sry to see you go leonard! I wish you the best very classy dude! But not playing this season I can see why there moving on sucks but it is a business who knows maybe you can return next yr

  5. This is what drives me crazy…. If the skins would have done this all hell would break loose. The same goes with the cowturds with Roy Williams and the draft picks they gave up to get him. I know Dan Snyder brought alot of this on himself but this just goes to show that ALL team owners are basically the same and really do not care about players if they are to old or cost to much.


  6. Wishing the best is cheap talk.. a complete indignity to yet another good philly player. Philly treats their good vets like trash. That’s right trash. Ask Donny, Brian, whoever.. And the karma comes in the rings.. Sorry. You have no rings. Now eat your supper!

  7. I’m sorry for Weaver but there is a lot going on right now. Besides, the reporter probably was gleeful he caused a stir.

  8. nickynick04 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 6:34 AM
    That week one game vs Green Bay was a war!
    I never saw such hitting in my life,,both teams wanted to show who was better,,,,The Packers finally proved their point
    That week one game vs Green Bay was a war, ,,

    Enough with the stupid cliches. This “game” was not a “war”.

    A war is what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan you idiot.

  9. Unfortunately Weaver will never play football again. His knee injury was horrific and had nerve damage so severe that he still doesn’t have full range of motion in his foot and is not expected to for another 8 months. He can be salty about being cut but he got a 1 million dollar check out the door so whatever. I am a little disappointed he misinterpreted the facts in his initial whining about being cut. When he stated nobody from the organization told him, that apparently wasn’t true. A message was left, I’m not sure what he expected.

  10. Leonard Weaver (FB) got into the NFL as an un-drafted free agent out of tiny Div II school Carson-Newman.

    He went on to have a great 2009 season, worked his tail off and made his first pro bowl.
    The following off-season he finally cashed with a three-year contract worth $11 million and $6.5 million guaranteed.

    But in the very first game of the 2010 season, Weaver suffered a very ugly and devastating knee injury that cost him not only that entire season, but possibly his career.

    All around great-football-player and great guy.

    Karma will work for you . . .


  11. Bad form if that’s the way it went down. To put it in real world terms, how would any of you posters feel if you found out you were fired through a third party, and when contacted your former employer claimed that they left you a message?

  12. Watching his knee bend the way that it did still haunts me today. It’s a shame. He was a great fit for the Eagles and had a ton of fans. I only hope he can return next year and help a team do well. He has the talent to do so.

  13. Agree with the first poster. If they left a message, and you didn’t answer the phone, they don’t have time to call you back 3 or 4 times. Not sure if he noticed how much is going on in the world of NFL Free Agency right now or not, but making sure someone hears it live that they’re cut isn’t going to be on top of the priorities list.

  14. What kind of cheese does he want with that “whine” ?

    Shut up. The Eagles owe you nothing, they gave you 6.5 million guaranteed.

  15. Hes a class act and a good man. Eagle fans wish you the best and will dearly miss those explosive blocks as will LeSean McCoy.

  16. cleverbob: this is not to denigrate Weaver, who was a good player and loyal professional. but understand that this isn’t bob’s job at the lumber company.

    leonards company can only employ a certain number of people,

    he won’t be able to work for another 6 months, and knows the guy who has been replacing him is still there, and he knew in addition to his situation, the front office has several other unprecedented items of great magnitude simultaneously on the front burner.

    if i were leonard, i wouldn’t be too insulted; especially since i apparently hadn’t left them my cell number; which i could have answered, thus receiving the message in person.

  17. @cleverbob

    that wasn’t clever bro. You are comparing apples to bananas. We don’t get paid millions in signing bonuses….well, at least not yet.

  18. see,,

    this is the type for shady ass ish that happens when your owner, president and Gm are just a bunch of pencil pushing dweebs that never played a down in their life. .

    business is business and the birds are cut throat. This is inexcusable, and low. Even for Banner & roseman.

    Weaver put his career on the line and worked to come back and get some time.

  19. I don’t see the problem here. They called, he didn’t answer, they left a message. It is not like they didn’t attempt to tell him like Weaver implied when he initially made his comments. In these days with twitter and other forms of social media word spreads fast. How is it the fault of the Eagles that media got wind of the situation before Weaver checked his messages? I read Les Bowen tweet last night that the Eagles should have just kept Weaver and the situation would have been avoided altogether. I don’t see why they would do. Why would you keep paying a guy who will never play again if you don’t have to? It is not like he was a fixture in Philadelphia. He played one season and was rewarded with a boat load of guaranteed money.

  20. The Eagles brass isn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type, but Weaver is manufacturing this story.

    First he says that the Eagles never even contacted him, but rather it was Derrick Gun from Comcast Sportsnet. Then when the Eagles refute his claim, he admits that they left a message for him. Unless you actually answer your phone, its rather difficult to discuss the situation with you.

    I always liked Weaver and I am sorry to see him go, but there are times where the man has diahrrea of the mouth. Now would be one of those times.

  21. To myeaglescan’twin – what exactly do you expect the Eagles to do for him? Throw him a party? Send Flowers? Keep in mind, that phonecall was accompanied by a check for 1 million dollars. If my boss plans on sending me out the door with $1 mil in severance, he can text me for all I care.

  22. Weaver was a great guy. And that injury was tough to watch.

    But I think this is overplayed. They called, he wasn’t there, and they left a message. Meanwhile, the media gets hold of the news.

    He’s bummed that he’s being released, and emotions run high in those moments.

    But could the Birds have kept the news from the media until they got hold of him? Trust me…it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do.

  23. Vick + VY + DMac combined Wonderlic score = 40.

    Tony Romo Wonderlic score = 37.

    Just sayin’.

  24. My bad, folks. I didn’t realize professional courtesy does not extend to pro athletes. The front office is so busy that they can’t refrain from announcing his release for a few hours until he calls back?

    I’m talking hypothetically of course, since this is all hearsay.

  25. First he says that the Eagles never even contacted him, but rather it was Derrick Gun from Comcast Sportsnet. Then when the Eagles refute his claim, he admits that they left a message for him.


    That’s not what he said. He said “yeah but what are they gonna say they left a message, it is still wrong.”

  26. To melonnhead:

    I’m sure you’ll be excited the next time they settle the outcomes of games by administering SAT tests. Oh wait…

  27. melonhead – Did Weaver say they didn’t leave a message? No. He admitted as much in his barely coherent response.

    He’s just salty. I get that. But other than calling him to let him know, what else do you expect them to do? Take him to Six Flags? If Weaver didn’t see this coming then he is a box of rocks. He missed all of last season, knew he wouldn’t be able to play this season, and his injury is one where there’s a very good chance he will never play again. He should have been expecting this LONG ago. And if he was delirious about the outcome, his agent should have been smart enough to get him ready for this eventuality.

    And for him to say how much he sacrificed for the Birds….he played ONE season for the Birds, and was rewarded with a $12 million dollar contract. I’d say they did right by him, regardless of the fact that he didn’t get to earn the full 12 mil – the man still got 7.5 mil out of that contract, and only ever played part of ONE game.

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