Patriots, Matt Light on the verge of a deal


Yesterday the New England Patriots pulled off trades to bring in Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. Today they may complete a deal to retain one of their own players, who has a lower national profile but will likely have a greater impact on the team.

Matt Light, the free agent left tackle who started all 16 games for the Patriots last season, is on the verge of a deal with the Patriots and expected to sign soon, the Boston Globe reports.

The 33-year-old Light has spent all 10 of his NFL seasons with the Patriots and has always been a starter when healthy. He’s generally recognized as the best free-agent offensive tackle in the league this year.

First-round draft pick Nate Solder is expected to be the starter at left tackle some day, but the Patriots would prefer that it not be as a rookie. If Light stays, that gives the Patriots time to ease Solder into the role.

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  1. This could be one of the least heralded but most significant signings of the offseason

    Patriots opponents may be stocking up at CB but Belichick knows that if you give Tom Brady enough time, he’ll find the open man on the field – and having depth on the OL is a great way to ensure that.

    The Jets meanwhile are securing CBs as if they were playing the Patriots of 2007 with a 6’5″ Randy Moss catching 23 TDs – when in fact Belichick has shorter quicker guys who will give bigger high priced CBs headaches (plus Chad Johnson if he’s got anything left in the tank)

  2. That is great news. I sometimes get annoyed with Light (like when he gets beat) but by and large, the Patritos are lucky to have him.

  3. This signing is SO important. You dont want Brady’s blindside being protected by a rookie LT with no off season program.

    Plus if they sign Light they can cut Kaczur, the human turnstyle.

  4. I know he’s been a great Patriot, but I feel like it’s time to move on. Sign Mankins, and unless it’s a below-market deal, let Light go. I can’t look at him without thinking about his turnstile performance against the Giants in SB42. I just can’t. Maybe it’s just me. I’m not over it.

  5. homeland… yeah, I guess so. Those guys were on Brady, every play, in what seemed like 2 seconds. For whatever reasons, I think about Light and Samuel (dropped INT thrown right at him) as the guilty parties. I need someone to blame other than BB wearing that damn red sweatshirt and waiting until the end of the game to go 5-wide and open it up. Bah.

    (Haters, enjoy this… but remember we still have the Sox, Bruins, and Celtics since 2007.)

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