Redskins have all 12 draft picks under contract


The Washington Redskins went into the NFL draft needing plenty of help, so they wheeled and dealed and picked up extra picks until they had 12 new players by the end of the seventh round. Now all 12 of those players are under contract.

First-round pick Ryan Kerrigan’s deal is done, and so are the 11 players drafted after him, the Redskins announced.

Kerrigan, taken 16th overall out of Purdue, was the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year last year. He’ll have a few weeks of camp to learn the transition from 4-3 defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker, where the Redskins are hoping he’ll be ready to start as a rookie.

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  1. Great rebuilding offseason for the skins… they still have serious needs on the OL and obviously QB. Kind of difficult to look at a season optomistically with John Beck at the helm

  2. With the better quality D-Line, CB and Safety our D should be set for ears to come, we now have the personell. With all the improvements above, Orakpo and Kerrigan are really gonna bring some heat. Let the Skin haters begin, blah blah blah, and all you intelligent writers I look forward to your comments.

  3. Kerrigan: I joined the NFL ’cause my father and my brother were in the NFL. I thought I’d better join before I got drafted.

    Sergeant Hulka: Son, there ain’t no draft no more.

    Kerrigan: There was one?

  4. There are still a number of right tackle options on the market. It wouldn’t surprise me if they signed Ryan Harris or Jared Gaither by the end of the day.

  5. Skin haters have been all over these boards with all the moves they are making. But, the fact is this team is now showing Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan’s touches…not Danny’s…and that is a great thing. The Cerrato/Snyder regime had the team in shambles…financially and personnel wise. The steps Allen and Shanahan have made in a year and a half are very impressive. Granted…the cupboard was quite bare before so there is a lot left to do. We can only hope Beck shows promise…many great minds had him as the top QB in his draft and he was thrown on one of the worst teams in recent history and suffered. If he struggles again, that is a major weakness, but one that will be taken care of next year. We have upgraded at every other position in the last year and a half…that is nuts. I’d love it if Shanny dropped a little bit of that attitude or ego…but maybe that would make him a worse coach so I have to take the good with the bad. Hail.

  6. @urfinished – totally agree. This has been by far the most exciting offseason in many years. The moves are smart, well calculated, address real needs and show that The Danny has stayed out of the way. I hope it stays that way because I have long felt that as soon as The Danny pulled a Steinbrener and let his football people tell him who the write the checks to rather than his lap dog Vinny the Skins would be back on the road to prominence. This year will be hard though with the team taking lots of lumps, etc. because I cannot believe that Beck will get the job done. But at least there is light on the horizon for the first time in a long time.

  7. bturner i like your enthusiasm, but egos like TO and moss equal problems.. see a. haynesworth. Wouldnt mind seeing orton in burgandy and gold tho but i think grossman can get it done over him

  8. if u r a redskins fan (like mysel) I think you should stop being so down on beck. I’m in the believe it when I see it category, but I realise this guy has some potential, the only difference between he and kolb, is that kolb was with the eagles (good organization) and beck was with the dolphins (one of the worst teams in NFL history) everybody is so convinced that kolb will be good, but he’s only won 1 game, beck has been on the bench, but u know what so was kurt warner, tony bozo, trent green, and honestly I think kolb and beck have the same exact skill sets, decent arms, accurate, and should be able to exstend plays with their mobility, but they are in the same boat, never done what they are about to do, which is start a whole season, basiclly what im saying, is wait till we see the games, beck could be great, and kolb could tank, no one really knows

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