Report: Dolphins to sign Matt Moore, apparently move on from Orton

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So much for all the Kyle Orton-to-Miami talk.

Aaron Fentress of the Oregonian reports that Matt Moore will join the Dolphins on a two-year deal.  The report hasn’t been confirmed elsewhere, but Moore went to Oregon and the report looks solid.  (ESPN confirmed the move.)

We can’t imagine the Dolphins would entertain grabbing Orton now.  We hope the Broncos are truly comfortable in keeping him, because the Dolphins called their bluff.

The Broncos can spin the move all they want, but they were looking to make this Tim Tebow’s year or Orton wouldn’t have been available.  It’s a rough moment for an inexperienced front office.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross told the Palm Beach Post Friday morning he didn’t see Orton as a “major upgrade” from Chad Henne, and lauded the “discipline” that G.M. Jeff Ireland has shown.

Make no mistake: The Dolphins are taking a big risk here too. We do see Orton has an upgrade from Henne, and Moore is coming off a shoulder injury.  (We think Moore does have potential if he can stay healthy.)

Ireland and coach Tony Sparano probably can’t afford another sub-.500 season, and they will do battle with the Patriots and Jets with Henne and Moore as their quarterbacks.

110 responses to “Report: Dolphins to sign Matt Moore, apparently move on from Orton

  1. Good moves so far Ireland. Work on Zach Miller, Dahl and Ronnie Brown. Then tell Sparano to use Bush correctly. He is not an every down RB. If this season doesn’t work out, the next regime will draft a QB in the 1st round next year.

  2. I love this kid and have since he was a JR @ OreSt. Hate that he signed in my team’s division. Good luck Matty except vs the Pats. 🙂
    Good move by Mia. Moore probably will have some familiarity w/ Daboll’s concepts since he played under Davidson in Car.

  3. Looks like Elway droped the ball. Broncos where asking way to much for someone who would be a backup on other teams. But then again look at Arizona. go figure.

  4. Good for the Dolphins, that’s how you play hardball and not give in to the Broncos asking price.

    Don’t over pay for a guy the organization is trying to dump anyways.

    I still think Orton is better than Kolb.

  5. I think I’m burning my season tickets. I’m not even interested in watching the who’s worse than who competition in camp. Ireland’s lucky he has a tame happy to be mediocre owner and fans who can only dream of the good old days. A top defense combined with a crap offense means lots of BORING low scoring games. If it’s true and they stop shopping for a real QB it just speaks to their mediocrity as management and ownership. Sad day to be a Phin fan.

  6. Moore had a few good games when John Fox finally pulled Jake Delhomme, but Moore faltered badly when he started last year by the end of the year looked to me like a QB who had lost all confidence.

    I don’t understand Miami taking Moore over Orton.

    Orton sure picked up some bad karma somewhere. It’s absurd that a QB as good as Orton hasn’t landed a home with a team that realizes he could potentially be great if given the reins and a legitimate vote of confidence.

  7. You think Matt Moore excludes them from acquiring a serviceable starting QB? If so Jeff Ireland ain’t so smart.

  8. Well, it’s obviously about Orton’s wanting too much money. If it was a matter of trade compensation, Miami would’ve just waited to see if Orton gets cut before his roster bonus and then picked him up as a free agent. Is Denver’s best best to hold him and try to deal him if/when another team’s starter goes down? Does anyone know how much this would cost them? Just the roster bonus or more?

  9. Called their bluff?? I’m a panthers fan, did you see Matt Moore last year?!? If they get an ’09 Matt Moore, then it’s a smart move. If it’s 2010 Matt, they could call Ryan Leaf right now and they’d be better for it…

  10. jaggedmark says:
    Jul 29, 2011 12:27 PM

    This also means Andrew Luck will be headed to Miami.

    No don’t worry the Bengals already have that pick in place.

  11. The Broncos want a second round pick for Orton. I’d much rather just hang on to Henne and have him compete with Matt Moore than lose a pick and overpay Orton. We can use that money to bring in another offensive guard and/or a TE like Zach Miller.

  12. Moore went to Oregon State, not Oregon. Not that it will make much of a difference if they try to turn him into a starter, the tools aren’t there.

  13. haha playing second fiddle to tebow. as a Raider fan just wanna say thanks to josh mcdaniels for drafting tim tebow. heres hoping that hes the opening day starter.

  14. shadowdolphin says:
    Jul 29, 2011 12:29 PM
    I think I’m burning my season tickets. I’m not even interested in watching the who’s worse than who competition in camp.
    It’s fair-weather support like this that is the reason for slumping tix sales. I get the fact that the Dolphins are not as good as the fan base wants them to be but there is no Dan Marino available. Henne has skills but has faltered. Orton is an older version of Henne with more experience and a weaker arm. We know that the OC was absolutely crazy last year. Give Henne a legit chance and then move on if he fails. By move on, I mean get a legit QB in the 1st round rather than find a guy in the 2nd that will hopefully be good enough.

  15. I don’t think the Broncos were bluffing. They are obviously willing to keep him and are still under the cap with his salary. They wanted good value and wouldn’t settle for less. Good for them.

    KO may do very well with a better D, run game and improved O-line. The Broncos have until week 6 to trade him right?

    Who knows, if he starts out 6-0 again like in 2009 maybe they’ll sign him to an extension and make it easier to trade him.

    This was not a bad move by the Broncos at all. I mean really. Did the Dolphins really win this hand?

  16. Sparano and Ireland know that if they can’t do it this year they’re out. They were ready to throw away more draft picks and give away the future of whoever comes in next. Maybe Ross actually said don’t spend the next guys picks anymore.

  17. I’m not a fan of Miami but how could they pass up on Orton, VY, and even Bulger to settle for Matt Moore? Maybe he’ll be a diamond in the rough but the other guys have experience and that’s what they desperately need at QB.

  18. Miami is crazy…….What is their problem with QBs lately?

    Matt Moore will not compete with Henne… what do you have? 2 QBs who were benched last year.

    What a joke.

  19. Miami will be last in their division this year. With Orton they could have done alot better. Moore is a back up and so is Henne. Miami cellar dwellers. Stupid move Miami. I think Denver will keep Orton and have solid QB play the whole year. Miami loses…

  20. We need a top young QB, good for Ross stepping in to keep door open on 1st Rd QB pick next yr…. We are going to mortgage the future in nxt yrs draft on a QB…can’t wait

  21. Just keep talking about ’72 and Danny boy, thats all the Fins fan base needs to hear about. Dolphins stadium is for visting fans anyways.

    Vegas has Dolphins at 8 wins, seems about right, maybe a win or two too high.

  22. Orton is ten times better than Moore. If I were Sparano I’d have given Denver anything they wanted to give the ‘fins the best chance to win immediately. His job depends on it.

  23. I love how everyone is so quick to pass judgement without looking at the details. Moore is getting paid like a 3rd stringer. We all know Brandester and Devlin are barely PS guys. I bet Ireland is just trying to get DEN to flinch and realize there is no market for Orton outside of the Fins. I believe Orton still winds up in MIA.

  24. As a Dolphins fan, I think Orton would have been an upgrade, but you have to think in terms of how much you were getting as to how much they were asking and what Orton wanted. Sure this year he might be good and give them a shot at the playoffs, but is he going to be a long term answer? Does Kyle Orton make Miami better than the Jets or the Patriots?

    Easily no, so you might as well devote your time trying to find something better rather than just settling for 4-5 more years with mediocrity. I’m tired of dealing with average teams and this would have just been more of the same.

  25. Can’t wait to see the Broncos’ fanbase reaction when they roll out Orton and keep losing after basically promising them St. Timmy would be the starter by putting Orton on the block in the first place. I love a good fan implosion!

  26. Nice I think this was a play by the dolphins, They will still grab orton if they agree to the dolphins terms. It shows that they are ready to move on and surround henne with actual talent..

    Clock is ticking, Expect more signings to miami if Denver doesnt deal Orton.

  27. If Sparano really wanted to win, they would have gotten Orton not Matt Moore….
    Bad move by the dolphins, you have to give up more than a 4th for a starting QB… simple.
    Chemistry between Orton and Marshall is real, trust me I watched it.
    Now hoping for Orton to go to Seattle or Washington.
    It’s Tebow time in Denver, get Orton traded!
    Good luck with Moore and Henne dolphins! lol
    Funny thing is you’ll be just good enough to miss out on Luck and Barkley next year. Oh well… you’re used to it right? Worst QB’s ever since Marino left.

  28. i dont want orton down here if we have to trade for him, all hes gonna do is make us 9-7 to get another crappy mid round pick and burn our future picks. i say we go after floyd or james jones n give henne or moore more weapons. if we still suck which more than likely will happen then that qb we draft next year will have some nice toys to play with.

  29. Matt Moore was a fan favorite here in Carolina and liked in the locker room… Henne is kind of an ass.

    Miami fans will be pleasantly surprised in Moore… Yall did see what he did against superbowl favorites Giants, Vikings, and Saints at the end of the 09′ season right?

    He’s a a good player.

  30. youboettcha says:
    Jul 29, 2011 12:36 PM
    Let Tebow get another year on the bench. It worked out pretty well for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

    TeBlow could spend five years on the bench watching Joe Montana and he would still never be an NFL quarterback…

    Child please….

  31. Las Vegas has just installed Miami as the team most likely to have the first pick in the 2012 draft along with the first team to have its head coach fired.

    This news must have the people in Buffalo celebrating their first season in several years not to finish in last.

    Sad day to be a Phin fan !

  32. jaggedmark says:
    Jul 29, 2011 12:27 PM
    This also means Andrew Luck will be headed to Miami.

    11627 i
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    Or Denver?!?

  33. robertopicadillo says: Jul 29, 2011 12:58 PM

    i dont want orton down here if we have to trade for him, all hes gonna do is make us 9-7 to get another crappy mid round pick and burn our future picks. i say we go after floyd or james jones n give henne or moore more weapons. if we still suck which more than likely will happen then that qb we draft next year will have some nice toys to play with.

    I say 9-7 will be better then what the garbage denver broncos finish

  34. Um, maybe it’s just me, but Kyle Orton has proven he can play the game, and start week in and week out.

    Matt Moore couldn’t beat out a rookie last year. He played poorly when he had a chance to play, and (like most QBs behind Carolina’s OL) ended up hurt.

    Orton is an established starter. Moore, to this point, hasn’t proven he can play consistently week to week. He’s backup material until he can prove otherwise. If Miami is expecting Moore to take on the role they had sought Orton to take, I’d be very surprised.

  35. Broncos blew this one. It aint cars you’re selling here horseface.

    The only possible way to save face is to dump him to the Skins for a few picks. Skins are the only team left without an actual starting QB.(grossman??? please!)

  36. No reason the Dolphins can’t still go for Orton… all depends on how much money they’re paying Moore.

    But, if their plan is to have Henne and/or Moore going against the Pats & Jets defense twice a year? Whoo…. yeah… gonna be a looooong season for the fish… again…

  37. Over/under on Miami wins right now is 7.5. Take the under. Miami needs wholesale institutional change, ideally from new ownership, but at the very least Jeff Ireland needs to go. His reign as GM has been a long nightmare for fins fans.

  38. I’d like to say that Sparano and Ireland are smarter than going into the season with Henne and Moore.

    But these are the same guys that went into training camp a few years back with Henne and Josh McCown before Chad Pennington fell out of the sky and saved the season for them.

  39. “they will do battle with the Patriots and Jets with Henne and Moore as their quarterbacks.”

    In a related development, sales of Tums are expected to spike in Miami this fall.

    You CAN’T be serious; trying to win a Super Bowl with these two stiffs????? Against Brady, Roethlisberger, Manning, and Rivers???? Hell, even the Jets at least have Sanchez!

  40. @BroncoNick:
    “Funny thing is you’ll be just good enough to miss out on Luck and Barkley next year.”

    Ummm, how many wins has Denver had the past couple seasons? Dealing away a top receiver to us, and wasting a 1st round pick on a college phenomenon that can’t pass under center? Yeah… enjoy “Tebow time,” I think you’ll be in the Luck hunt as well.

  41. theglobalbrief says:
    The Broncos want a second round pick for Orton. I’d much rather just hang on to Henne and have him compete with Matt Moore than lose a pick and overpay Orton. We can use that money to bring in another offensive guard and/or a TE like Zach Miller.

    And your team would STILL suck, because they still don’t have a quarterback that could be a backup on most NFL rosters.

  42. Only an idiot like Ross would think chad jenne is on tje same level as orton. matt moore is a career backup. Im laughing at these dolphins fans who think they just made a great move–for a minute there i thought miami was about to turn the corner with a legit passing game.

    orton has torn up my pats before but luckily the horrible front office in miami will field yet another under manned team and expect them to compete w/ the likes of the jets and pats. good luck with that

  43. This is not even funny!!! This organization is just ridiculous!! Ross should go back to whatever he used to do before.
    Matt Moore? Are you serious? Matt Moore?

  44. @dolfan28
    Did I ever say we wanted Luck or Barkley?? No…
    We have Tebow and he is going to be great someday.
    Even if he does sit behind Orton this year and learn the new system. It worked out for a couple other QB’s (Rodgers, Rivers)
    Dude don’t be upset just because you have Henne and Moore now. That’s the worst QB depth chart in the league.
    At least we have some good QB’s on our roster, you could have had one if you weren’t cheap.

  45. @sschmiggles “Im laughing at these dolphins fans who think they just made a great move”

    I don’t think anyone is saying that signing Moore is a great move. I think most, like myself, think that not giving up another 2nd round pick for a QB is a great move. Especially since the other team doesn’t even want him. We’re tired of overpaying for average or below average QB’s.

  46. Miami is now the worst team in the league.
    So long Ireland.
    Orton wants the Vikes, wants to work with Leslie F.
    Elway is smarter than everyone thought.

  47. Kyle Orton last year was a totally benefit of a bad team and bad coaching, he threw 20 TDs and 9 Ints and had a qb rating of 89 given his situation and those numbers are pretty damn good, let him redeem himself with a good coach in Fox, a good caretaker in Elway, good competition with Tebow and let Kyle be Kyle, I remember when he was in Chicago, he has always just been Kyle and thats cool

  48. disgusted. utterly disgusted. never been so embarrassed to be a miami dolphin fan. never. even the 1-15 season, at least the entire team was a joke then. its more sad to see that we have the pieces, and our front office is seeing to it that they will never work in concert.

  49. Excuse me Panther fans, but did you see the Panthers 2010 season? You cant blame that train wreck on Moore. Good job Dolphins with what u had to work with. What were the Broncos thinking? Of course they were going to keep Orton all along,,,,,

  50. Orton really? Dolphpin fans are mad that we didn’t get Orton? He has proven that he is not good enough why would you give away picks you can potentially trade to move up in next years draft
    and possibly get a real franchis QB? I would have been upset if the fins gave anything better than a 4th for him.

    I understand we are frustrated but there just isn’t anyone out there. Why would you put yourself in a position that makes you mediocre while giving away next years hope? IMO we have missed twice on QB’s, and I mean had a legitimate shot at a franchise QB. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. Beyond that we really haven’t had the opportunity.

    Those of you saying we will be the worst team in the league, how? We were’nt the worst last year and all we have done is upgrade. I say give Henne another chance, then we can decide where we stand. I say we put our efforts on the O-Line and a nice tight end. Forget Orton!

  51. If the Dolphins would only give a 6th round pick for a starting QB, the Bronc’s made the right move. A starting QB for a 6th round potential special teams guy? Really?

    Orton is a quality player. He’s not a franchise QB, but how many of those are around really? He’s a huge upgrade from Henne, who has the accuracy of a mortar.

    If you compare Moore’s games with Orton’s, it’s mind boggling why the Fins don’t give a pair of third’s for Orton over two years.

  52. marinofreakout,

    So Orton is the savior? Really? Have you actually watched him play? He is good but not great, isn’t that what we are looking for? If your embarassed because they made a smart move, what can I say.

    Dolphin fans, unfortunately, are not very reasonable.

  53. dolfandan,

    My sentiments exactly. These dolfans just want to continue with the same model that hasn’t worked for over a decade. We need to draft a QB to be succesful, franchise QB’s don’t get offered up like Orton.

  54. Great to see the Dolphins maintain their dedication to mediocrity. here’s to 10 more years of 7-9 seasons.

  55. The Fins don’t care what the fans think, now on to what counts, just because a player is a free agent don’t mean that they want to play in Miami, or that they may want the moon plus money. As for all the experts on this site, go to Vegas and be rich since you can predict the future, and while I am ranting, don’t like Miami, then leave and root for your Jets. Bill

  56. The loser move would be to continue to draft quarterbacks we don’t really believe in…spending 2nd round picks on backup QBs (or Wannstedt using them on running backs – remember Lamar Gordon?) hasn’t gotten us ahead. Build a solid nucleus, and wait for the RIGHT QB (via draft, free agency, or trade) to come along!

  57. Then again, Moore could be part of the trade to Denver for Orton .. reuniting him with John Fox

  58. This is crazy, we need a real QB and we have 2 half QB’s. I have been a fan for over 40 years and live in NY. Look what all the AFC EAST teams are doing. Reggie Bush can’t do it by himself, we are screwed again.!!!!!! I might have to find a new team !!! This is really sad.

  59. I still think Orton will end up in Miami. If the Dolphins go with Henne (Moore won’t beat him out) then they still can compete. Every season there are teams that overachive (Phins 08).

  60. I thought Miami was turning it around with the signing of Bush. Then I read the Ross comment that he doesn’t see Orton as a major upgrade.
    Didn’t Orton throw for almost 4000 and send Marshall to the pro bowl?
    Didn’t Orton throw for almost 3700 and send Lloyd to the pro bowl?
    In what looks to be a high scoring division that they are in, the Phins needed to make a big splash. Hey Dolfans,that isn’t a big splash that you hear, it is somebody peeing off the diving board!!!
    There is one consolation—you won’t have to move up much to take Andrew Luck!!!!!!!!

  61. wow another sad day to be a fin fan ross might as well fire sparano and ireland now and go look for some street bums to do thier jobs because any bone head can make the moves they are and it would be much cheaper for ross. When the the jets sign nnamndi we might as well punt on first down. another year more mistakes for this regime. good luck fins i still love you guys!!!

  62. Were pretty much settling for mediocrity at this point. Orton not an upgrade over Henne!?!?! You got to be kidding me. Won’t even take a chance on Vince Young?

    Sparano- I’m glad you over-celebrate fieldgoals, because that’s all were going to get this year.

  63. I don’t understand all of the negativity surrounding Chad Henne. I watched every snap of every game, and yes, he blew some chances at late game heroics (ala Dan Marino), but there were A LOT of times that crucial drops (mainly by Marshall) caused the game to be close in the first place. The point is, if he had gotten help with guys actually making the catch on the other end (early in games), he wouldn’t have been put in those situations in the first place. Give the guy 1 more year…then if he hasn’t grown into the position, give somebody else a chance. I believe he has the tools and work ethic to get it done. Yo

  64. Man I am so tired of hearing everyone bash Henne. He has BETTER stats through the last two years as Sanchez, just Sanchez has a better team.
    Henne is in his third year, and needs to get better at decision making, true, but he deserves to have this year to either step up or not. We are not going to the super bowl one way or the other this year, did you think Orton would put us over the jets and pats? Get real. Henne will improve this year, and it would be alot easier for him if he actually had some support from his fan base.

  65. Surely miami has offered a player or two.
    Philip Merling doesnt exactly fit a John Fox Defense tho. Channing Crowder can play some 4-3 obviously.
    They may like Brian Hartline as an alternative to Gaffney or Lloyd.

    Still Miami isnt giving into high draft choice demands and will wait it out on Orton, probably knowing he wants to join. Should Denver decide to hold him, Miami’s atleast going to have another somewhat decent option with some potential. (Moore) Should MIA get Orton still, it’s Henne that’s gone.

    Regardless, these guys are getting 2-3 years deals.
    Henne’s in a contract year, and would have to lead the phins to the playoffs to get a new contract. Miami is going to select a QB in the 1st round in 2012, that’s a certainty. Anyone else is just a stop-gap, unless ofcourse the young Henne or Moore amazingly wins the MVP this year.

  66. Nice to see some Henne support but to be honest, I don’t get it or him. With regard to being fairweather fans maybe the team deserves a little fan unrest with a 1-7 home record. Seriously. This team has one of the top D’s in the league. We need an O that can score 2-3 TD’s a game and then Sparano will look cool doing cartwheels over field goals. Who knows if Orton is the answer. I’d just like to feel like there’s a plan and that starts at the top. I guess the first sign was how our owner mangled the coaching situation earlier this year.

  67. I spent the night thinking Miami was building a good team with Orton and Bush coming in (I am assuming they bring back eithre Ricky Williams or the Caddy since we all know Bush is not an everydown guy).

    Now it looks like they are trying to go the cheap route on thier QB. How stupid.

    I think Orton is a good, not great QB and would be much better than anyone you guys have had since Dan the Man (maybe Chad Penningtons 1 good year).

    Oh well theres always next year.

  68. Denver is proving interesting to watch. The fans are frothing at the mouth for Tebow, but Elway and Fox weren’t there when he was drafted and seem lukewarm to him, at best. Still it looked like they were ready to hand him the ball as the starter. Reports out of the first day of their camp had Orton looking clearly better and even Brady Quinn looking better than Tebow. If they make it an honest competition, I wonder if Tebow can win the job. But will they be willing to declare him a failure without seeing him play in real games?

  69. Too quote the great Vince Lombardi..What the hell is going on out here…or in this case down there…Matt Moore…bring back Cleo Lemon also.

  70. I feel like I am the only one that is applauding Ireland on the way he played this one. Orton has impressive stats but he can’t win the big games and he struggles when the game is on the line. Upgrade from Henne? Probably. But you also have to remember the AFC East is a much tougher division then the AFC West. So why trade a 2nd rd pick for a QB that will not get you to the playoffs anyways. Just as well to stick with the QB you got, get two less wins and still have the 2nd rd pick and who knows, maybe that 2nd rd pick will be the difference of Miami being able to draft Luck or not being able to trade up to get the best QB to be coming out of college in a very long time. Having Orton would be nice but not 2nd rd pick nice. Good job Ireland!

  71. I heard that the compensation was worked out between the two teams but everything hinged on Orton accepting a contract with the Dolphins. Denver will either keep him and find ways to fit him under the cap or they will have to release him. Denver probably plans on keeping him for what reason I don’t know. They won’t make the playoffs, Tebow needs reps, and Orton will be unrestricted next season. If they release him, where can he go where he can be a starter and receive a good contract? Ah, Miami. Don’t be surprised if the Phins still get him without having to give up anything.

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