Reports: Jets spread word they are out of running for Asomugha

Multiple reports indicate that the Jets are out of the Nnandmi Asomugha negotiations.

Of course, this may just be another step in the negotiations.

Within minutes, Albert Breer of NFL Network and Rich Cimini of both reported the Jets are out of the running for the soon-to-be former Raider.  Breer cautioned to say it’s “for now.”   Cimini was more direct.

“BREAKING: Jets do not get Nnamdi, per source. Looks like Dallas,” Cimini wrote.

It’s at least possible the Jets are sending a message to Asomugha through the media.  How are they “out” after coming this far unless Asomugha is signed somewhere else?

It sounds like we’ll find out soon enugh.

62 responses to “Reports: Jets spread word they are out of running for Asomugha

  1. itsmammoth says: Jul 29, 2011 6:01 PM

    I said Dallas all along! I told you! 🙂


    You will look like such a chump if he stays in Oakland too lol. Considering they are trying to free up room themselves.

  2. How are they “out” after coming this far unless Asomugha is signed somewhere else?


    Maybe the bidding got too rich for their blood.

  3. If he wanted ot be a jet he would. a cowboy? he would. none of these reports even think of oakland? lol so dumb, if al wants him, consider it done.

  4. with 50 of cap space and JJ splitting, Cincy looks like fools yet again for not at least taking a look.

  5. jets fans who have been talking trash on this site all week. I can see it now; Rex is now trashing his war room (& his brother Rob)Tandlebum is hiding under his desk.

    Poor jets fans, now you can look forward to cromartie coming back.

    Same old jets!!!

  6. Jets fans everywhere…crushed!! I love it.

    If it happens (fingers crossed).

    Not a Cowboys fan for those who will talk smack.

  7. I dont think he would sell out and leave our family.. But I also dont get why all these jets fans and cowboy fans want him cause last season all of you claimed he sucked when he played for the best team in the NFL the oakland raiders?
    now that theres a chance ur bad team can land him you all sAy hes great?????
    If he leaves the family then he will be the enemy//
    if he wants a ring he will stay with the raiders

  8. Damn! How will Nnandmi ever forgive himself for not being on-board for the Jets guaranteed historic three-peat Championship early next year??? Oh wait….

  9. Still doesn’t make Dallas a contender…


    Sure doesn’t hurt, though.

  10. He will stay a RAIDER ! 7 yrs 84 mil and it’s a loaded back end contract. $30 + the last 2 years. Al LOVES great corners.

  11. @sdw2001

    Dallas sucks. Nnamdi does not make them a contender. Maclin and Desean can both eat Mike Jenkins lunch all game.

    If Dallas spends 15+ it will kill their Oline.

    If Dallas gets Nnamdi, they will be universally praised by the media. Then they’ll finish 3rd or 4th.

    Skins played it smart not throwing all their money at Nnamdi.

  12. Their is a positive here jets fans, you will see Nnamdi on opening day at your (No Sorry) Giants stadium.

    Maybe even see him return one of those “Floaters” from Sanchez for the winning TD.

    jets, jets, jets!!!

  13. Just a ploy, they’ve made their offer and are holding firm. Dallas probably offered more cash, but Jets are using the old “Sure you can the money in Dallas, but look at our playoff runs the last two seasons. Our offers close so Nnamdi you decide if a Super Bowl is more important to you than the money”. Revis and Aso, almost annoying..

  14. I thought everyone wanted to play for Rex Ryan?

    Now that your girlfriend dumped you maybe you can sign her ugly sister who is desperate, ie
    A Cromartie and his 9 tax deductions.

  15. I love this guy and think he’s one of the best ever. The problem is that going to the Cowboys won’t help his legacy. The Cowboys (over the past 10 years) continue to have the same problem. They recruit high level talent, pay them top dollar, then the player never lives up to the expectation and hype because the coaches have a huge inability at coaching and building a team. I respect the organization, but some coaching staffs can handle coaching the egos much better then others, while other staffs need to start with young talent and build it. The Cowboys should probably go the later direction and totally wipe out every coach (and owner) then start to build a new legacy like they were in the 70’s

  16. if it were dallas or the jets those franchises would have been spouting off…..who is the secretive organization….that right…..THE RAIDERS

  17. THE EAGLES…..WHAT!??!?!

    THE EAGLES….out of nowhere!?!?!

    Wow….Where did that come from!?

  18. I hate the Jets and everything about them but if they don’t get Asumonga, it will be the best move that they didn’t make. Too many holes on the team to put your eggs in one cornerback basket. Anyway, the Jets have too many holes to fill to think about staying with the Pats this year.

    Sanchise….meet Albert the Pancake Machine.

  19. Awesome!

    I’m not a Dallas fan, but I sure as hell didn’t want him going to the Jets. Revis AND Nnamdi? That would be nuts. Thank you Cowboys for saving the day!

    (go pack go)

  20. Not so fast, the rumor mill is spinning rapidly and their is too much oneupmanship and gamesmanship going on to rule anyone out until you see his name on a contract. But if not, the Jets will have to resign Cromartie. They have been linked to Chris Carr (Rex’s old Ravens connection) but do they really consider him starting material opposite Revis. Unlikely, more of a nickel or dime back I would guess.

  21. The Jets couldn’t get him because they don’t have the cap space. The Jets have built themselves largely via big name free agents and last year they had to pay a king’s ransom for Revis. They are strapped by the way they’ve built themselves and they simply could make it work within the constraints of the cap.

  22. c’mon – there is NO WAY he’s worth what he’s askin’ – no matter how much money you have – have we all left mastery of our senses???

  23. Albert the pancake machine will flunk his conditioning test multiple times. Then he will throw his coach under the bus. Then he will want more money. I’m so glad the Patriots screwed up by taking this reject. They’re doing what I thought the Eagles would do, Become a bunch of malcontents. But they are taking the opposite way. Stole Mnamdi from the Jets & Cowgirls. Hope Brady stays clear of the pancake guy for his own safety.

  24. Aren’t eh Jets glad they restructured all those contracts to clear the cap room for this guy…

    Y! E! T! S!




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