Roman Harper returns to Saints on $28 million deal


Last year’s playoff loss to the Seahawks notwithstanding, safety Roman Harper has been one of the most valuable members of the Saints defense since he was drafted in the second round of the 2006 draft.

On Friday evening, he was rewarded for his play handsomely.

Mike Triplette of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports Harper got a four-year, $28 million contract from the Saints with $16 million in guarantees.  Harper struggled against Seattle because he was asked to be in coverage too much with Malcom Jenkins hurt.

Harper thrives at strong safety as a versatile run stopper that can line up in a variety of spots.  He and Jenkins complement each other well.

New Orleans has done a nice job retaining their key guys, including tackle Jermon Bushrod and wide receiver Lance Moore.  It’s quite possible the team won’t lose a single starter in free agency.

17 responses to “Roman Harper returns to Saints on $28 million deal

  1. Wildly overpaid. 7 mil a year. Weddel got 8 and everyone claimed he was overpaid, except he’s one of the best half dozen safeties in the league. Plus, there are at least ten other decent safeties up for grabs as well.

  2. Sorry Rosenthal. We already lost a starter from last year, even though he wasn’t that great. Remi Ayodele was out starter at NT next to Sedrick Ellis and he signed with the Vikings. Won’t miss a beat though. We’ve got Shaun Rogers, and hopefully we’ll pull out with Cullen Jenkins

  3. Weddle is own class. Landry, Mikell, Manning, Atogwe, Huff, Sensabaugh, Sanders, Whitner, Goldson, George Wilson, Pool, Bullit, Bigby are all not that far behind Harper and were/are available

  4. Goodwin is still on the market so there may be two guys lost…But they have done an outstanding job of keeping their guys and even bringing in a few key FA’s here and there..

  5. IMO weddle isn’t as good as bottle thinks. And not that i don’t like Harper but 7 million for a safety seems like it is way to much. The value at that position should be in the 5 million range i would think at the highest. But the guy did perform and didn’t get paid very well for it so i guess this is make up.

  6. Hey I’m happy for any team actually acquiring new players to better their team. My Broncos who need major help have done nothing so far. I’m thinking they are just showing good sportsmanship and letting every other team take what they need before they acquire any new players.

  7. If Dan Snyder had done this deal, the tenor of this whole conversation would be vastly different. Clearly, some players have greater value to their teams than to others, but I can’t justify paying that much to a guy who wasn’t even the best safety available this off-season.

  8. I really think Saints wont lose more than 4 games this year… Man, on paper, we are looking so DAMN good! We got the nose tackle we needed in Rogers..Harper helping on the run…Jenkins completely healthy along with a completely healthy Porter and totally UNDERRATED Jabari Greer. Maybe grab Edwards at DE and we are lights out on defense! Offensively…..YALL KNOW WHATS UP ALREADY! WHO DAT!!

  9. Yeah but thats ONE game dude..and he wasn’t even doing his normal job..we were thin at Safety with everyone injured..He is not a coverage Free Safety..He is a run-stopping Strong Safety…Free Safety and Strong Safety are 2 different positions..Strong safeties stuff the run..Harper posted 100 Tackles, 3 sacks, aand 5 forced fumbles last season…and he in 2nd the league since 2006 in sacks last year among Strong Safeties..thats insane for a SS. His only weakness is coverage which can be corrected, but every player has a weak spot in his game.

  10. That’s a lot of coin for being exposed in the Wild Card round in Seattle last season.

    Funny how Rosenthal doesn’t tear into this curious little signing, he goes as far to defend it!

    Soft spot for NOLA you spineless turd?

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