Rough week for Bengals continues with Antwan Odom release


I’ve always had a soft spot for the Bengals, but this has undeniably been a tough week for the organization.

Carson Palmer is more “retired” than ever.  The team traded Ochocinco for pennies, lost cornerback Johnathan Joseph, and signed two former Raiders.  (Thomas Howard and Bruce Gradkowski.)

Now they have to cut one of their most promising defensive players because of injuries. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Bengals have released defensive end Antwan Odom.

Odom just couldn’t stay healthy the last few years after a fast start to the 2009 season.

We do have some positive news for Bengals fans: They brought back running back Brian Leonard back for two seasons, according to Geoff Hobson of

UPDATE: The Bengals also cut Morgan Trent.  They placed Carson Palmer on the reserved/did not report list, as expected.

46 responses to “Rough week for Bengals continues with Antwan Odom release

  1. its like the Browns and the Bengals try repeatedly to be at the bottom of their division….i just dont get it.

  2. So Bungles front office say’s Palmer must honor his contract then minutes later tear up Odom’s contract??

    Can’t have it both ways!

  3. Mike Brown is truly an idiot I feel bad for every Bengals fan. He talks loyalty and wont trade Palmer for what would have been good return but lets go 85 and other talent.

  4. God this has been a truly depressing week, you wait for football to come back and then it basically bitch slaps you. The Joseph lost hurts the most, Odom could have been great but could not keep his butt out of the trainers room.

  5. I thought Mike Brown was all about honoring contracts…..holds Carson Palmer to a standard that he’s not willing to follow….what a hypocrite!

  6. yes because Bruce Gradkowski will bring you championships…. truly facepalm of an organization.

  7. “most promising defensive players”? wtf are you talking about? He was promising two years ago. This release was not a surprise.

  8. I find the Carson Palmer thinking interesting…everything I’ve read is Mike Brown should’ve traded him for some kind of return.

    When Green Bay’s Ted Thompson did the exact same wise thing with Brett Favre, he was ripped from coast to coast for not just releasing him.

    Now, Palmer is nowhere near Favre’s stature, but we’re talking about two franchise QB that had trade value. One org is ripped for not maximizing the return and the other was ripped for maximizing it’s return.

  9. Palmer should show up in week 4 for the cash and see what the Bengals do. Especially if they are near the cap.

    Play the game, Carson.

  10. Mike Brown: Carson has to honor his contract.

    Strange. Why didn’t you honor the contracts of the players that you’re cutting?

  11. #1mge So Bungles front office say’s Palmer must honor his contract then minutes later tear up Odom’s contract??

    Can’t have it both ways!

    Odom gets all of his guaranteed money and gets to keep his signing bonus. That’s the commitment the owner makes to the player. The player’s commitment before collecting all that cash is to play out his contract.

  12. I don’t feel sorry for any Bengal fan. If they are crazy enough to keep rooting for this train wreck of a team, they deserve to suffer. How many years has this gone on? Mike Brown is the problem and it is not going to go away. You’re suffering is self inflicked.

  13. uh, what? If Trent’s gone that leaves…. Pacman at corner with Hall? or a 1st/2nd year guy. Wow. well there’ll be a lot of scoring at PBS this year!

  14. 1mge says:
    Jul 29, 2011 2:15 PM
    So Bungles front office say’s Palmer must honor his contract then minutes later tear up Odom’s contract??

    Can’t have it both ways!

    Man I couldn’t of said it any better! I was saying that when I heard his interview and my buddy was tryin to tell me its not the same!?!? As a Raven fan I hope he never sells that team and if im really lucky he will turn it over to his daughter. What a joke.

  15. Is there ever a week that isn’t rough for the Bengals? I admire Bengal fans and think they deserve some good news. They are some of the nicest guys and gals and don’t get upset when I console them for being Bengal fans. As a football fan, I find it offensive that Mike Brown is able to run an organization.

  16. As a lifelong Bengals fan this really has been a terrible week that has virtually been a microcosm of the last twenty years since Mike Brown has been in control.
    His complete ineptitude has been on display for the country to see this week, and it becomes more and more difficult to justify spending any money at PBS.

  17. contraryguy says:
    Jul 29, 2011 2:31 PM
    uh, what? If Trent’s gone that leaves…. Pacman at corner with Hall? or a 1st/2nd year guy. Wow. well there’ll be a lot of scoring at PBS this year!

    No worries, the high points allowed by the defense will be balanced out by a non scoring offense.
    Oh wait, we’re screwed.
    Most fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season; we’re looking forward to next years draft.
    Bengal apathy, catch it!

  18. How is Andrew Luck going to stay out of this mess next draft?

    Warning Andrew: Take note of Mike Brown’s treatment of Carson Palmer and be sure to NOT become the next guy whose career is held hostage by this idiot.

    Luck’s a smart guy – he’ll figure out something.

  19. I still remember a couple years ago when they were filming Hard Knocks …………..Marvin Lewis gets to the stadium at 4am or 5am to start his day and the gate was broken!

    Bown is just a bad owner he thinks he is a good owner but lets face it he is not. A good team is about the little things and the reason HBO showed that clip of Lewis not being able to get into the parking lot says a lot about the team, and the people who run it…………….people top to bottom just don’t care or take pride in being a Bengal from maintence to the hot dog vendor to the QB!

    It must be hell working for something that could be great but knowing it never will!

  20. @daburgher
    Never have jumped on a band wagon. Been a Steeler fan for over 40 years win or loose. Its just that we have a good organization from the top down and we don’t have too many down years. Six rings. Sorry but the only rings the Bengals will have, as long as Brown is there, will come with an onion in it.
    And I live in Cincinnati!! And I love the Reds.

  21. Who is still on the Bengals and how are they going to reach the salary cap floor? I heard they were like 30 million under and that was WITH Carson Palmer’s contract.

  22. No matter how many band aids Antwan applied to his tender nose, he just couldn’t seem to stay in the lineup.

  23. It’s funny how you talk about ‘contract’, suggesting that the owners don’t live up to them. Mike Brown may be the worst GM in football, but he’s not inconsistent in this respect. The player (Odom, Carson Palmer, etc) doesn’t sign a firm contract agreeing to serve for a term – they sign an option contract. The owner has the option to retain their services for those years. The owner has the right to terminate those services, retain those services, etc. The player trades his rights for the signing bonuses, roster bonuses, etc.

    Brown is fully within his contractual rights to cut him. That is part of the CBA and all these contracts.

  24. I can’t believe how many people are trying to compare Carson’s situation to Odom or Ochos, that’s ridiculous.

    Odom is a $6 mil defender that has missed more games the past two years than he played in.

    Ocho is an older receiver with declining numbers the last 3 years in the last year of his deal. (also, instead of burying him on an awful team they traded him where he wanted to go- no one is mentioning that)

    Carson was the face of the franchise who got signed to a huge contract (he knew what cinci was when he signed the extention), took all the sigining bonus money and now wants to take his ball and go home. (not to mention the team stuck by him through injuries and many years of underperforming- they even brought in T.O. when Carson wanted him and Marvin didn’t)

    The only rough thing about this week so far is losing Joseph, that’s a HUGE loss.

    Bottom line, if I’m an owner, no way I let a player dictate to me what is going to happen

  25. Cutting Odom doesn’t add to the rough week, it’s a move in the right direction. Odom was overpaid to begin with, and has for the most part been terrible. He had half a season of good production, but that was it.

  26. They tear up the contracts when they don’t live up to them, its not that they dont want him i’m sure if he lived up to the big $$$ contract he signed they would have no problem with it. So can’t blame them there.. With that said, itwasn’t a tough week until J Joe left, Texans got a great player at a great price.. Good Luck to him..

    Who Dey for life even in the cellar.. I’m used to it.

    Jus Sayin’

  27. “1mge says: Jul 29, 2011 2:15 PM
    So Bungles front office say’s Palmer must honor his contract then minutes later tear up Odom’s contract?? Can’t have it both ways!”

    Um, actually they can & do. Teams always have verbage in the contract that allows them to cancel. If the player wanted similiar options…they need to negotiate for it & write it into thier contract options. Apparently thier agents are as good as they (should) could be.

  28. I hate myself for being a Bengals fan more than I hate being a bengals fan.

    Wish I would have been born anyplace but in Cincy…

  29. Tough week? Tough decade? Try this: twenty years, two winning seasons, two playoff games. You can’t name one (non-family owned) company that wouldn’t fire the CEO.

  30. If people are still calling you “promising” when you’re an injury-plagued defensive lineman staring your 30th birthday in the face….is it supposed to be sarcasm?

    Antwan is a good guy, though. Wish things had turned out better for him in Cincy. Another ex-Titan D-lineman who owes Jim Washburn a big thank you for helping him score a pretty decent free agent contract.

  31. The Bengals might one of the few games I know the Rams might definetely win this year and that’s saying something

  32. @iamthorny …

    It’s an interesting point about both men being ripped regarding longtime franchise QBs. But much as I hate to say it (as someone who’s always loved watching Favre), Thompson was acting in the long-term interest of the Packers. Brown just seems to be acting out of spite with no thought for what’s best for the Bengals or their fans.

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