Seahawks re-sign Leroy Hill, two more vets, sign first-round pick

The Seahawks continue to fill out their roster with some guys that helped them pull off a surprising playoff win last year.

They announced Friday morning that linebacker Leroy Hill is back in the fold.  Fullback Michael Robinson, and defensive tackle Junior Siavii are also returning to the team, according to multiple reports.

The team also reached agreement with first round pick, tackle James Carpenter.  (That’s him signing his deal, courtesy of

Seattle’s biggest priority left in free agency figures to be bringing back defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who is also getting interest from the Broncos.  The Seahawks may want to add a cornerback too.

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  1. Good to have Robinson back, he is the kind of special-teams player that every team needs. He blew people up on Washington’s two returns against San Diego last year. Big-time leadership kind of guy.

    Siavii is a depth guy at DT. Hill was way out of favor last year, but may have a role this year, especially since Will Herring is now in New Orleans. Hopefully, he’ll return to form.

    That is a very large man sitting at that desk signing those papers. Carpenter and Okung could be the bookends in Seattle for some time, if things work out.

  2. Apparently, Mike Williams just tweeted something about Hill and Mebane being back.

    Nothing confirmed yet, but if they got him back, I’ll be a very happy Seattle fan. While our team has many needs, nearly all of them were addressed in one way or another.

    We probably haven’t found our franchise quarterback yet; we’ll find out soon enough if Whitehurst is up to the task. I’m glad we didn’t overpay for a Kolb and focused on shoring up other areas of the team instead of drafting a rookie this past year. Rookie QBs playing behind dodgy offensive lines are a recipe for disaster. If QB doesn’t pan out, and we draft a rookie next year, they’ll more than likely be stepping into a much, much better situation.

  3. No issue with any of that…but unless Curry’s gotten smarter or Tatupu has gotten bigger, LB is still an issue…guys like Hill (who better be over his legal problems) and Hawthorne are decent, but just don’t have the size.

    D line improvments and Mebane will help up front, but they need Curry to step up and be the big (literally and figuratively) player they thought they drafted to make teams think twice about running it up the gut for 4-6 yards every play.

    A corner? Sure…I heard a guy named Asomugha is available.

  4. “Seattle’s biggest priority left in free agency figures to be bringing back defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who is also getting interest from the Broncos. The Seahawks may want to add a cornerback too.”

    Hello Pete….CB Nnamdi Asomugha would be an Ideal fit for us.

  5. Asomugha would be horribly expensive. Also, I believe he wants to go to a team that’s contending this year. He has maybe 3-4 years of superior play left in him, it would be something of a risk to pay him that much money only to have him start to fade right as the team comes into its own.

    I’d actually have rather seen us get Joseph, who was younger and would have commanded less money, but he went with the Titans.

  6. This has been a solid off-season of activity for the ‘Hawks thus far.

    Re-signing Hill for low-cost was a smart move if he can return to post “mid-life crisis” form or whatever the hell he was doing.

    Seems like we’re close to re-signing Mebane which is fantastic. He’s going to cost a lot but I hope we can use whatever’s left for a CB and a FB.

  7. like the moves so far this off season. filling some of the gaping holes Ruskell left. This was never a 1-2 rebuild, but out is starting to look a 3-4 , yearjob instead of 5 or more.

  8. I agree about curry. He was a 4th overall pick and hasn’t lived up to the hype. We Need him to blitz and tackle, not to try and cover receivers.

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