Shanahan says he’ll stake his reputation on Grossman, Beck


After the Redskins didn’t use a first-round or second-day pick on a quarterback, word began to emerge that John Beck could be the guy in D.C.  It appeared to be a smokescreen aimed at giving the Redskins leverage when it comes to signing or trading for a veteran quarterback.

Apparently, it wasn’t.

Coach Mike Shanahan seems to be intent on going with Beck and Rex Grossman, who remains unsigned.

“You talk about a guy not being experienced — I believe in the guys,” Shanahan told reporters on Friday, per the Associated Press.  “I believe in ’em.  And I’ve been doing this for a long time.  And I put my reputation on these guys that they can play.”

Redskins fans everywhere surely are willing to take him up on that.  Especially the Redskins fan who signs the checks.

Shanahan also addressed the failed Donovan McNabb experiment.  The Redskins gave up a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick for McNabb.  The team also gave him a new contract during the season (after a benching), which contained a $2.5 million signing bonus.  They traded him this week for a sixth-round pick in 2012 and a conditional sixth-rounder in 2013.

“We were hoping he would fit into our system,” Shanahan said. “I told Donovan when he came in here, I said: ‘Hey, here are the reasons why I think Philly did not sign you’ — they were going to go with [Kevin] Kolb — ‘this is what you’re going to have to do to stay on our football team for a number of years. If you do that, I think you’ve got a chance to go to the Pro Bowl and do the things you’ve been doing throughout your career.’  It didn’t work out.”

So can it work out for McNabb in Minnesota?

“I think Donovan has a great future ahead of him — if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level.”

Shanahan wouldn’t say what those “little things” are.  Perhaps he didn’t want to be talking until midnight.

114 responses to “Shanahan says he’ll stake his reputation on Grossman, Beck

  1. If he’s putting his reputation on Grossman them he must be out of his mind. Did he not watch the rest of Grossman’s career?

  2. This coming from a coach who could only muster SB success with a HOF QB who was handed to him. How’s your reputation on those other guys you signed off on, Mikey?

  3. And I put my reputation on these guys that they can play.”


    INSERT FOOT IN MOUTH, what does he see in those two guys seriously anyone?

  4. What I don’t get is, why was Grossman playing over Beck down the stretch last season if Shanny likes him so much?

    Also, inb4 Andrew Luck comments

  5. Beck has a lot to prove. Because, to date, he’s done exactly….nothing.

  6. “Stake his reputation”, eh? His reputation may very well take a hit with those two stiffs at QB!

  7. Grossman took the 06′ bears to the super bowl. The 06′ bears had the #1 defense. The ’10 Redskins had the #31 defense.

    John Beck has 1TD-3INT in his career and is 30 years old.

    ‘Skins fans deserve a lot better rationale from a 2 time super bowl winning head coach.

  8. Mike if they were running backs I would bet with you. Unfortunately, they’re qb’s

  9. What reputation?? The one where he won 1 playoff game in 10 years without Elway?

  10. Enough with the Beck talk, they’ll re-sign Grossman. Rex played well in those last three games (2-300 yard games, 7 TDs to 4INTs), going 1-2 and losing by 6 pts total. Rex came with Kyle from Houston. He’s gotta be the presumed starter Week One, signed or not.

  11. As an Eagle fan ..

    I say . . .
    the Redskin fans deserve much better than this.

  12. I am so glad AZ is in the 49ers division. They will be lucky if they win 5 games again. They completely blew the franchise on Kolb. To pay a guy 63million who has started only 7 games, has more interceptions than TD’s, and has a losing record as a starter. This is Scott Mitchell all over again except it is AZ instead of Miami. What a joke!!!

  13. Washington is on the clock….Andrew Luck will be starting for this team in 2012

  14. What Reputation? The one where everyone thinks your a dilusional ego maniac that has been passed by by the game, who cant build a team, and only won the superbowl with other peoples players ? Ok well how is that staking you rep.? If they fail then it will only go to increase that reputation.

  15. Just like Rexy was carried to the SB by the Chicago defense, Shanny was carried to the SB by Elway and TD. Rexy and Shanny really are more alike than meets the eye.

  16. Shanny’s a dope. He hasn’t won squat since Elway retired. Of course McNabb couldn’t play in his system. He was programmed to run Andy Reid’s version of the WCO. You don’t change a QB’s systems and instantly excel very often.

  17. I think Mikey Mike may be suffering from dimenssia. Take him to the old folks home.

  18. “I think Donovan has a great future ahead of him — if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level.”

    That’s something you say about a rookie or second-year QB, not a 34-year-old six-time pro-bowler in the twilight of his career. Shanahan has lost his mind.

  19. Yeah dude you got another Eagles fan who is really starting to feel bad for Redskins fans.

    I remember the Brayman * years here in philly and while he was the opposite of Snyder in that he wouldn’t spend a dime, its still a really bad owner and no one can fire the owner so i know how you all feel. And as i have said before I would rather the NFC east be the best division in football because it makes the 6 games a year really good.

    Shanny has a crappy rep as it is. The guy won with someone else team and a lucky 6th round running back whom he ended up killing the career of because he wouldn’t give him a break. Otherwise he has done nothing, won nothing. This guy is a joke and i can only guess they are bombing on purpose to get Luck. Why else would they do this when they could go get Orton for a 3rd most likely

  20. “His lofty reputation as “the guy that won 2 Super Bowls with John Elway then did nothing else for the next decade” ?”

    Think about who was dominating the AFC during those years. It was going to be tough for anyone to beat the Patriots.

  21. I am truly sorry ‘Skins fans, if Grossman is your QB,
    yall are in trouble.maybe yall should release whomever signed Grossman and follow that up by releasing the coach.
    good luck!!

  22. His reputation? Would that be the reputation he has because of the abilities of Terrell Davis and John Elway? Does he have those people or anyone similar in talent to those two on this roster? He’s staking nothing.

  23. Reputation? The one that says he could only win with John Elway at QB? I’m not aware of any other one…

  24. The Skins are finally doing what I wanted, building through the draft, not overspending in free agency and not jumping at the first young QB they see. 3/4 year plan, defense, offense, desperate search for a QB.

  25. therealsmiley says:
    Jul 29, 2011 9:03 PM
    The guy has 3 Super Bowl rings, you have zero. Hail!


    Always love this argument. Ummm…….. Yeah I don’t have any SB rings. Of course, my career isn’t in the NFL.

    That would be like me saying I had 3 mill in sales last year and Shanahan had none.

    So what?

    Remember, this is the same guy who staked his reputation on Brian Griese being the next John Elway.

  26. Let’s not forget he was super high on cutler out a small school in Vanderbilt….I’d give shanahan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to identifying talented qbs

  27. OMG… I missed this…
    “Hey, here are the reasons why I think Philly did not sign you’ — they were going to go with [Kevin] Kolb”… Mike… they went with VICK.
    You need an “L” tattooed on your forehead.
    Even to admit this is just wrong.
    This has to be a “misrememberment” or whatever new word Roger Clements lawyer can think of.

  28. Prediction of the 5 worse teams in the NFL this upcoming season and thier records. (staring with the worse)

    Redskins 2-14
    TB 3-13
    AZ 4-12
    Car 4-12
    Den 4-12

    Redskins are on the clock

  29. In other news…Vegas has started taking bets on how long it will take Shanahan’s “reputation” to completely vanish. I’ve got my money on Week 2.

  30. “I think Donovan has a great future ahead of him — if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level.”

    1st Little Thing: Not play for the Washington Redskins. Check.

  31. damnyankee13 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 9:21 PM
    in Denver, Shanahan was given a ready made SB contender, here he wasnt.
    He won 3 SBs in Denver.

    Um……………really? Might want to look that one up, sporty.

  32. Rep?? What rep???? O you meant those two superbowls that Elway and T.D. won for you. What have you done lately to earn any rep. Shanahan’s NFL rep is up to par with Lil Wayne’s street rep, aka ZILCH!!!!

  33. This guy is not a good head coach.

    Just watch Haynesworth get 10 sacks in N.E. & McNabb lead the Vikings to the playoffs this year as further evidence.

    Shanahan cares more about showing everyone who’s boss than winning.

  34. “I think Donovan has a great future ahead of him — if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level.”

    Yeah….. the guy is 34 years old, and starting his 13th season….. and NOW he’s going to “take it to the next level”?????

  35. Shanahan won nothing without Elway……..and it looks like he never will.

    Come to think of his reputation….he drafted Maurice Clarett…….

    I guess what I am trying to say is, what reputation?

  36. thetooloftools says:
    Jul 29, 2011 9:27 PM
    OMG… I missed this…
    “Hey, here are the reasons why I think Philly did not sign you’ — they were going to go with [Kevin] Kolb”… Mike… they went with VICK.


    You sure about that? You’re sure that Kolb wasn’t the starter after McNabb left? And that he lost his job to Vick after an injury? Because that’s kind of how I remember it.

  37. Give Shanatan 2 more yrs and the skins will be in the the playoffs, rebuilding doesn’t happen overnight it takes time

  38. Damnyankee13 says Shanny won 3 SBs with the Broncos. Wow! Shanny really is a great coach since the Denver franchise only has 2 SBs officially credited to them.

    You know folks, you might just want to do a wee bit of homework before you shoot your mouth off.

    As for the excuse the Pats then dominated the conference for the next decade and this prevented Shanny from repeating, well 1) you first have to get to the playoffs and Shanny only did that 4 times in the last 11 years in divisions the Pats didn’t play in and 2) some how the Steelers won 2 SBs during that so called period of Pats dominance. Heck, 8 SBs were won by teams not named the Pats since that time.

    If you want to defend Shanny, go ahead. But at least do your homework (as in a one minute internet search) and try to use a little logic (you know, as in stuff that makes sense).

    Shanny’s reputation is solid. He hasn’t won squat without Elway and TD. He will continue to be a loser with Grossman and Beck. Reputation retained. No problem there.

  39. Shanahan reputation is way more than it should be, he has helped secure another oh hum team in Washington. He has led the fans to believe he and his son our some kind on super coaches, with nothing to back it. Yes he won a Super Bowl not because of his coaching skills but because of a QB that would not give up.

  40. pthepro49 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 9:27 PM
    Prediction of the 5 worse teams in the NFL this upcoming season and thier records. (staring with the worse)

    Redskins 2-14
    TB 3-13
    AZ 4-12
    Car 4-12
    Den 4-12

    Redskins are on the clock


    Way off with Tampa. Otherwise, cant argue.

  41. What reputation is he talking about. The one as a faded old has been that the game has passed by. If he’s talking about that one then it makes sense. He’ll be gone by the end of the year. Peace!

  42. What a great potshot against McNabb! if he does the little things “to get him to the next level”. That’s how you describe a rookie or a toiling 5th year guy. Not a pro bowl veteran who has played in 4 conference title games and a SB. What a great slam at how crappy McNabb really is despite his resume.

  43. Maybe I made a mistake in the number of SB wins but before YOU goshooting off your mouth, read the post, I said that Shanahan was GIVEN a SB ready team and when he got the Skins job, they werent SB ready.

  44. Shanny has 3 Super Bowl rings…2 as head coach and one as a QB coach (Steve Young ring a bell?). Shanny knows a little more about QBs than everyone posting here. And don’t feel sorry for us…please…we have one of the best franchises and fan base on this planet….and always will. Hail!!

  45. If these two clowns are the alternative, Shanahan’s best chance to win another Super Bowl is probably STILL John Elway.

  46. Shanahan is drinking his own spiked kill-aid. What’s in that shanny? Lol wow…’s gonna be a loooooooong season in DC. Were already +2 in the win column!

  47. trbowman says:
    Jul 29, 2011 8:59 PM
    What I don’t get is, why was Grossman playing over Beck down the stretch last season if Shanny likes him so much?

    Let me try to answer your question. The Redskins traded for Beck in the preseason last year. Grossman had already played in the system under Kyle in Houston. Makes sense to play the guy with the most experience in running that bs offense.

    Now John Beck is blowing himselp up that he’s the next John Elway. You have to like his confidence. Shanahan is saying he likes him, what his he suppose to say, the guy is either #1 or #2 on the depth chart. Now, if any NFL coach says they don’t like the QB’s, then that’s a problem.

    My guess, Grossman is starting Week 1

  48. Jerry Jones thought he was so good that he would win with Switzer. Shanahan thinks he’s so good that he can win with Beck and Grossman. Washington, I feel your pain.

  49. Mike’s reputation(what little of it he has left)….Going….going…gone! ‘Skins 4-12 if they’re lucky. I love it.

  50. OMG this is ridiculous …. I’m a skins fan for life .. but we are gonna be so sorry this year … we have no qb .. no nose tackle .. all the wr’s the signed are every one else’s leftovers cept moss .. he’s our leftover .. how can we trust his rep .. when he screwed up with donovan .. the same judgement you used for him .. is gonna give us the same results on this beck grossman experiment .. oh well ..
    suck for luck ’12

  51. Whatever the Rat-Bastard is putting in his cheese can he pass it around…….

  52. He won two SB in Denver and one in SF as the OC…

    It’s been nearly 15 years since his last SB win so I hardly think he has much a rep to stake…

    Between the nepotism and way he handled McNabb, I’d say his rep is as a guy who is on the fast track to getting fired by Little Danny Snyder…

  53. Redskins are on the clock. Andrew Luck, your luck just ended. Guess where you’re playing next year!

  54. No need for the Redskins to waste money on a veteran QB…they will be drafting Andrew Luck next April.

  55. Say what you want about him with the skins, but he did win back to back bowls with the broncos. I agree hes overrated, but hes not awful. This is year 2 correct? It takes time when the owner screws everything to hell before he got there. McNabb has always been overrated, they tried and realized that. They had no line and a weak running game Donny never had a shot.

  56. The “he never won anything without Elway argument” is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. Go back and look at the Super Bowl history. How many coaches have ever won a super bowl with out a Great QB? Madden, Gibbs and Parcells won multiple super bowls without great qb’s. Then there are two or three one hit wonders. How many Super Bowls did Lombardi win without Starr. Or Belichick without Brady. 3 out of 4 super bowls are won by a hall of fame QB or future hall a fame QB.

  57. The ‘Skins just got in the express lane on their way to drafting Andrew Luck. I would not let Beck or Grossman pitch on a church softball team let alone QB in the NFL.

  58. @ wwwfella , everybody seems to forget that Elway made it to the SB with Dan Reeves but he didn’t WIN until he was coached by Shanny.

    All real skins fans should just trust in the coach and his system and if Beck goes out there and stinks it up we all will be right, however what is Beck goes and leads this team to an 7-9 or 8-8 season? Nobody should expect Beck to lead this team to a winning record.

  59. Little news flash for Shanny: his reputation is on the line whether he “stakes” it or not. That is…what reputation he has left, which isn’t much of one.

  60. I joined just to say to those posters who are pointing out that yes, Shanny won 2 SB’s with HoF QB John Elway and then nothing else.

    Well… Elway didn’t win SB’s with any other coach and he had a lot more tries.

  61. Who else other than Gibbs has one multiple Super Bowls without a HOF caliber QB? The so-called “genius” Bill Belicheat didn’t win until he had Brady. They weren’t calling him a genius when he coached the Browns. …Or the pre-Brady Patriots led by Drew Bledsoe.

  62. As a Skins fan, I was actually glad when ol’ Shanny got hired. Now he’s acting like the crazy uncle at the family cookout. If he just staked his rep on DEVELOPING John Beck into a QB, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt; throwing Rex Grossman into the mix? Have mercy.

  63. What an enormous d-bag Shanahan is for taking that shot at McNabb. Basically saying his system is perfect, it was McNabb who wouldn’t do the little things. Hey Shanny, McNabb was on pace to break the Skins passing yardage record for a single season, with a terrible group of receivers. Maybe if you hadn’t taken a top 10 defense to worst in the league and handed the offensive reins to Shanny Junior, or spent your entire pre-season trying to show up Albert Haynesworth McNabb could have even won a few more games for you. Enjoy this season Skins fans, you have another year or two of Shanny, and then another 30 or 40 years of more-of-the-same under Snyder to look forward to.

    I can’t wait for the Vikes to absolutely crush the Skins this season…Shanny is going to look like a fool.

  64. When the bears went to the super bowl Rex passed for 3300 and 23 Tds. Let’s not act like that the worst season ever. He has been in this system. If the d is ok this team will surprise people. I’m not saying they will win 12 games but I don’t think they are going to be the worst team in the league.

  65. footballfanman says:
    Jul 29, 2011 10:26 PM
    The guy made a playoff run with Jake Plummer. That makes him a good coach in my book.
    And it looked like he was making another one with Plummer in 06 when inexplicably with the team at 7-5, he yanked Plummer and inserted Cutler. BRILLIANT MOVE SHANNY. BPUT THE ROOKIE FROM A SMALL SCHOOL IN THERE WHE YOU STILL HAD A CHANCE AT THE PLAYOFFS.

    How about when he brought in to Denver the EXPLANSION ERA BROWNS ENTIRE DLINE because he had their DLine coach???

    I dislike McNabb and Haynesworth but a HC should NEVER EVER embarrass his players in the media…EVER. I do not care ONE IOTA what the player has done…it’s a GINORMOUS no-no. It’s not even just about that player, it’s about the message you are sending to your lockerroom when you do that. It’s disgusting, cowardly and the mark of a horrible leader.Players will not ever trust you or play for you after that and WHO COULD BLAME THEM????

    He’s always been a megalomaniac screwball. He also can’t identify , evaluate or develop assistant coaches which is a major negative for a HC in my eyes. As a HC I find him to be a good…OC.

    You Wash fans here seem like a good bunch and I feel for you. If it makes you feel any better, you will probably beat my Pats this season because BB and Brady together have never been on the “W” side vs. Shanny when Shanny has his first string QB. How pathetic is that???

  66. First off, Elway never won any SB’s without Shanahan.

    Second, Shanahan has THREE superbowl rings. He was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers when they had what was considered the greatest offensive season at the time(eclipsed by the 99 rams)and won a ring calling plays for the niners.

    In fact his performance at coordinator over three season for the niners is what got him the job with the broncos, a team that never won a superbowl before he came.

    Oh and lastly, I’m pretty sure Jimmy Johnson never won a SuperBowl without troy aikman and the rest of the cast. So far Belicheck has only won his three Superbowls as HC with Brady under center. Tony Dungy didn’t win till peyton manning.

    What I’m getting at is it is absolutely stupid to say a coach won because of great players playing great. Bill Walsh won all his superbowls with 2 different QBs but they just BOTH happened to be Hall of Famers. Most coaches that DON’T win with elite QB’s win on defense. These arguments are stupid and gets really old reading.

  67. typicaleaglesfan says:
    Jul 29, 2011 9:13 PM

    I think Mikey Mike may be suffering from dimenssia.

    I guess you are a typical eagles fan……

  68. ‘this is what you’re going to have to do to stay on our football team for a number of years. If you do that, I think you’ve got a chance to go to the Pro Bowl and do the things you’ve been doing throughout your career.’ It didn’t work out.”
    AKA – Listen to my little boy kyle.

  69. Ummm…okay.

    I got news for ya guys, we still need more help on the OFFENSIVE LINE. We need to resign Brown or find an upgrade, and I’m not so sure there is one out there. We’re still…20 mill under cap? And we’ve still got 25 roster spots open.

    Stake your rep. with a decent O-LINE, Shanny.

  70. People just remember you win Super Bowls with great players!!!!!! The Mcnabb experiment did not work, let’s move on. Do we tend to forget that we were not one player away from making a run!!!!! We had alot of holes on the whole team. I really like the free agent pickups but I would like for us to address what are we going to do for right tackle!!!! This was not going to be an overnight fix give the guy a break he was inheriting a team from Jim Zorn. Need I say more.

  71. Bill Romanowski “Mcnabb is either lazy or dumb.” That’s not an exact quote but the gist is correct. Shanny won a SB as OC for SF. I imagine his system was just too complicated for a dim bulb such as Mcnabb.

  72. i hate to say it but i really do believe shanny even though he looks like the sneakiest little weasel ive ever seen (besides Snyder) and it cant possibly get any worse right?

  73. stop talkin about elway, it took him 15 years to win a SB and that was solely because of TD and the zone blocking scheme shanny developed there( cut blocks are now illegal so i dont think itll happen again) there were some great coaches in Denver throughout the 80s and 90s and they couldnt produce a SB, let alone two.

  74. Is it possible that Shanahan isn’t a good coach and never was one? He has a couple super bowls but could that just be do to personel guys, position coaches, coordinators, and good old fashioned luck?

    I’m seriously starting to question whether or not the Skins should be happy to have him there.

    Remember, Belichec was considered a bad coach for the Browns when they sucked. Then he wins some super bowls and how he’s an uber genious.

    Coaching and quarterbacking are both over and under rated at the same time. I think that they are super important positions but that superbowl and postseason success usually defines who is actually good, which I think is kind of false.

    For example, I feel that Roethlisburger, Brad Johnson, and Trent Dilfer are all QB’s with mediocre stats and ability that played great in superbowls they won. I also think some of the greatest QB’s to play never won a super bowl. Same with coaches. Childress is a damn idiot and he damn near got to one. Everyone thought that Green Bay’s management was morons until they won it and now their untouchable football geniuses, while somehow not winning the division for a few years.

    Meh, what do you do. I’m just saying I think Shanahan has already lost his reputation in my books.

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