Steelers cut Flozell Adams


During the offseason the Steelers said they wanted tackle Flozell Adams back, and Adams said he still planned to be a starter. But today Adams has been cut.

Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the Steelers released Adams today, one day after releasing offensive tackle Max Starks.

The 36-year-old Adams was scheduled to make $5 million in 2011, so his release isn’t a big surprise. It also wouldn’t be a big surprise if the Steelers bring him back at a reduced salary.

Adams started all 16 games in 2010, his first season in Pittsburgh. Overall he has missed just 14 starts in 13 NFL seasons.

Offensive tackles Willie Colon and Jonathan Scott both signed with the Steelers yesterday.

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  1. Now rework Hines and Aaron’s contracts cut that bum McFadden and cut Foote and bring in a CB. While your at it get rid of Batch and Leftwich as well. I am comfortable with Dixon as a backup.

  2. Why is it that I worry about the offensive line every year? I have always believed it to be the most important unit for a football team. A consistant solid O line can make an average QB and RB look good. This can also make average receivers shine. This keeps the defense off the field and keeps them fresh.

  3. With the Starks and Adams cuts, I have to think another shoe is going to drop for OL signings. Read where they might resign Starks to less money. I am sure the Steelers realize the OL needs to be shored up this year, so I am expecting them to sign someone of quality with all the money. Spend the money on the OL. To me, they need more OL help than they need Plax (not that I wouldn’t mind seeing him here as well).

    Investing in a line that can let Ben have a few more seconds could pay huge dividends.


  4. Arizona could use Starks or Adams. AZ home for steelers who can’t cut it in Pitt it seems like, glad we gave you back McFadden though.

  5. Are the Steelers really going to depend on Jonathon Scott at left tackle? I hope we can bring back Flozell or Starks (if he isn’t fat and out of shape as some have reported) so we don’t have screen door protecting the blind side. Scott is a good backup but not a starting left tackle. I actually thought we had some depth at O line with Scott, Colon, Starks, and Adams at tackle and Legursky backing up all 3 interior positions. Just hope Marcus Gilbert, Tony Hillis, and Chris Scott are ready to play cause right now I have no idea about the the other starters other than Pouncey, Colon (RT, LT, or RG), and Kemoeatu (on PUP list for now).

  6. @fhuizar

    How many cornerbacks are on the Cardinals that have won one superbowl and played in another?
    What cornerbacks are you even left with now that DRC is gone? I understand McFadden is at best an average CB but he is better than whatever you have.

  7. @steelforce43 …

    You may be comfortable with Dixon as a backup, but if you were paying attention last year, Arians and Tomlin are not comfortable with him. He couldn’t learn the playbook. How many times do they have to tell you guys that before it sinks in? We don’t run a spread offense. I have nothing against Dixon personally and he’s a good athlete, but the cold, hard fact is that he doesn’t have the mental chops to run our offense. They significantly dumbed down the playbook for that Baltimore game. And no matter how much they worked with him in camp last year, he still reverted to take-one-read-and-run. We need Leftwich or someone like him to back up Ben.

    As for Flozell, I never wanted to bring in the big tripper, but he did really well for us last season. It would be nice if we could bring him back for less money.

  8. @wolves50

    Corners are a time a dozen in this league unless your last name is revis. I do not mind the departure of DRC. Id rather take a chance on a qb who impacts the game a heck of a lot more than a cb will. Take a look at all the winning franchises in this league , the common denominator, they all have franchise qb’s. I don’t blame the cards for trying. In all honest i’ll take Patrick Peterson (even when he hasn’t stepped on the field) and Michael adams over mcfadden.

  9. Umm..Flozell was responsible for opening up most of Mendenhalls lanes.. hes the only one off the line that started all 16 games besides Pouncy..had a solid season..Id be more worried about them bums in the secondary (McFadden & Gay) cant cover nobody.. not even tightends.. we shud have went after Joseph

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