Texans get their own Manning

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Since they joined the NFL in 2002, the Houston Texans have been tormented by Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

The Texans now have a Manning of their own.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans have agreed to terms with safety Danieal Manning.  McClain reports that it’s a four-year, $20 million contract, with $9 million guaranteed.

As McClain points out, the addition of cornerback Johnathan Joseph and Manning gives the Texans “two new starters in league’s worst secondary.”

Manning spent his first five seasons with the Bears.  In 2010, he started all 16 games for the first time in his career.

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  1. Wow – Texans are really putting in a great run on FA’s. Two solid pickups in Joseph and Manning. I expect these guys to sure up that D quite a bit. No Asomugha isn’t a bad thing at all when you land these two players. Well done, Texans.

  2. I salute the Texans. I have been rooting for them ever since Matt Schaub was traded to them (turned out well cause Schaub became a pro bowl worthy QB and we got Matt Ryan). It’s good to see the Texans addressing the issues that need to be sorted. Hope to see you guys in the playoffs. Hell it would be good to see them in the SB. Falcons vs. Texans SB anyone? Now that would be a game worth watching, at least for me anyway.

  3. I’m a diehard Saints fan so no “horse in the race” on this smart move by HOU. But honestly …what are the Bears actually doing in this free agency period? That organization is spiraling under Angelo and don’t understand the talent exodus and no counter-moves with all of that cap space??

  4. I couldn’t be happier with these two moves…I was on talk radio twice this weeks screamin that I didn’t want nnamdi. I have always wanted two for the price of one and they did it…this has wade phillips fingerprints all over it…lets roll texans

  5. I drafted Chris Johnson in Rd 7 three years ago and that was considered high. Last year people took Ryan Mathews in Rd 1 and Arian Foster in Rd 4 based off of a preseason game. There is no fooling the Twitter universe… we all knew you were referring to Bears CB/S/RS Danieal Manning.

  6. I wrote so much!! Your website has to many visitors this sucks. My comment got deleted. Either way the Texans are doin work, new secondary battle and a whole new coaching staff/scheme. Should be an exciting year this year. Texans 2011 superbowl yeaaaa

    Now resign vonta leach and get some mlb depth. d-lineman would be sick too. Thanks

  7. I’m not a Texan fan, but I like the organization and wish them the best. Kudos to a good off-season so far.

  8. @denverwhodat…I agree, why aren’t the Bears doing anything, however, Manning isn’t worth that much. He’s a good returner, but pretty much anyone the Bear’s put back there does well at it. If anything though, the Bear’s need to acquire DBs, and even more than that.

  9. Aso not committing to the Texans turned out to be a blessing. Two starters instead of just one. Let someone else pay the man,

  10. Denverwhodat, well I’m a bears fan and I don’t know what the hell is going on. But I’m ready to choked the hell out of the front office if they don’t make some meaningful moves.

  11. Houston now has an improved secondary, but they still lack a consistent pass rush, which leaves their back seven exposed.

    I’m glad to see them improving, but you know McNair is only spending because he has to, under the new CBA.

    At the same time, Indy is heading for an off-season, the over-under on Miami is 7.5 wins, and Jacksonville is…well…Jacksonville.

    An Atlanta-Texans Superbowl is a non-starter, though. It would cost the networks millions in ad revenue, and you know who has to be kept happy. So welcome to at least one critical new interpretation of a “process” by the officials, to keep the big name franchises in play.

    I’m betting on “The process of downing the fair catch was not completed, even though the Houston return man raised his hand prior to the ball’s arrival, then caught the ball and knelt down. The Houston return man did not remain kneeling sufficiently long to complete the process of downing the ball before tossing it to the ground. Play is ruled a fumble, recovered by Indianapolis. First Down, Indianapolis.”

  12. See: bears VS colts in the superbowl to see what kind of horrible mental lapses manning is capable of.

    He has speed, and potential. But at what age does potential become disappointment?

    Enjoy him Houston. You’ll be loving him on special teams and cursing him on defense and in the salary cap for years to come.

    I guess I can’t blame you: if I had never watched another team’s games and local radio fed me a bunch of hype about a medicore safety, I’d be excited too!

  13. coolj23-its Tim Ruskell…he going to destroy the Bears like he destroyed the Hawks. The guy is total idiot. Posted my condolences when he joined your team. Now you will feel the pain we we Hawks fans have felt watching him turn a SB team into a roster full of nothing.

  14. “Thank YOU Rick Smith !” – Wade Phillips

    Seeee …. free agency good. Building only thru the draft (and drafting a QB & TE every year), bad …

    Would it be too much to ask for Aubrayo Franklin or some big fat dude to play DT ?

  15. I agree 100% asublimeday. This guy seemed like a decent enough teamate, but I’ll never be able to forgive him for consistently blowing coverage and for somehow replacing Hester to return kickoffs. It wasn’t Manning’s fault he got the job on kickoffs, but I threw up on myself and would then go cry in the closet everytime I would see 38 instead of 23.

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