Vernon Gholston is a Chicago Bear

The Bears’ somewhat wacky start to the offseason continues.

Vernon Gholston will join Roy Williams in the windy city after signing a one-year contract, the team announced Friday.

We’re having a little fun here, but it’s a fine gamble.  If anyone can coax production out of a pass rusher, it’s Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.

Gholston likely signed for the league minimum salary or close to it.  There’s no guarantee he will even make the roster.

Chicago also announced they reached agreement with their first-round pick, tackle Gabe Carimi.

29 responses to “Vernon Gholston is a Chicago Bear

  1. Get rid of Greg Olsen, then get Roy Williams, and now Vernon Gholston.

    Somebody tell the Bears the idea is to get better, not worse!!!

  2. Actually this might be a good move… Gholston played in a 4-3 at OSU then was drafted to be an OLB and a DE in a 3-4 which of course didn’t work. I think moving him back to a 4-3 DE will suit him much better and learning from Peppers wouldn’t hurt either.

    I hope he does really well for them.

  3. Nice picture – almost makes you think he actually got a sack.

    Too bad he recorded zero sacks in 3 years and Pennington was 5 yeards down field in that shot.

  4. Why in the world would any team want to sign Vernon “4 cylinder” Gholston?

  5. If it was the Patriots who signed Roy Williams and Vernon Gholston, we’d be hearing how genius these moves are.

  6. If anyone can coax production out of a pass rusher, it’s Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.


    They said the same thing about Tommie Harris. Look how that turned out.

  7. Ha ha ha the Bears must really hate Jay Cutler. They are deliberately tanking so they can get Andrew Luck in next year’s draft. So far I’d say it’s a race to the bottom between the Bears and the Seahawks.

  8. ” If anyone can coax production out of a pass rusher, it’s Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.”

    Didn’t they say that about Rex Ryan?

  9. If the Patriots had signed Golston and Williams we’d be thinking their head coach wants to be fired. Its one thing to take a risk one players who had talent. Its another to take a chance on those who never did.

  10. I read somewhere that Kreutz is “plan B” for the Bears. Unless there’s a spectacular center out there idk about, why are the Bears making Kreutz plan B? He knows the team better than anyone and is invaluable for his leadership. I’d really like to know who their plan A is because if it’s as lame as the other moves they made, they’ll prolly just make themselves worse.

  11. He was a stud in college who tanked pros playing in a different system.

    Maybe going back to the 4-3 he was so good in will spark some of that potential back into life.

    Or maybe he’ll just be a training camp body.

    That’s what happens when you gamble. You lose more often than you win but there’s always the chance of hitting the jackpot.

  12. brianbowman16 says: Jul 29, 2011 7:56 PM

    Did Mike Brown take control of the bears in the middle of the night? I mean as a Lions fan for 30 years, i am absolutely NOT complaining

    Must have used up all of your complaining on the Lions.

  13. @bears47, everything I’m hearing is that they are really working to sign Olin but the biggest hold up is the Bears want to sign for 2 years and Olin wants more. They need to get him signed and into camp. I’m guessing is talking with other teams to get an offer for 3 or more years to make the Bears make a decision.

  14. Nice to see that Tim Ruskell is up in Chicago putting his signature on the Bears…He did it in Seattle, and took a Super Bowl team, and turned it to crap in 3 years. Good luck with that!

  15. All reports from Jets sources say Gholston just doesn’t have the passion and dedication to play in this league. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he just take the millions he earned from his rookie contract and retire? I’ll be shocked if he makes any sort of impact.

  16. Another project for the Bears. This would be fine if they actually got some proven free agents.

  17. What the heck, can’t be worse than Tommie Harris and he is cheaper for one year. Not a bad gamble… I think.

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