With Fairley in the fold, Lions lock up all their picks

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All of the Detroit Lions’ draft picks are signed and ready to go, with first-round draft pick Nick Fairley revealing late Thursday night that his deal is done.

“Thank GOD, Family and Fans! I’m officially a Lion! Time to get to work!” Fairley wrote on Twitter.

Fairley got the deal that the new CBA mandates: A four-year contract worth $10 million, a $5.7-million bonus and a fifth-year team option.

Lions second-round picks Titus Young and Mikel Leshoure, fifth-round pick Doug Hogue and seventh-round pick Johnny Culbreath also signed, and all five rookies are expected to practice today.

14 responses to “With Fairley in the fold, Lions lock up all their picks

  1. Sounds like Nick’s anxious to get to work too. I think he’s about to put the “work ethic” rumor to bed.

  2. OK, now it’s time for you to work hard and make the 12 teams that picked ahead of the Lions realize they made a very grave mistake by passing on you.

    Silver Crush Defense…..alive and coming to a stadium near you.

  3. It’s great to have optimism again after a long drought. I hope the Lions have a year full of good health and wins!

  4. Just a day behind the Raiders who actually had all their picks not just agreed to, but signed yesterday. But Raiders don’t get headlines for this!

  5. It’s great to see all the optimism in Lions’ country for a change …….. The sad reality is that most of this optimism is based on the ‘potential’ of alot of unproven young players ….. From my vantage point, the Lions have Johnson & a ‘boy named Suh’ …… Everyone else is still a huge question mark ……. The Lions will need 2 or 3 more ‘good drafts’ & some luck before being considered a bonified threat ……. 7-9 (maybe 8-8) in 2011 is realistic …..

  6. @woody – naawwwww. How do you figure?

    Suh already produced – proven – top D lineman.
    Fairley just makes it better, and they can’t double team both.

    Lions offense…even without Stafford was good. Young and Leshoure will produce immediately.

    Both sides of the ball will bring it. Sit back and enjoy.

  7. Fairley is a college football player who now has to perform at the highest level of his profession …… Surely you don’t want me to list all the 1st round flops that exist yearly coming out of the draft ……
    1st round & potential does not = success …..

    This is the problem with all the optimism in Lion country …… Most of it is based on ‘hope’ …. The reality may look totally different …….

    Example ….. One doesn’t ‘hope’ CM3 will play well ….. PackFans know CM3 will play well …… Lion Fans need to get a clue ………

  8. your philosophy is correct woody but alot of the optimism is sparked on new players, it is young players that learned how to win at the end of the year, turning 3-7 point losses into wins.

  9. Woody, you would be correct but rookie DT’s don’t normally get to start between All-Pro caliber DE’s and DT’s. Suh is double teamed every snap he plays. That leaves KVB, Fairley and Avril (the most overlooked DE in the NFL) free to do as they please. I am a homer but there is not a offensive coordinator in the league that isn’t going to worry about seeing Detroit this season.

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