Aaron Hernandez gave up 85 because “Ochocinco deserved it”


Jersey numbers have sometimes been the subject of serious problems in NFL locker rooms. Former Redskins defensive back Ifeanyi Ohalete agreed to sell No. 26 to Clinton Portis for $20,000, then sued Portis for not coming through. Former Giants punter Jeff Feagles sold his jersey number to Eli Manning one year, then sold his new number to Plaxico Burress — but said later that Burress never paid up.

The ultimate confrontation could have come up in New England this week when Chad Ochocinco — the man who changed his name to a bastardized Spanish version of his jersey number — arrived in a locker room where teammate Aaron Hernandez already had 85.

But no problem came up at all. Hernandez simply gave 85 to Ochocinco, for free. Hernandez said he’s perfectly content to switch to 81, which he wore at Florida.

“Chad Ochocinco came to the team, and he’s a great player, and I had a chance to get my college number back, and he obviously wanted #85, and there wasn’t a problem,” Hernandez said, per the Boston Herald. “He deserved it, so I thought he should get it.”

Hernandez sounds like he doesn’t particularly care about his jersey number — or particularly care about getting money out of Ochocinco.

“All of us have a decent amount of money,” Hernandez said. “I definitely should have [asked for something], but I didn’t. It was just a welcome to the team. I’m glad to have him.

Ultimately, Hernandez said, he just wants to be a good teammate.

“Hopefully we get some big things out of him this year,” Hernandez said of Ochocinco. “I thought he may look better and play better in #85, cuz that’s his last name. So why not give it to him?”

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  1. Wonder how dumb chad would have looked witch ochocinco on his back not wearing number 85 lol but i heard hes changing hos name back to johnson?

  2. “I definitely SHOULD have asked”…

    I guarantee that was NOT translated correctly.

    Change that to:

    “I definitely COULD have asked for money”

    Otherwise, the sentence makes no sense.

  3. In the midst of the lockout over splitting money, players holding out, giant contracts going around…. it’s nice to hear something like this.

  4. He probably watched Chad on HBO’s Hard Knocks and remembered Chad buys cubic zirconais instead of diamonds or saw the Toyota Prius Chad drives.

  5. Typical Patriot Player;

    It is all about being a “GOOD TEAM MATE”

    This is what seperates the Pat’s from everyone else!!!

  6. Class move by a rising star. This guy has overcome a lot in his life. Good to see he is growing up a lot.

  7. I am to understand Chad johnson will be allowed by the NFL to change his name back if he does so legally because they havent printed up jersey for him yet. So if he changes it back sooner rather than later the NFL will allow the change.

  8. Child please! You know I couldn’t market “Chad Ochenta y Cinco.” Besides no one uses proper grammar anymore, I’m just trying to be a good model for the kids.

  9. Well done Aaron Hernandez. Character builds teams and that was a nice gesture to a new teammate.

    If I was Ochocinco I would buy Aaron Hernandez’s kids some crazy nice Christmas presents. If he doesn’t have kids then send his parents on a dream vacation.

  10. “Ochocinco deserved it”

    Anybody stupid enough to legally change his name to an incorrect Spanish translation of his jersey number deserves all the sympathy he can get.

  11. ocojoe: “Typical Patriot Player;

    It is all about being a “GOOD TEAM MATE”

    This is what seperates the Pat’s from everyone else!!!”

    Well, that and cheating.

  12. Props to Hernandez.

    But ‘Ochocinco’ is just NOT a Patriot name.

    Chad Johnson fits much better. If not, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson.

    He will not have a chance at the HoF with a name like Ochocinco…he’s already needing luck to get in. Gold jackets are flashy enough.

  13. Hernandez sounds like a nice, sensible guy, though he could have asked for a charitable contribution. Chad’s a piece of work and not one of my favorite people. But he’s a talented receiver and generally professional about his play. He’s at the tailend of his career and for the first time has a genuine chance to contend. He knows Belichick will give him very little rope, so I’d expect him to be on good behavior with the Pats. Of their two newsmaking FA acquisitions, I’d expect Haynesworth to be the more problematic. But if it’s true that the Pats are shifting to a 4/3, Albert may be an asset if BB can get him in shape.

  14. Um, how has he earned anything on a team he’s not played a snap for? That’s not gonna help the sense of entitlement that divas like johnson have.

  15. Bravo to H’Aaron “H’Ochouno” Hernandez, knows what it’s like to be live with an English name and a Spanish name.

  16. ahostiletakeover says: Jul 30, 2011 2:20 PM

    Child please! You know I couldn’t market “Chad Ochenta y Cinco.” Besides no one uses proper grammar anymore, I’m just trying to be a good model for the kids.


    Well you just confirmed that you never played sports past the pee wee level. Athletes often refer to themselves in single digits, (Eight Five instead of Eighty-Five).

  17. So this had nothing to do with 81, Hernandez’ college number being available?

    It was a win/win for Ocho and Hernandez. Both got the number they truly wanted.

  18. Hernandez’ college number was 81. Since Moss had it to start last year, he went to 85. Now that Moss is gone, he gave up 85 and took his old college number back. No biggie.

  19. Sorry, stataddict, I didn’t see you post 2 ahead of mine.

    My comment to you is “EXACTLY!”

  20. @deb

    Round is a shape!

    good for hernandez. Regardless of whether he wanted to go back to his old #or not, it.was his and he didnt have to give it to anyone for free.
    At least.there is 1 patriot with the initials ah who is a good teammate.

  21. @CKL …

    LOL … true, true. Did you see my response to you on the other thread? Converted my whole family. Bless your heart about your mom. Must be interesting when our teams meet 🙂

  22. No I didn’t see it yet! Good for you…you must have some of those lawyerly power of persuasion skills like your brother(? I think) does.

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