Back with Chargers, Vincent Jackson says, “I feel like this is home”


Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson, a season removed from an ugly holdout that dragged into the regular season, seems to be ready to let bygones be bygones.

Speaking at training camp, in video posted by the San Diego Union-Tribune, Jackson made clear that he has no hard feelings toward G.M. A.J. Smith or anyone else in the organization.

“I’ve never had a problem with anybody in this building,” Jackson said.  “I feel like this is home.”

It’s a far cry from last year, when the mood was so bad that many believed Jackson would never play for the Chargers again.  This year, he has signed his one-year franchise tender, which will pay him more than $10 million in 2011.

Speaking of $10 million, Jackson calmly refuted the notion that he or his representatives were seeking anything in exchange for his decision to drop his portion of the Brady class action lawsuit.  That contention conflicts with multiple media reports that Jackson’s agents wanted Jackson to become a free agent, or to be paid $10 million.

Regardless, Jackson is happy.  And that should make Chargers fans happy.  If they’d had him for all of the 2010 season, the campaign may have ended much differently than it did.

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  1. He will have a big year, and then be the next biggest free agent next year. Charger fans enjoy him while he is there, cuz your gonna miss him when he is gone!.

  2. He’s a good player,but being in SD has got to get old. Every year it’s the same thing; They’re picked to win it all…then lose four of the first five…come on strong and win 10 straight..and then lose at home in the first round of the playoffs..
    Or have the Best D and O in the NFL and miss the playoffs…
    Clearly the most frustrating team in the NFL to follow.

  3. what he means is “i am going to enjoy all this money, and call somewhere else home next season, when i become the nnamdi FA of 2012”

    also, let’s hope home isn’t where the (heart) alcohol is , at least till after february

  4. Meanwhile the rest of his team is being ripped apart by the free agency. The reason for this? The manager is incompetent and a cheapskate and the owner is borderline retarded.

  5. goawayeverybody said:

    Meanwhile the rest of his team is being ripped apart by the free agency. The reason for this? The manager is incompetent and a cheapskate and the owner is borderline retarded.”

    Give me a break. The Charger team isn’t being ripped apart. Did the Chargers’ lose Sproles? Yeah, but he wasn’t worth his inflated contract last year or the year before. His performance has been on the decline.

    The Chargers have lost some other talent as well, but if another team is going to overpay for players, there isn’t much the Chargers can do about it.

    The Chargers will be fine.

  6. tomsd1 said:”
    That’s code talk for – I hate the Lord of NO Rings and would like to rip out his throat. ”


    I have to give AJ credit for not caving in. Actually, in the whole AJ/VJ saga, IMO, VJ’s agents are the ones that come out looking bad. If VJ hadn’t had any off the field issues, that would be a whole different thing entirely. AJ would have looked bad in that scenario. Who in their right mind would give any player a huge unrecoverable signing bonus in a long term contract to a player who has had off the field issues?

    I don’t understand the whole “Lord of No Rings” nonsense. Most of the teams don’t have rings. Besides, wasn’t that whole “Lord of No Rings” quote originally from Archie Manning? You know, the dude that NEVER won a ring himself? Wasn’t that comment made way back when the Chargers drafted spoiled brat Eli, when Eli refused to sign with the Chargers?

  7. This clown is doing nothing more than helping himself. He will say and do all the right things this year with an eye toward cashing in big in 2012 as one of the top free agents.

    He better hope what happened to Javon Walker doesn’t happen to him.

  8. Actually it would have mattered if they had them the whole year. Sure Special teams cost them games, but anyone who followed the Chargers knew that just about all of their receivers were hurt and Rivers was throwing to 4th, 5th string players and he did do pretty well with that, but there were times they got field goals when they needed touchdowns to make up for the special teams mishaps.

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