Barrett Ruud plans to join the Titans

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Kellen Winslow is going to be upset.

Earlier this week, Winslow said that he wants the Bucs to bring back linebacker Barrett Ruud.  They won’t be.

Instead, Ruud will be signing a one-year deal with the Titans, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

“I found some mutual interest, which is good,” Ruud told Wyatt. “I am glad it worked out this way.”

Ruud, a six-year veteran, will head to Nashville on Sunday.  He started every game each of the last three seasons, and 15 in 2007.

30 responses to “Barrett Ruud plans to join the Titans

  1. I would absolutely not want to be a Bucs fan right now. You have to be furious at the GM/Coach and everyone. What the heck are they doing????

  2. Kellen Winslow should be more conerned about his nerdy next door neighbor Steve Urkel trying to over turn his sister’s call of pants-interference.

  3. We will see if Rudd can be a physical presence on a physical defense. Although he has led the bucs in tackles. Most of those happened 7 yards down field. I’m glad the bucs made decision to move on. It’s clear with him only signing 1 year deal, there was little market for him.

  4. poor titans fans. soon you will learn what ‘stats are for losers’ means – it doesn’t matter if he’s led the bucs in tackles the past few seasons when those tackles come 7 yards past the wrong side of the line of scrimmage

  5. Good for him. The Bucs are happy with NOT getting better and depending on unproven players that are cheap. The fact that the floor does not kick in until 2013 will be taken advantage of fully by the CHEAP Glazers. We will not see football again because of the blackouts, time to find another team to pull for. Maybe the Dolphins. They seem to care about their fans

  6. he’s soo smart…..he avoids contact with Linemen and tackles guys ten yards down field

  7. Man overboard.

    I was hoping the Bucs could have signed Ruud to a one- or two-year deal. Raheem earlier this week sounded like he would be down. Mark Dominik did not.

    Maybe we go get Nick Barnett or even Channing Crowder. (Or Angelo Crowell! Surely the third time would be the charm.)

    Then again, the brass seems high on Tyrone McKenzie and Mason Foster.

    Are there any more specialists we can break off record deals for?

  8. Wow a 1 year deal. Obviously no one else thought much of him either. Ruud has been complaining around here for a while for a long term deal and still never got one. Bottom line he is an average player and a mlb that can’t stop the run. He can never tackle and bring down an rb until he’s like 7 yards in. Agree with Bucs on not resigning him. With that said I’m disappointed we haven’t signed at least a few FA’s to improve us even further. Oh my bad we signed a great punter look out.

  9. kantnockdahustle89 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 8:36 PM
    I would absolutely not want to be a Bucs fan right now. You have to be furious at the GM/Coach and everyone. What the heck are they doing????

    Umm….they’re moving on from players who are as Charmin soft in favor of competition between a promising rookie (Mason Foster) and a vet thumper (Tyrone McKenzie). Ruud’s only real upside was his intelligence and ability to call a defense. But it didn’t help much when he was always being eaten by a blocker or on his back. When you look at his tackle numbers, remember you still get credit for a tackle even when it takes you 5 yards to do it.

    As far as what they’re doing overall, they’re building a young team the smart way – through the draft. Short-sighted fans will always whine about the lack of “splash moves” but the fact is we have an incredible amount of young talent on both sides of the ball, and we need the cap room for when they need extensions. We just re-signed Quincy Black and Davin Joseph, and Freeman, Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, LeGarrette Blount, Gerald McCoy, Aqib Talib (depending on off-field issues), Cody Grimm, and some of our young guys on the O line (and hopefully our two new DE’s) are all going to need extensions in the next 2-3 years. Because of our discretion right now, we’re going to be able to hang onto those guys and achieve SUSTAINED success. It’s a great time to be a Bucs fan.

  10. “the bucs are happy with not getting better”

    Blount, Williams, benn, Freeman, Penn, Joseph, price, McCoy, clayborn, black, Taleb.

    He is right. Break out the checkbook!!! I remember when we opened the wallet for Alvin Harper!!(oops) I mean Bert Emanuel!!(oops), I mean Albert haynesworth!! (oops), I mean Randy moss!! Next thing you know you’ll tell me they didn’t sign Rudd because of money even though we just gave 20 million to a punter!!!

    That tells you all you need to know about how the bucs feel about Barrett Rudd!!

  11. This is his Free Agent cash in? Surely if the Bucs wanted him, they would have given him a year…

    Tyrone Mackenzie beats out Foster for the Starting mlb job. Heard it here first!

  12. Bucs fans rejoice!!! The days of Ruud wearing the jersey of opposing teams running backs are over….I got mighy tired of watching Jonathon Stewart, Michael Turner and Peyton Hillis drag Ruud all over the field….Now can the Bucs pick up a FA MLB now?

  13. Didn’t the bucs draft my second favorite 4-3 linebacker in this past draft whos name escapes me. So its not big loss for them. I thought Tulloch would go back to Tenn, I am now starting wonder if hes the next signing by the birds as people have been saying they wanted a vet linebacker. I hope they don’t though because i want to see how good the kids we got are. Casey Matthews for DROY

  14. This guy was solid, interesting how he only signed a one year deal though, makes you wonder if one of the teams he wanted to go to turned him away because his asking price was too high, that has to be the only reason he wasn’t already taken off the board? Anyways solid pick up for the Titans I was hoping he would come to SD, just not my day.

  15. If you need a linebacker to cover the intermediate pass, Ruud fills that role rather well. And he’s a solid tackler in open space. BUT, if you’re looking for a MLB to stuff a runner on 3rd and short, Ruud simply won’t get the job done. That’s why the Bucs are moving on. Ruud’s 1-year deal says a lot about his reputation…

  16. I’m glad to see him go. I’m very surprised that the Bucs didn’t match a 1 year deal to keep him… but they have a “rosetta stone” of coaching so we’ll see where our rookies get us.

    P.S. Anyone can see Tyrone beating out Foster for the starting job. Read it here first, please..

  17. Let’s be real about the punter. The bucs punting was the worst in the NFL. Kenoen will make a 10 yard difference on every possession. And for the fans that are blacked out and don’t have season tickets. Single game tickets go on sale next Friday!!!!

  18. Maybe they’ll move him to his natural position = weak safety…He’s good in coverage, but when he tackles he just tags along for the ride…He meets RB’s AFTER they hit the hole, because he can’t shed a block for his life, then he makes a solid textbook tackle as he gets dragged for for several yards

  19. I will miss Ruud, he was a likable player. I live in Nashville, so I can still watch him play.

    As for the “fans” bashing the choice of getting a punter…. Damn, Field position is HUGE in football… We needed one bad, we’ve been through 6 punters in two years… I LOVED this move.

    Just because they didn’t go after big names in F.A. Doesn’t mean poo-poo. I like what the bucs have… And apparently, so do the Bucs. See ya in the playoffs!

  20. I’m not happy about Ruud. But we need a run stopper. Mackenzie and Foster can both fill a hole. But I would like to see Mackenzie in the middle. With Black and Foster on the outside.

  21. MichaelEdits says:
    Jul 30, 2011 8:45 PM
    Kellen will get over it. He’s a f*cking warrior.

    Nice play, but its a “f*cking soldier”, not warrior.

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