Bears add Marion Barber, likely lose Olin Kreutz


The Chicago Bears have picked up another free agent, but they’re likely to lose one of their own.

Running back Marion Barber, formerly of the Cowboys, has signed a two-year deal with the Bears, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reported, and the Bears have now announced. Barber was released by the Cowboys this week after six seasons in Dallas. He’s coming off a 2010 season in which he had a career-low 374 rushing yards and a career-low 3.3 yards a carry.

PFT has learned that Barber’s deal with the Bears is a two-year, $5 million contract.

But while the Bears add Barber, they may be losing veteran center Olin Kreutz. Kreutz’s agent, Mark Bartlestein, said it’s not looking good for his client to remain in Chicago.

“He’s always wanted to make a deal with the Bears. But right now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen,” Bartlestein told

Those quotes could be designed to spur the Bears to up their offer. But they also may be an indication that the Bears are going to have to find a new center because they’re about to lose the one who has started the last 134 games.

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  1. Nothing says fun as when Barber gains 2 or 3 yards, and then prances around like he gained 40 or 50…….

  2. Sometimes being a Bear’s fan just makes you want to cry for help. The coaches want Kreutz, the players want him, but Angelo and his buddy Ruskell want to sign Chris Spencer.

    Marion Barber? My guess is a cheaper option to back up Forte.

  3. So they make their back up running better, but lose one of their top lineman on a weak squad…. interesting.

  4. I sure hope the agent is saying this just to jack up the price because Kreutz is a must have for that O-line to be successful next year. No other center could replace his clubhouse presence.

  5. The Kreutz fiasco will mar the Bears as they stumble into this season. The front office has completely debacled this.

  6. Raven540…you said the magic word “Ruskell” guy is a total tool. Sorry Bears fans, you are staring at years of increasingly diminishing returns with that fool in charge.

    Spencer never lived up to his potential, had trouble making line calls, and was mediocre as a blocker. Not a wise exchange(so you can be sure Ruskell will do it that way)

  7. Hahaha, I’m glad Ruskell is another team’s problem now. It will take the Seahawks half a decade to clean up the mess he made in Seattle.

  8. He better not be coming in to replace Forte…This scares me because knowing the bears management they might bring him in and let forte walk instead of paying him…our owners are that stupid

  9. If the Bears get Spencer, I almost feel bad for you lol. You’re going to lose a great leader in Kreutz. And get a pea size brain of Chris Spencer who has no leadership. Lol, goodluck.

  10. best thing that ever happend to marion barber regardless if he’s a washed up cowgirl. he’s with a team thats won more than 1 playoff game in 16 years. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!

  11. A few years ago Marion Barber was the hardest running RB in the league. He would literally hurt you if you tackled him. Key words…”a few years ago.”

  12. man oh man….if i were a bears fan and they don`t sign O.K , i am thinking we are FXXKED!

  13. A few years ago Marion Barber was the hardest running RB in the league. He would literally hurt you if you tackled him. Key words…”a few years ago.”


    A Few Years ago LT was the most dominant back in the NFL…A Few years ago Shaun Alexander was the best RB in the league

    For RBs a few years is like an eternity…The prime life of a RB in NFL is 2.7 years

  14. With all of the stupidity going on at Halas Hall, can’t the league just lock out the Bears and save us Chicago fans the misery. The worst offensive line I’ve ever seen and they;re not even going to sign Kruetz. What a joke of a front office.

  15. Just what the Bears need. Another Angelo ass kisser in Ruskel. Its time for the new Mckaskey in charge to see the light. One more year of these incompetant clowns running the personel department and you might not have a team left. Phillips, Angelo, Smith, Martz. I hope George will not need the fans to figure it out for him. I’m hoping he can see it for himself…………..

  16. And the defensive lines in GB, Detroit and Minnesota gathered tonight to celebrate. Detroit sacked Cutler six times last year when the Bears HAD a competent center, and Detroit didn’t HAVE Nick Fairley paired with Suh at DT.

    This could get really ugly.


  17. The Bears had an opportunity to shore up their OL for several years during this FA period. Instead, they seem to be trying to make it worse. They won the division last year, they have a good QB, they have a good RB and a good but aging defense…a consistent O-line and a decent WR pickup would have kept them in contention. They lost Olsen and are about to lose Kreutze. WTH is going on in Chicago. That situation seems worse than Miami’s QB quagmire

  18. ignore issues on the o-line, and sign free agent skill position players (who arent that good or past their prime or were someone elses “system” players), sounds like a Tim Ruskell move. all too fimilar…this is the same guy who never drafted a successor to matthew hasselbeck, never drafted any quality o-linemen, got a LB with the fourth pick instead of a QB or O-line man (even though our starting QB was injured half the time because of a horrible o-line, and was aging) gave up #1 picks and large sums of money to WRs who didnt amount to squat, and to top it off, let minnesota pry away one of the best lineman in the game. Im just glad this guy is all the way across the country from seattle.

    Chicago deserves better than Ruskell. Losing Kreutz? Did Ruskell guy not see his QB play the role of a sack dummy all season last year??

  19. A few years ago Jim Finks, Mike Ditka and Jerry Vanisi were running the Bears and they haven’t had competent management since then! The Bears stumblebums in the front office can’t get out of their own way. Get ready for another long season Bears fans.

  20. We need a collective fan agreement. A CFA. One where we lock out the management and/or players! Would it be so hard to just not go to any games. Give the owners empty stadiums!! Because is it just me, or does the NFL just keep playing musical chairs with stupid non-talented bonehead general managers & coaches??? A team will get an [Angelo] who just amazes & mystifies us with his brilliant stupidity and cunning moronosity..screws up a team for years..finally gets sacked..and then ends up with a lucrative deal with another team! How does this happen????

  21. I want to clarify a few things..first I am happy the Bears signed Marion Barber because when I first heard it on the radio I though I heard Tiki..Second I am sentimental as the next guy but anyone who didn’t see Kreuts suck like a Packer who may never see another sausage just wasn’t watching..I wish you well Olin!! Maybe you and Cedric will end up in S.F together,,I hear he needs a roommate…Just be careful practicing your stance..

  22. Don’t sweat too much over the loss of Kreutz, Bears fans. He’s old and bad. Time to replace him with someone younger and worse.

  23. Hey – it’s the Chicago CowBears!

    Let’s put a little star above the C on that helmet.


  24. it doesn’t matter who the back is, when u don’t have an o-line to block for em !!!!!!!

  25. A few years ago Jim Finks, Mike Ditka and Jerry Vanisi were running the Bears and they haven’t had competent management since then! The Bears stumblebums in the front office can’t get out of their own way. Get ready for another long season Bears fans.
    Yeah, that long season where we made the championship game. That was rough

  26. Without Kreutz on the team, the smart money says Cutler will be in a wheelchair before the end of the season. Hell, maybe he’ll do endorsements for Hoveround.

  27. All you Bears fans (or others) gnashing your teeth over losing Kreutz…

    Yes, Kreutz has some intangibles, locker room leadership, experience, football smarts, etc. but let’s face it: his play on the field the past few years has only gotten worse. Last year he looked lost at times, a step behind, easily beat off the snap, easily outclassed by even mediocre D-linemen. Penalties. Sacks allowed. He was showing his age.

    If you ask me, I think you’re all just thinking it’s better to dance with the devil you know, than the one you don’t…

    Sad as I am to see Kreutz go — it was probably time. Now, as for the replacement…ugh.

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