Brandon Marshall has borderline personality disorder

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Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall’s often stormy and troubled off-field existence has threatened at times his on-field prospects.  Though one wrong move could still end his career in light of past incidents and suspensions, Marshall has begun the process of preventing future problems.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Marshall has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Anytime there’s conflict it’s a challenge,” Marshall said. “What I’m feeling or trying to get across is right, but I’m reacting wrong.  My actions or what I’m saying is not effective or productive and it makes the situation worse.”

As a result, Marshall has been undergoing expensive and extensive treatment.  And it’s much more involved than simply trying to calm himself down.

“Count to 10! What’s that going to do?” Marshall told Kelly.  “I’m still angry when I’m finished.”

Kelly witnessed Marshall’s volatility while visiting his home.  After “hours” of calm introspection regarding his challenges and issues, Marshall instantly became agitated and then deflated when he saw Lions receiver Calvin Johnson in a national TV commercial.

Marshall has always wanted that kind of off-field attention, but his off-field behavior has kept him from attracting it.

He’s working toward controlling his temper and mood.  But he has a long way to go.

“By no means am I all healed or fixed,” Marshall said, “but it’s like a light bulb’s been turned on in my dark room.”

We can’t read about Marshall’s inability to control his temper without thinking about the night that Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams died.  Based on the testimony from the trial of the case of the man who was convicted of killing Williams, it became obvious that Marshall stirred up the hornets’ nest that night — and that Marshall was the real target of the bullets that killed Williams.

We respect Marshall for acknowledging the situation privately, talking about it publicly, and committing to getting better.  Hopefully, others suffering from the same condition will use Marshall’s example as encouragement to get help.

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  1. Borderline Personality Disorder is an extremely serious mental condition and there is no cure for it. I am not surprised one bit by this, he has always seemed Borderline to me and it explains the constant fights with his wife and others.

  2. DUH!!!

    “Anytime there’s conflict it’s a challenge,” Marshall said. “What I’m feeling or trying to get across is right, but I’m reacting wrong. My actions or what I’m saying is not effective or productive and it makes the situation worse.”

    And he is just figuring this out???

  3. Marshall has borderline personality disorder. Borderline as in, just crossed the U.S./Russia border somewhere in the Bering Sea.

  4. So do i……it doesnt become a real problem until you use booze or drugs. Then, your personality completely changes and you cannot control it. But, the mentally-ill like to use booze and drugs to try and self medicate (but it backfires)

  5. I remember reading about that whole deal with shooting and always assumed a lot of Marshalls problems were feeling guilty about being part of one his best friends being shot like that.

    At least the young man has finally come and talked about it as i think it will not only help other seek help but it will be good for him as well.

    The dude has so much talent, it would be nice to see him be able to really get it going one day.

  6. Yup, too bad for D-will. But to blame it on Marshall is a bit too much. D-will knew his friends and knew the risks related to hanging around with them, especially in clubs on a night like new years eve. RIP. Sounds like he was a really nice guy running with the wrong guys.

  7. Asking for help will be the hardest step, not many young men of means would have asked for help. Keep up the treatment Brandon, happiness is the goal.

  8. I wish the best for Brandon.

    The thing that grabs me the most is his first quote. I think a lot of us feel that way. I can relate.

    My guy Ricky should have spared him some ganja during the lockout.

    Jokes aside, I honestly hope he gets back to a comfortable state of mind. Too many promising young players bail out on their NFL potential. I’d hate to see any more go.

  9. the medication for that affects your coordination and causes considerable weight gain.

    so if he wants to play football, don’t take the meds

  10. The least surprising thing about this story is that Ricky Williams is the one to push him towards the help he needs. Ricky cares about people the way even normal, well-adjust athletes seldom do.

    As a Dolphin fan, I’m going to deeply miss him.

  11. If you just go out and beat up your wife you’re a jerk and an a-hole. But if you do the same with a “Borderline Personality Disorder” designation, you become a figure of sympathy.

    Well worth the Psychologist’s fee.

  12. Not too worry…….TV commercials agtitate me as well…..But i usually just, change the channel…

  13. Props to Marshall, he may be a Dolphin, but I still share the Earth with him and any man who can look his flaws in the face and improve himself not only for himself, but others as well, is a man worthy of respect in my opinion.

  14. People suspect Chris Henry had BPD, so it’s very good that Brandon Marshall knows he has it and is trying to battle it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Brandon. Must have taken a lot to come out and say this. Wish you luck and a good season.

  15. It takes bravery to come out and tell this to the world. Let’s hope he commits to the lifelong treatment this condition requires.

  16. God, some of the comments here are disgusting. Who the hell filters these things?

    My best friend was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder a few years back, but not before destroying his marriage and losing a good job due to his erratic, unpredictable behavior. The good news is, once he started getting treatment for it, he managed to really turn his life around.

    I hope Brandon is able to do the same.

  17. Question: Has anyone ever seen “brandon marshall” and “stabby wife” in the same place at the same time?… hmmmm

  18. I hope Brandon can get it together, he’s so talented and really seems to have a lot of charisma. He could be as good as any receiver in the league if he gets the distractions out of the way.

  19. Can He run fast?
    Can he jump high?
    Can He catch?
    Did he sign a multi-million dollar contract?

    Yes you say? Then who cares about his ‘syndrome’. He’ll be ok with his “boarderline” (which is medical slang for ‘non-existant’ ) disorder.

  20. BPD is not treated with meds. The best therapy is solution focused called dialectical behavioral therapy. BPD traits include sabotaging relationships, history of broken relationships, making friends fast & burning them out quickly, attention seeking through game playing, etc. These profiles are very exhausting to people around them & don’t typically show much improvement. You can read more about them @
    Recognizing his personality disorder will help him & I hope he has success keeping it manageable….often best case scenario. Good luck Brandon, you’re a beast & glad you dong face KC 2x/yr anymore….ha!

  21. BPD is no joke. I’m surprised he is talking about it publicly, that takes a lot of balls.

  22. That’s a tough hand to be dealt. Although there is not a cure for it, if proper counseling and mental health management is done, it can be managed to some degree.
    It is probably very difficult for those for those around him. They probably will need counseling for coping, and the patience of Job.
    Not a fins fan but hoping for the best for this young man & those around him.
    GOD Bless

  23. When one has millions of dollars at their disposal, it is at least a simple enough matter to get the finest treatment available. If a schmuck like me has these type of issues, we can’t even fathom paying for a professional to treat us on any ongoing basis. The health care for us lesser types is atrocious. So, I feel for the guy. But I envy his position in life and all that he is afforded. I can’t even afford to get my painful teeth repaired, and just have to grin and bear it.

  24. It takes courage to admit that you have a mental illness period, much less admitting it publicly. I do respect him for that. I’ve always hated his guts in the past; his behavior makes some sense now.

  25. I hear another side effect of BPD,(Brandon’s passes dropped)
    …37 the past 3 seasons

  26. Good lord, BPD is SERIOUS STUFF!!! It’s about as dysfunctional as a person can be (re., Casey Anthony, etc.). God bless Marshall for going public with this, but I don’t see how it serves him. Learning how to function with BPD through therapy is like learning how to mimic proper behavior without actually feeling it.

  27. Good luck on getting better, Brandon. Once you get it together, you’re gonna kick serious a$$ for the dolphins. I hope you realize your potential.

  28. Mental illness is just like any other illness. Would all of you perfect people be making fun of him if he had Heart disease or cancer?Must be great to be so perfect and so supperior to everyone else.

  29. If you listen to psychiatrists, then everybody in the country has a personality disorder. It is just a reason to drug the entire population so the people are too messed up to care to fight back against the fascist police state. Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler gives a good idea as to the origins and goals of this devious practice.

  30. nav711 says: Jul 30, 2011 9:11 PM

    Henne, Sparano, Ireland, his wife…He’s lucky he’s not in a mental institution!!


    He is in a mental institution. It’s called “The Miami Dolphins.”

  31. @rambo08 says:

    Perfection must be a tremendous burden for you.

    Seriously, you could not have made a more ignorant comment.

  32. Eye-opening, and much respect to Marshall (whom I admit I had written off as just another troublemaker over the years) for being so candid and insightful in describing what he’s dealing with, and for being man enough to want to face it head on.

    Also? If Pacman Jones has never been evaluated for BPD, I hope someone suggests it to him. Seriously. Substitute Jones’ name for Marshall’s in that piece and a lot of things start to make more sense.

  33. Chad Henne is a nice guy, but man I hope I’m wrong in my QB talent evaluation of Chad. Henne, your terrible in your decision making and your timing is awful in hitting WR’s in stride. Just check the Tennessee home game. Dan Foutes noted throughout the game. Jeff Ireland, your taking a huge risk in believing in Chad Henne. Henne lacks swagger and command in the team. Remember, he’s the only 4 year starter in Michigan school history to lose to Ohio State. That’s a RED FLAG. He chocks up in the game. Clueless and dazed at times during the game. As season ticket holder, I have witnessed it at the games. The QB has to be your leader and commander on the field at all times. Not look like a coward. I hope I’m wrong. Please I hope I’m wrong.

  34. BPD is no joke…. it’s life destroying,,, 80% plus of people that have it never grow to recognize that anything is wrong and maybe 5% have some kind of significant improvement in their lives… there is no medication for it and it ruins entire families… BM recognized he has it and did something about it… good job Brandon.

  35. It’s really sad to see that there is so much blind ignorance among the general populace regarding mental illness. It’s like some of you can’t acknowledge that it exists just because you have never been unfortunate to suffer from it or have someone that you love suffer for it. A diagnosis like BPD isn’t an excuse for Marshall’s actions, but it sure does explain a lot as to the reasons behind them. Do you really think that anyone in the public eye wants to be pinned with the stigma of being labeled as mentally ill just to explain away immature behavior or bad decisions from the past? It’s easy to sit behind your computer and pass judgment on a man whom presumably none of us have ever met or know personally. I respect him for having the balls to seek treatment and trying to make himself a better person. He can’t change the past or the bad decisions he’s made in his life, but at least he has taken a positive step towards moving on with his life and is seemingly making an effort to get better.

    P.S. Ignorance about mental illness is just about as bad as ignorance about race or sexuality in my book, because no one would ever willingly choose to suffer from mental illness. Most mental illness is the result of bad brain chemistry or some kind of severe abuse or trauma as a child (generally speaking), and it’s a burden that most people simply can’t understand unless they’ve had some sort of experience with it in their lives. Some of us need to grow up a little bit and become more well informed, or at least keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what your talking about or can’t approach the issue in a respectful way.

  36. Geez, I could have told him that…don’t need a high priced therapist with a degree for that. Half the WRs in the NFL are totally bat-sh*t crazy…this ain’t rocket science.

    And please tell me that ‘firemarshal1’ isn’t really a fire marshall! If so Miami, you have some very serious issues…I mean very, very serious issues.

  37. And the pussification of America continues. All you frickin’ bleeding hearts looking for excuses because someone has a ‘personality disorder’.

    No one will admit anymore that the health care system in this country is directly responsible for this ‘bipolar’ nation. Let’s just feed them full of hypno-therapy crap and pump them full of drugs without admitting they are just plain stupid.

    But then they will turn right around and give them a prescription for Viagra so these frickin’ morons can introduce even more idiots into an already malignant gene pool.

    All to make the already billionaire drug makers even more billions…what a country.

  38. mmmpieyummy says:
    Jul 31, 2011 2:13 AM
    And the pussification of America continues. All you frickin’ bleeding hearts looking for excuses because someone has a ‘personality disorder’.
    I despise PC nation, shirking responsibility and the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality as much as anyone else but there are legitimate mental disorders out there that wreak havoc with the people who have them. Saying people who have legitimate mental illnesses choose mental illness is like saying people who prefer the same sex choose to be that way. I personally believe mental illnesses are all physical in nature and manifest themselves as “mental” but that’s a whole different story.

    That said I see nothing wrong with ALSO holding them responsible for their behavior because illness or not, they still performed whatever acts they did. So mental illness is a REASON…not an EXCUSE.

    I hope Marshall does turn his life around.

  39. Give him electrical shock therapy. It won’t help him but it will make it easier for those around him to deal with the jerk.

  40. Borderline Personality Disorder affects more than 5% of the population. With the right treatment, it is a treatable disorder from which people can recover. No one chooses to have the disorder but people can chose to get treatment. The National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder has hosted over 35 conferences on the disorder and there are over 100 audio and video tapes of the top BPD experts on its web site for free viewing

  41. Anyone who has a mental illness, or a loved one with mental illness wouldn’t be making jokes about Brandon Marshall. It’s easy for chickensh#$ a##holes to sit @ their computers passing judgement and laughing at others’ misfortune. It takes balls to go public with any sort of mental illness- I respect Brandon Marshall for that. HOWEVER…while it helps explain his past behavior, it shouldn’t excuse bad behavior in the future. Unfortunately for Marshall, there’s no magic pill to cure this. He will have to work hard FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE on managing Borderline Personality Disorder. I wish him nothing but the best.

  42. few of you know how destructive this BPD is. And it’s rare that someone admits it.
    There is no cure for it and if anyone knows someone that has it- RUN. You will waste your frustrated life trying to fix the impossible. GET OUT.

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