Browns announce plenty of business

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Plenty of Browns fans have been waiting patiently (or impatiently) for news regarding their favorite team’s foray into the delayed-start offseason.

The Browns finally have.

While there are no Nnamdi-style surprises, the Browns have announced a slew of signings — draft picks, undrafted free agents, and veteran free agents.

For starters, the Browns have signed seven of their eight drafted rookies.  Under contract are defensive end Jabaal Sheard, wide receiver Greg Little, tight end Jordan Cameron, fullback Owen Marecic, defensive back Buster Skrine, offensive lineman Jason Pinkston, and defensive back Eric Hagg.  The only draft pick unsigned is first-round selection Phil Taylor, a defensive tackle.

Next up, a slew of undrafted free agents:  linebacker Derrick Addai, offensive lineman Dominic Alford, defensive lineman Kyle Anderson, receiver L.J. Castile, defensive back James Dockery, defensive lineman Jabari Fletcher, offensive lineman Calton Ford, tight end Evan Frosch, defensive back Carl Gettis, defensive back Darian Hagan, linebacker Benjamin Jacobs, receiver Chris Matthews, receiver Juan Nunez, offensive lineman Jarrod Shaw, running back Armond Smith, linebacker Brian Smith, linebacker Sidney Tarver, quarterback Troy Weatherhead, kicker Jeff Wolfert, and linebacker Alex Wujcak.

Finally, the Browns announced deals with multiple veteran free agents:  running back Brandon Jackson, defensive back Usama Young, and offensive lineman Billy Yates.  Also, kicker Phil Dawson signed his franchise tender, tight end Evan Moore signed his restricted free agent tender, and linebacker Marcus Benard and defensive lineman Brian Schaefering signed their exclusive rights tenders.

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  1. Um… yay? (Hesitant, awkward applause)

    Was really feeling the Browns had a shot at least to get to .500 for once, but they need to make a splash and quick.

  2. Colt mcoy needed evan moore back. Now they need a vetern reciever, de, and corner any on the market?!?! Make a significant move browns so we don’t have top hear about our bi*** kicker getting franchised

  3. Finally, the Browns announced deals with multiple veteran free agents:
    in other words..”a bunch of no-names!”

  4. I do feel like they have made a couple of decent moves with Brandon Jackson and bringing Evan Moore back. I’m sorry but Usama Young, Brian Schaefring, Marcus Benard, Sheldon Brown, Mike Adams, and Massaquoi are NOT starters in this league. They all have talent but are role players. None of them would start on a contending team. Need help on D with a DE, CB, and S. Please!

  5. come on Browns…. do SOMETHING significant. Tired of waiting for the rebuild that keeps starting and then restarting and then restarting again. LETS GO NOW. Plenty of big names still out there for the taking, and you have plenty of money

  6. Browns fans are not happy happy. Holmgren makes a bunch of promises then back peddles and flip flops….

    We haven’t signed one big name free agent from another team. Not one. We signed two backups and a guy that sat on a bench while a coach was fighting to keep his job.

    Heckert, Holmgren and Shurmur are all the same page alright…. mentioning how the lockout is going hurt the team. Instead of signing a few big stars, we get a new radio show. Men who mention excuses for losing are intending on using those excuses.

    Holmgren said we weren’t in a total rebuild, but now we are being told the team must build through the draft. I agree about the draft but you can’t keep expecting fans to show up for losing…. 4-12, 5-11, 5-11 and Holmgren’s already running the white flag of surrender in year two with his hand picked head coach Pat Shurmur.

    Cleveland fans are tired of being the butt of jokes in the national media. Only Mike Brown in Cincinatti had a more pathetic free agency plan after the lockout then the Browns. So much for the excitement of a new front office, because the fans are seeing the same old dawg tricks.

    Get your red ink pads loaded up and your 5/11 stamps, this front office lacks the sense of urgency for winning that all the previous ones did too.

  7. Or new coach “we will be playing from behind…” Pat Shurmur said on the radio Weds….but months ago when he was introduced as head coach he said, “if we aren’t talking about winning, we are wasting time.”

    As soon as a coach gets to Cleveland and becomes comfortable, this is the crap they say. It’s like the agenda is to lose in Cleveland, Ohio.

    My grade for the Browns lockout plan and head coach flip flopping F!

  8. Being in the same division with Pittsburgh and Baltimore you would think motivate them to do alot more.

  9. Plenty of business that was a total waste of time. WTF can we please try to sigh 1 just 1 big name! Another losing year

  10. dave1961 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 10:27 AM
    Browns fans are not happy happy. Holmgren makes a bunch of promises then back peddles and flip flops….

    We haven’t signed one big name free agent from another team. Not one. We signed two backups and a guy that sat on a bench while a coach was fighting to keep his job.


    Dear Dave1961:

    Big name free agents do not win championships.

    Yours truly,

    Ted Thompson

  11. Woe to ye who rue that which has yet to pass!

    The Browns have a plan and are sticking to it. Tom Heckert has stated that he and Holmgren think pretty highly of the players they have and the direction they are going, and he even stated that he realizes that many fans dont feel the same way. He stated that we wouldnt be doing much exciting in Free Agency and he was to this point truthful.

    I personally am impressed by this organization. This is Holmgren and Heckert’s second year. Shurmur’s first. I dont expect a Superbowl ring this year. Or Next. But I do expect a good fun ball team. 8-8 and I am thrilled this year. I can see this.

    I am no expert. Thats why THEY are running the show and I am not. I can type some brilliant hogwash to validate what I might wish for, but they have to produce or leave. I am also tired of restarting. I hope they produce, but I wont write them off before training camp starts.

  12. Hey, hometeam4ever. Out of that big list of names you think you’re breaking news by claiming they’re not starters, only two of them actually ARE starting for the Browns. Nice try and being condescending, but maybe you should check your damn facts next time, lest you sound like an asshat again.

    Sheldon Brown is a decent starter, but he’s past his prime. He gives up a few big plays now and again, but he’s definitely serviceable. Massaquoi’s entering his 3rd year (traditional breakout year) PLUS he’s a better receiver than anyone else on the team, so I’m definitely confused as to 1) why you’re throwing him under the bus this early in his career and 2) why you chose him over Robiskie, who has done far, far less on the field.

    But it all makes sense in the end: you’re an idiot. No need for sound logic.

  13. Dear Jimmyee:

    Big name free agents do not win championships.

    Yours truly,

    Ted Thompson

    Just who the heck do you think I am,

    Charles Woodson
    Pro Bowler cornerback signed as a free agent

  14. since they don’t have to use 90% of the cap till 2013, 2011, 2012 will be wasted. They’ll rake in money with ticket sales while we have to watch a sh*tty product. Browns are nothing more but the pitts. Pirates of the nfl making money and not spending a dime on anything useful

  15. A team that has struggled for so long suddenly make a big splash in free agency is going to be what makes them a better team. They need coaching, consistency, and a winning attitude. Overpaying 1 or 2 free agents to get fans excited during the off-season isn’t going to turn the team around. They’ve had many grade-A drafts and free agencies in the past where they pick up a bunch of players that will be sent off with the next coaching change.

  16. *Above I meant “ISN’T going to be what makes them a better team”. Guess that screwed up my whole point.

  17. They need a year under the new system to see what players fit. Why spend money on aging free agents when you can add pieces when you don’t even know what you have. However I do feel they need a CB to replace wright and another DE would be nice to have in the rotation. They will not be competing for the super bowl this year but once the puzzle is nearly complete that is when you spend to fill in the missing pieces. GO BROWNS

  18. So in other words, the Browns signed all of their draft choices, except the most important one, signed a bunch useless URFA’s, except for “Buckram” solely on the basis of his name being the most manly name I’ve ever seen and they signed a few of their own FA’s as well as two lower caliber Fa’s from elsewhere. They have made the least noise of any team in free agency thus far. I’m not saying that I don’t like what they’ve done to this point. I am saying that this report should have been titled Browns Haven’t Done Much Business

  19. Why are people hyperventilating about the brown’s lack of “big name signings.”. For the first time, the new browns have a plan and show signs of drafting well (for which the jury is still out but it looks promising—love the big trade this year). The great teams build from within, the weak ones often try to win the offseason and never learn. When is the last time Pittsburgh made a huge splash via free agency? It will take time.

  20. No need to panic, Asante Samuel will be a Brown soon. Desean Jackson might be with him. Either that or the browns are the first team to ever go into the tank before training camp opens.

  21. I say if they can’t offer a competitive product on the field then we as fans shouldn’t pay to watch their development project.

    I completely understand the whole “lets build through the draft” but come on- fans want to see some veteran leadership. Some blue chip players that can show the new guys how its suppose to be done.

    They have a lot of cap space- if the player doesn’t perform they can just cut him next year. It happens all the time.

    I say if they can’t pay- why should we?

  22. If you cut them next year you still take a cap hit for their signing bonus. Also remember they need to save cap room this year to resign Joe Thomas

  23. Poll: All of the people screaming for a big name free agent. Who exactly did you want the Browns to sign? Keep in mind most the big name free agents want to play for a competitor not just be paid, and as much as it pains me to say our beloved BROWNS are just not at that point.

  24. I think most fans are happy with the way things have been going with the draft and through acquiring high character guys over the past few years.

    But I also believe fans are scratching their heads as to why we haven’t heard about the front office actually weighing their options in free agency. At least courting some of the big name free agents. Asomugha was a high character free agent with years still left in the tank. I don’t understand why there wasn’t a push to bring him on board. I mean picture him opposite of Haden.

    I realize we wouldn’t have had much of a chance to get him but you’re guaranteed to not sign any player if you don’t make a serious attempt. Maybe they did make an attempt and was laughed

    Again, I’m thrilled with most of the work Heckert and Co. have done over the last few years. I’m just growing tired of the “we’re not going to be competitive this year” statement year after year while not exploring the free agency market to the fullest.

  25. Pvtsquiffy clearly you do not actually understand “the whole build through the draft thing.”

  26. I do understand the “build through the draft idea”… it just simply doesn’t work when your offensive and defensive schemes change every two years.

    I’m just tired of the changes in philosophy. The different schemes kill any chance of our draft picks being successful.

  27. pvtsquiffy, we also changed our entire front office.

    I understand you’ve heard this a lot (we all have), but give it a few years.

    When you’re average is far below .500 for over a decade, your problem is the front office. We fixed that. I understand that it’s frustrating to see another HC/Scheme change, but this is the holmgren era. He wanted the team run his way.

    Holmgren is a smart man. It’ll come together this time. I promise.

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