Colts bring back Joseph Addai, let go of Kelvin Hayden


We had previously heard that the Colts’ offseason plans were essentially on hold until Peyton Manning’s contract was done.

Now that Manning’s deal is done, the Colts have taken care of one of their key free agents.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Joseph Addai has signed an undisclosed deal.

We thought getting Addai back in the fold was perhaps the most important move the Colts had to make in free agency.

Even though Manning’s cap number is lower by far than it would be as a franchise player, the Colts still had a cap cut to make.  Cornerback Kelvin Hayden was surprisingly let go.

The Colts are deeper than people think at cornerback and Hayden was due over $6 million.  He’ll be an interesting pickup for a zone team.

22 responses to “Colts bring back Joseph Addai, let go of Kelvin Hayden

  1. It’s interesting that the Colts signed Hayden to a big contract just 2 years ago and now he is gone. Maybe they resign him for less $$$?

  2. It’s time for Tryon to step up. Powers is shut down and Kelvin was always injured. I’m forever grateful that Kelvin delivered “The Pick” to seal the Super Bowl though. Best of luck to him.

    Welcome back “Crappy shoes” Addai!

  3. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Hayden re-up with the colts he really fits well.

    If not pairing him in Detroit with Wright could be the “right” move ….

  4. Colts did not disclose terms of the Addai deal to save Joseph embarrassment. The contract was structured from savings in the Manning deal, and a team spokesman would only say that it was “in the high 3 figures”. Annualy.

  5. Addai does know how to block. Although I am kind of picky in that I like my runners to … you know…. know how to run.

  6. Great news bringing back Addia. Always liked Kelvin Hayden but it seemed he would always miss 2-4 games every year with injuries which was always frustrating. 6 million this yr was just to much for him.

  7. Panthers might be an option for Hayden, need CB help after losing Marshall the Cardinals and Ron Meeks (former Colts DC) is the Panthers DB coach.

  8. Addai has never impressed me as a runner since his rookie season. He jump steps, he stammers, he stutters.

    If he had a better offensive line maybe we’ll see the real him. He even looked porous last season averaging 4.3 – which is a false numbered bolstered by his 46 yard carry in the Washington game… which was more a product of bad defense than running ability… take away that one run and he’s under 4 yards a carry for the last three years.

    Its just my opinion but I’ve not been impressed with him since 06. (and I’m not alone amongst Colts fans)

  9. I’m glad that Addai was resigned. Great RB in pass protection, and lord knows, if Manning’s head can’t be on a swivel as much due to his neck injury, he’ll need that help. I also agree that since his rookie season his running has been wildly inconsistent, especially the last couple seasons, it seemed. I’m not sure if it’s been the poor play of the OL, his indecisiveness, or combination of both.

    Bummed that Hayden won’t be back. Big, physical corner, very much a Colt type DB. I remember in the Super Bowl against Chicago (I was on crutches with a severely sprained right knee) when he made that pick, i got off my chair and jumped around like a maniac. Worth the pain for sure. Good luck, Mr. Hayden.

  10. that was a mistake. addai isn’t that valuable and hayden is a solid CB. they’ve got depth at CB though, actually that’s one of only a couple positions they have depth at. but i would have let addai go and let Donnie Brown be the starter. if the colts aren’t going to play him then why did they draft him in the 1st round?

  11. Addai wants to play for a team that throws the rock 50 times per game because he’s fragile. He’s the offensive Bob Sanders…Colts and Pats are the only fits for him.

    Peyton’s deal still screws the Colts: By next year they’ll need to replace Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne, Gary Brackett and Mathis. It’s a Win NOW (this year) situation for Indy.

  12. dude, really? what did we spend a first round draft pick on brown for? brown was a 2,000yrd a year back in college and addai has always been a split back in college and hes proven why in the last 4 years in the NFL. He’s good, but only in playoff games. there are 16 other games in the year where hes mediocre at best. he cant follow the lead of the likes of dickerson, faulk and james. let brown start and let him get his rythme as a feature back like hes used to, instead of being stuck behind a carreer part timer.

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