Conflicting reports emerge on whether Orton-to-Miami deal is dead


Kyle Orton will line up Saturday behind center for his third straight day as the Broncos starting quarterback.

A possible trade to Miami has stalled at best. In Denver, they are saying the deal is totally dead.

“There is no chance he will be traded to the Miami Dolphins,” Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes in a terrific breakdown of how the trade talks broke down.

Klis says the teams were close to an agreement Tuesday night, but Orton started to have second thoughts.  He has one year left on his contract (due to pay him $8.8 million this year) and didn’t want to delay free agency and lower his 2011 pay unless Miami gave him significant guaranteed money in a two-year deal.  They balked.

“Orton decided that if he was going to play on a one-year contract, he might as well stay in Denver,” Klis writes.

The Broncos paid Orton a $1.5 million roster bonus Friday.  Klis reports Orton gets $2.9 million of his base salary even if he’s cut. So the Broncos are in for $4.4 million on Orton this year no matter what.   They can’t cut him now and probably don’t want to.

The more Orton practices with the first team, the harder it will be to demote him.  He’s playing with teammates that like him.  He’s going to have an edge in practice as a veteran.  Orton essentially bet on himself and the Broncos and Dolphins were caught flat-footed. We love it.

Of course, not everyone is convinced this deal is dead.

“Despite numerous believable national and local reports that Miami’s attempt to trade for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton is over, I am told exactly the opposite is true,” Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes.

This is logical.  While Orton has stood his ground and will benefit from that stance regardless, a move still makes sense for the Broncos and Dolphins.  It is only late July.

“This negotiation has been a poker game and everyone is holding great cards while bluffing at the same time. It seemed like the Dolphins folded early Friday. So why has no one truly walked away from the table?” Salguero writes.

The Broncos don’t have great cards.  They are conflicted about their most important position.

The Dolphins have an even worse hand.  Playing the Matt Moore card Friday isn’t a solution.

Orton is holding the best hand.  He’s going to get his money, hit free agency next year, and he may just get his best opportunity to succeed this year. In Denver.

42 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge on whether Orton-to-Miami deal is dead

  1. He’s being smart. Why go to a crapy team for two years when he can hit free agency next year?

  2. I’m a Miami Dolphin. And I know that Jeff Ireland, the Dolphin’s GM, is probably the sneakiest GM (Besides the Eagles) in the league. You never hear any news on new possible deals. Deals come out of nowhere for us. This Orton deal isn’t over yet.

    Oh for the Miami fans, Matt Moore was wanted by the Broncos once they dealt Orton. Moore played for John Fox in Carolina and Miami came in and stole him. Might be part of the trade. Just saying….

  3. Hopefully something will click between Chad Hennes ears and he’ll become the QB Parcells thought he’d be when they drafted him.

  4. ^Dolphin Fan lol.

    Hey this Channing Crowder and I’m kinda bored since I got cut so this is where I’m going to spend my time now. I will probably talk smack and not back it up.

  5. Ummm, why doesn’t Miami sign him to a two year deal? Seems like the last thing they would want to do is only have his rights for a year any way.

  6. Screw them, good for Orton. Make that wonder bread poster boy earn his starting job over you.

  7. Miami screwed the pooch on this one.. Matt Moore and Chad Henne…Good luck with dat…The Broncos should not waste time with this any longer. Let Orton stay in Denver as a starter and allow Tebow to develop as a backup this year

  8. I think Seattle would be wise to cut one of their three back ups and trade a third for Orton. Seattle was one bad quater from a NFC championship last year and then decided QB wasn’t important this year. The Seahawks could easily nab, have a good QB for the next 4-5 years and have a real shot at winning that division this season. Orton would be the best QB in that division the day he got there. and with Rice to stretch the field and Mike Williams one of the best possession receivers in the league and a decent running game Seattle could have a real shot at losing to the Eagles or Packers as those two teams head twords their epic Rematch in the NFC championship this season. Which would be a lot better than going 3-13 and just missing out on Luck because the Bengals or washington only win one game this year.

  9. wake me up when ross sells the team and the new owner fires Ireland and sparano. thats when change begins. henne or orton? really? fight of the mediocre QBs. these guys are both garbage. noone trades a good qb. not when his replacement is the gator messiah.

  10. “The dolphins are doing everything they can”
    Signed Mike Brown
    CEO Cinncinati Bungels

  11. If Tebow is the future it doesn’t make sense to continue to pay Orton. The guy already cashed in on a roster bonus this year. But I think Denver needs a veteran backup behind Tebow. Quinn’s okay but he’s not a solid backup.

  12. This deal needs to get done, but mostly for Denver.

    End the drama already – give Tebow his shot.

    Orton will keep you .500, but never go out and grab a win for you. He’s actually an excellent back up.

  13. Please, Miami is stupid to take Orton. Play your hand with Henne and be in a position to draft a QB next year. Orton is not anyone’s answer as he will find out in 2012. Broncos will draft a QB and Orton will continue to be what he is a stop gap measure for someone else.

    Arizona Republic has reported that the Cards didn’t think too highly of Orton. Why? Red zone. Passing stats mean nothing if you can’t make it happen in the red zone.

  14. Yeah, go get ’em Kyle. Oh, by the way, in your obsession to put Tebow in his place you’re just tanking your own career. Denver has a bad O Line and no running game. You are totally immobile and not much at improvising when the protectiion (inevitably) breaks down. Miami had a much better line, a much better running game, and you old buddy Brandon Marshall just itching to have every ball you chuck thrown at him. So go get ’em Kyle, when Denver is 1-7 and your stats are putrid because (ahem) John Fox is convinced he can run more behind the crappy offensive line he’s got, you’ll be sitting pretty next year. I bet there will be a whole lot of teams lining up to make you a starter.

  15. Not to say that the Dolphins are going to be a bad team this year, but I’d rather stake the future of the team on a top QB in the draft next year like Andrew Luck rather than an aging QB that isn’t exactly elite, in Kyle Orton.

  16. It’s like trying to find a way to kick out your roommate who hasn’t paid you rent in a month!

  17. Wake up people. Does anyone but an idiot believe Miami is going to pay Orton, a good QB yes, but is he worth Kevin Kolb money? Dont think so. Kolb isnt worth Kolb money and Orton believes he’s worth that kind of payday.
    Dont think so. If he’s so damned good how come Denver was (is) wanting to trade him??? Why is no other NFL team envolved in this trade for Orton if he’s worth Kolb money??? I persoanlly believe Miami signed Moore to compete with Henne. Moore had a rough season last yr, but u cant blame him for the Carolina train wreck last yr. John Fox can take some it,,,,,, just say’en

  18. Henne has his issues but they are not as bad as some are saying. Orton is an older, wiser version of Henne with a weaker arm. Why give up a pick or two and pay him more than he should get? Staying with Henne (at least for this year) is better for the future of the team. The OC is gone and with it go those drive-killing head-scratching play calls. Henne had a bunch of picks but he was not lucky at all. Every one of the balls that could have been picked, was. No other QB had bad luck like that. Many of the picks were on tips that chould have been completions. Henne may not be an elite QB but he is far from the garbage he is being portrayed as. The sky is not falling in Miami. Stick with Henne and drop the Orton trade.

  19. God forbid they just say “Noone really knows whether the deal is dead or not”.

  20. Interesting that in this quarterback DESPERATE league, no one wants to pay Orton, a solid veteran starter. That his own team would rather have gone with Tebow, Arizona would rather go with Kolb and Miami would rather go with nothing at QB says a lot.

    Orton is the loser in the long-term, because he will never, ever get the Kolb money he thinks he deserves. Ever.

  21. I really wish this site would stop using Mike Klis as a source. The guys reporting is suspect to say the least. His analysis of the orton-tebow matchup, day 1 training camp was nothing more than klis being a sensationalist. 80% of the plays ran were running plays. Not a good way to gauge your quarterback play. In denver, all the analysts on the radio are making fun of the guy since his entire time spent at training camp was in a tent smoozing with all “reporters”.

    Take his words with a grain of salt.

  22. Dear Miami owners (all 8 of you),

    Thank you for signing Matt Moore. Miami should be able to .250 this year. Thanks once again.

    From, jets fan in nj

  23. “The Moore Card” I assume that is sarcasm. Having Moore as your starting QB is about as good as having one of the cheerleaders. If they want to just tank the season, Chad can already do that.

    I thought they were going to go for a wild card with Orton and Bush. Too bad for the Phin fans.

  24. Orton is crap… even with a cake AFC West schedule.

    Chad Henne is crap… although with a much more difficult AFC East schedule.

    Why would Miami pay anything for CRAP… when they already have it?

    Good job Ireland… no need to help a crap team by trading anything valuable for their crap QB.

  25. You the man Kyle. If Denver had a defense then they would have had a 29-3 regular season record and two super bowls since you came on board!

  26. I makes no sense for him to want to leave. Usually you expect a guy whos on a bad whos in trade talks to want to jump at the offer. And when they dont people say they dont want to win. But its actually the opposite in this case. The Broncos have a better chance at winning then the dolphins do. They are both a mess but the AFC West is almost as bad as the NFC version while the AFC East is pretty good. The Broncos could actually win that division. Thats sad to say with the Chargers apart of it but you never know with them aslong as Turner is the Head Coach.

    So why would he want to leave. The Dolphins arent giving him more money or a better chance at making the playoffs. And its not like hes loyal to the Broncos so hes not going to take the trade just to help them out. He actually has a chance to raise his value in Denver by making the playoffs the Dolphins cant offer him that.

  27. All I know is that in the 3 games I saw Tebow start, he was more exciting to watch, more efficient in the 4th quarter when it mattered most, and gave us the best chance of winning…even if Orton was healthy and played. Orton is a hall of fame practice QB…but when it comes to a real pass rush and its crunch time, he chokes…period.

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