Hasselbeck says Seahawks told him they were moving on

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During the lockout, it seemed that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had a good chance of returning to the Seahawks for an 11th season.  An offer supposedly had been made by the team, and he managed to get his hands on new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s playbook.

Then, when a report emerged after the lockout ended that Hasselbeck wouldn’t be back, it wasn’t clear who had broken up with whom.

As Hasselbeck tells it, the Seahawks decided it was time to move on.

In an interview with Paul Silvi of KING 5 in Seattle, Hasselbeck said that coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider informed Hasselbeck that they would not be bringing him back in 2011.  He didn’t seem upset or bitter about it, and he expressed appreciation for the fact that they told him directly, in lieu of letting him learn of it through the media.

Asked about the playoff win over the Saints, which would be Hasselbeck’s last home game with the Seahawks, he explained that he can’t think about that game without thinking of the division-round loss to the Bears.  He believes the Seahawks could have won that game and hosted the NFC Championship against Green Bay, if the Seahawks hadn’t been sleepwalking in the first half.

Now in Tennessee, Hasselbeck probably feels at times like he’s sleepwalking.  Eventually, he’ll make the adjustment, especially if he is able to make good on his stated plan to play for two more years.

31 responses to “Hasselbeck says Seahawks told him they were moving on

  1. RING RING….


    Hey Matt?


    Hey, it’s coach Carroll.

    Oh hey coach, I’m looking forward to the season.

    Yeah. About that. Listen… we’re making a run at the title this year, and…..

  2. Bengals with the first pick in the 2012 draft. And with the #2 pick in the 2012 draft the Seahawks select…

  3. Some of these teams truly seem to be aiming for Luck…it’s embarassing, but they might be the ones laughing in the end.

  4. He’s 63 years old how long were the Seahawks supposed to keep him? He’s only going to be relevant in Tennessee until they figure out that Locker can hand off to Johnson just the same as Hasselbeck can and the odds of winning or losing really won’t go up or down that much.

  5. goldrush94: “RING RING….


    Hey is this goldrush94?

    Yeah…what is it? I’m fappin’ to photos of Asomugha!

    Yeah, about that. You didn’t get him. Sorry Chuck.

    What!?!?! *Inaudible screams and cries*

    Are you OK man?

    *goldrush94 hangs up phone, cowers in closet clutching ancient VHS tapes of times where the 49er’s didn’t suck.*

  6. “As Hasselbeck tells it, the Seahawks decided it was time to move on.”

    With Darrell Bevell’s playbook???????

    How does this make ANY sense??


    As a Seahawk fan for many many years….. I wish Matt ALL the success in the world as a Titan. I look forward to the day Matt signs a 1 day contract and retires as a Seahawk and is inducted in the “Ring of Honor.” AS IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENDED!

    Having said that, it’s TIME Charlie Whitehurst pulls up his Bootstraps and takes control of this team. Not saying it’s going to be EASY. However, I KNOW he has it in him to make it happen. And…so does Charlie.

    NO SEAHAWK FAN will EVER FORGET what Matt Hasselbeck has done for this franchise over the last 10 years. Charlie…………..The time is now to light this off in a BIG WAY. Sure, you will make mistakes along the way…but LEARN from them!

    Study film and learn ALL you can…ALWAYS remember Charlie…..The 12th MAN has YOUR back!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  7. Seattle made him a 1 yr $7mill offer he said no. They used the money to go after Rice. They are getting the guys in line for a QBOTF next year. You really think with the moves we made we will be worse than Cicny, Carolina, Arizona, or Wash? We have TJ and CBJ, Wash has Beck. I also thought SF would be better than us this year, but since they have just let other teams sign their FA’s and not sign anyone they are getting worse. This is a rebuild and they are moving in the right direction.

  8. Hawks with too many holes to plug(thanks Tim Ruskell-sorry bears fans) to spend 7+mil on a nearly retired QB. Wish him well in Tenn, should do better with a legit running game to take the pressure off of him. Always a class act in Seattle.

    Hawks are rebuilding and are not making a SB run this year so it is now time to see if Whitehurst has any ablity or not. QB of future likely playing college ball this year.

  9. Love Hass, and he’s probably got a couple more years of good ball left, but the Seahawks are building for the future and need to know what they have in Whitehurst. Stick him behind Hass for a couple more years and Whitehurst will be getting too old to develop himself. If cbj or tavares show that they can play, the Seahawks won’t have to draft a qb. If they flop, the record will probably show it and we’ll go after luck or barkley. I’m sure PC and Schneider are a at least a year or 2 from having this team where they want to be. Perfect time to throw these unproven guys out there to see what they got.

  10. I don’t know how it really went down. But after listening to John Schneider talk about it on the radio it seems like the Hawks offered Hass a fair deal based on his age, and obvious decline, and he refused it. Hass will be 36 in September, did he really think they were going to give him 7 million a year for 3 years? Hope he can survive behind the Titans line that gave up almost as many sacks as the Hawks did last year.

  11. It’s like the time I came home and the house was empty and everyone was gone.

    The note just said “We’ve moved on son. Without you.”.

  12. Luck will not do as well as last year. He will end up with a so-so season like Jake Locker did this year. He will wish he had declared this year.

  13. Matt has a history of working the press. This guy is a broken down turnover machine averaging over 2 turnovers a game the last 3 years

    It’s time to move on, we’ve settled for mediocre play for too long

    Go Hawks!

  14. I’m sorry but as a ‘Hawk fan I have to say I am extremely pissed that Pete and Schneid (and Matt and his agent, because it takes two sides to negotiate) didn’t re-sign Matt!

    People please realize, WE ARE GOING TO REGRET NOT RE-SIGNING HIM!!!

    Matt unfairly took the brunt of the blame for the woes of the past 2-3 seasons when in reality anyone with any basic football knowledge would have realized that it was our OFFENSIVE LINE THAT FAILED HIM, US THE FANS, AND THE TEAM!!!

    I can’t believe people don’t realize that glaring reality!

    And then the slap in the face is that when we FINALLY make SERIOUS moves upgrading our O-line we just let him walk away!!!

    And then signing the worst QB on the market in TARVARIS JACKSON to “replace” him!


    People, this is TARVARIS JACKSON–not Bo Jackson, not Darrell Jackson, not Michael Jackson–but TARVARIS Jackson!

    What has he proven in the league?

    Absolutely nothing?

    You had a proven guy ready to go who has made a career playing in the West Coast offense in Matt, and you now set the franchise back by letting him walk in favor of watching Tarvaris bumble and fumble his way through the steep learning curve that now awaits him.

    Matt has been Mr. Seattle since nearly the beginning of the decade.

    And for both parties not recognize and respect his body of work for this franchise and re-sign him is flat out wrong!

    And for most of sportsnation who still thinks he’s washed up, you guys are sadly mistaken! Matt has plenty of game left in him IF HIS LINE WOULD HALFWAY DECENTLY KEEP HIM CLEAN.

    What he did to New Orleans in January was no fluke!

    He’s still got it.

    And we let him walk away!

  15. Say what you will about Hasselbeck at this stage in his career, he is a class act. People in Seattle don’t seem very happy this week Carroll turned his back on him for Tarvaris Jackson. Don’t move on if you don’t have a better option.

  16. Hawkman were they supposed to hold a gun to his head and make him sign? They gave him an offer, I have heard 1 and 2 years for $7mill a year, not sure about the 2 though. He said no, they said OK we are moving on. I think Matt has a year or so left too, but he made a choice. Anyone that thinks right now there is a QB that will start in 2 years knows nothing about FB. They saved money and upgraded the team. Be glad we are spending money and not saving it like many teams. They are building the team with their guys, like every new coach will. I am excited for the future you should too. Matt is gone, it sucks, but it is football.

  17. goldrush94 says:Jul 30, 2011 2:13 AM


    That’s fine. Let someone else overpay for Nnamdi.

    Btw… at least I have tapes of when my team was good.

    That would have to be on tape, since they haven’t done crap in the DVD/Blu-Ray era.

  18. hawkman84:

    How much longer would Matt have been good for?

    Do you really think he’d have stayed healthy this year playing behind an offensive line consisting of two rookies, two guys playing in their second full seasons (Ungar missed all of last year), and Gallery? A lot of potential there, yes, and a great line coach to work with that potential, but that line is going to take some time to learn to work together…especially since the lockout means they’re just now getting started.

    Do you really think it’s in the best interest of a team that’s in the middle of a massive rebuild to make a commitment to a 36 year old QB, as opposed to trying to find a more long-term solution?

    Do you think we’re better off spending $21 million re-signing the QB of our past when the money can be used to acquire or keep guys like Gallery, Rice, and Mebane, who will be a part of our future for years to come?

    All that said…we made him an offer of two years at $7 million a year, and he is the one who said “No.”

    I don’t pretend for a minute that Tavaris Jackson is a long-term answer. He’s a guy who will fill a roster spot and might get a chance to play if Whitehurst tanks or gets hurt. Maybe he starts a few games early next season if we draft a rookie and don’t want to throw that rookie on the field right away.

    We aren’t a better team this year because got rid of Hass and added Jackson….but in 3-4 years, we may well be.

  19. Seattle made him a 1 1 yr $7mill offer he said no.

    Gee, wonder why he didn’t jump at that one before talking to other teams?

    Not saying the Seahawks should’ve given him the security he wanted beyond 2011 if he wasn’t really in their plans. Just saying, I doubt they ever expected him to take that offer and willingly sign up to be right back in this uncertain position next year, without talking to other teams first.

    But they get to say they made him a “fair” offer!

  20. I like Matt a lot, but it was time to move on. I am not convinced t jack or whitehurst are the answer, but we need to start rebuilding and Matt wasn’t staying healthy.

  21. @trollhammer20:

    I believe Matt has about 2 more yrs left in him.

    And listen, ppl try to justify letting him walk bc of the changes to the new O-line…Look, I don’t care how many new guys they added to the O-line bc bottom line: All the guys we’ve added are BETTER than what we’ve had and will play better than any O-line combination we’ve the past 2 seasons with the exception of Walter Jones.

    A new and better O-line beats Chris Spencer getting manhandled in the backfield and Sean Locklear whiffing on a block on the edge.

    And as far as rebuilding goes, I think ppl put too much stock in that bc we all know that the NFL is QB driven league. So if you have a viable option at QB you have a chance. And Matt is a far more viable option than Tarvaris or Charlie. He knows the West Coast offense, tons of experience, been to a SB, and all the above, and I think we have the $$$ to take care of all our other holes.

    We re-build AROUND the QB, not the QB itself if you know for sure you don’t have a better option than Hasselbeck. Which we don’t.

    The thing of it is as long as there wasn’t an apparent BETTER option at QB then we stick to what’s been working for us in Matt Hasselbeck.

    Is Matt the long-term solution?


    But he’s the BEST solution we had.

    He would’ve outplayed Tarvaris and Charlie hands down!

    And for all that he’s done and been through with this team, they(Matt and his agent, and John) should have come to terms–money aside–and re-signed him and had him retire as a ‘Hawk like he should have.

    No way he belongs in Tennessee.

  22. @snoqualmieTerry

    Matt wasn’t staying healthy because of his O-line.

    Fix the O-line (which we’re doing) FORREAL this time and Matt plays better.

    Better than Tarvaris.

    Better than Charlie.

  23. I LOVE MATT!!! And will root 4 him in Tennessee, but isn’t it funny how “all of a sudden” we’re getting targets when he’s gone? I find it funny, but I’m a Seahawk fan til the day I die…and will back up T Jack…let’s get it on!!!!

  24. It should have been important to keep a QB who is old, immobile and fragile with an inexperienced line.

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