Joseph says Bengals made “competitive offer,” but move was “no-brainer”


When Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer vented about the team’s inability to keep cornerback Johnathan Joseph, many assumed that Zimmer was miffed at the team’s front office for failing to scrape together enough pennies to make it happen.

According to Joseph, it wasn’t about the money.  It was about the opportunity to do something that Bengals haven’t done much of lately.

“It was a competitive offer but at the end of the day, you have to weigh all the options,” Joseph said, in comments distributed by the team and posted on the Texans’ website.  “You know, what your team has in play.  You know the starting quarterback, an All-Pro quarterback, Pro Bowlers, best receiver in the NFL, great tight end, leading rusher from last year.  Look at the D-line.  You’ve got guys on the D-line that are all-pro players, [linebackers] DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing.  Just a chance to be an addition to that defense says a lot for me as part of this team.  It was a no-brainer for me.”

And so now Joseph has something of which there wasn’t a whole lot during his time in Cincinnati:  A chance at chasing a championship.

“Myself as a player, I always like to follow other teams around the league and see what they have going on in their situations as well,” Joseph said.  “This was my chance at free agency and once I looked and explored around the league, I’d seen the Houston Texans had almost every piece to the puzzle, as far as offense and defense.  They were just missing a couple of pieces in the back end, with the youth back there.  To add a couple of veteran players, I think that was the first thing that lured me this way because if you put the pieces to the puzzle and they become the right puzzle, I think the sky is the limit.  They could be contenders for years, and I think that’s what we bring.”

In the end, then, Zimmer shouldn’t be mad at the front office for being unwilling to pay Joseph.  Zimmer should be mad at the front office for consistently being unwilling to spend competitively in order to have a team on the field that would make a guy with options opt to stay put.

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  1. What about the Texans indicates they are chasing a championship? Making the playoffs for once would be an accomplishment.

  2. As a Steeler fan I’m starting to feel bad for Bengal fans. Like I felt bad for Browns fans when Modell stole their team. [and it’s awful, i hate feeling sorry for those in-bred Ohio jag-offs] but Mike Brown should be stopped, he’s an affront to every fan in the NFL.

  3. As a Bengals fan, I can only agree with Joseph and hope that one day things will be different for the team I cheer for on Sundays….sigh….

  4. You can’t hate Joseph for leaving. I have had season tix for 7 yrs now, and I’m ALWAYS pissed that we spend money on guys that aren’t the right piece (i.e. Owens for starters). I’m pissed he’s gone and that will hurt for awhile, oh well.

    Thanks again Mike

  5. I think it’s good that he stated why he chose to leave. It’s a huge reminder that being cheap and fielding a second tier team can cost you your best talent even if you’re willing to at least pay them.

  6. The only thing competitive about the bungles was their offer. No big surprise nobody wants to stay on a sinking ship.

  7. Lessons to be learned here MR BROWN, but you have known this for a long time.

    You need to offer more then competative money to keep/attract talent. Having a NFL type Office Staff (ie… Scouting, Training Facility, Ect…) and commitment to winning will help in keeping your drafted talent.

    When you are competing against the likes of the Pat’s, Steeler’s, Eagles, Giants & Ravens and up and comming Texans, Buc’s & Chief’s you need to have similar professional attributes within your organization.

    I admire your principles and would not ask you to lower them; quite the contrary. Just provide the Bengals with the tools to compete.

    Not a Bengals Fan but a Football Fan!!!

  8. I feel like I just woke up from being in a coma for a really long time. Did the Texans make the playoffs a whole bunch of times in recent memory that I missed?

  9. If they really wanted to keep him that much, they could have tagged him. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to have a chance at success. Andy Dalton/Gradkowski combo at QB would scare me off too. I’m a Rams fan and even I feel sorry for Bengals fans. My teams has made some bad FA decisions and drafted some busts in the past, but at least I know they’re trying to make the team better.

  10. My Honest Football Opinion-Im glad to see this guy get a chance somewhere else. You hate to see someone with that much game get stuck on a losing team his whole career. Good luck

    Now My Ravens Fan Opinion- Thank you God! Him and Leon ate Flacco’s lunch like it wont nothin. Hopefully pacmizzle will return for the bungles and give Flacco somewhere to throw…hopefully

  11. Although I am extremely dissapointed that he signed with the Texans and not the Lions (my goodness what he would’ve meant to that back 7), I am most certainly glad the Bears have become brainless wonders and didn’t make a play for that guy. You really can’t blame the guy for wanting to escape the Cincinatti Raiders…I mean Bengals and play for a team that really has a shot at doing something other than make other teams hold their sides from laughing too much

  12. yeah i don’t know why certain teams constantly shoot themselves in the foot. The bengals have become the raiders of the nfc north. Horrible organization from owners to gm to coaches. If they every have any success its purely of players desire to win and nothing else.

  13. Good for him. Mike Brown only cares about making money, not putting a competitive team on the field.

    Joe Montana really DID kill this franchise in the 80’s LOL

  14. Considering my beloved Bungals are in full reboot mode (again) it should come as no surprise to anyone we are cycling back to the bottom of the NFL. No one wants to play here, no one comes to the games, no one cares if they win or lose…and if by some miracle Dalton and Green blossom and the Bengals become competitive again in four years, it will all come crashing down again when their contracts simultaneously expire. Who Dey!

  15. It goes to show that the Bengals are known as losers.So any player that wants to win will sign someplace else.

  16. The Bengals have $49 million in cap space, which I’m sure will stay in Mike Brown’s pocket. This team is a fricking scam. Mike Brown is a damn snake oil salesman. What a disgrace to his father’s name!

  17. What’s the one constant throughout all those years of futility for the Bengals?

    Mike Brown

    As a Bengal fan, it kills me that I am now going to have to wait another few years just for mediocrity. I have no false hope that this team can vie for a Championship. The only hope is for a bunch of the young guys to mature now before they take their talents elsewhere. This franchise will never be a consistent winner and will only serve as fodder for real franchises that know how to build a winner.

    Why is it that the Eagles can bring in plenty of talent with much less salary cap room than the Bengals? Creativity. The Bengals ownership severely lacks it. While it’s great to hear I guess that they offered JJoe a nice contract, the years of futility are catching up to them once again. Once a player drafted by the Bengals finishes their contract, they will pursue other venues that are successful. The Bengals are a AAA team while everyone else are major leagues.

    Thank you Mike Brown. Way to ruin football for Bengal fans.

  18. If the owner of my team was giving up an opportunity to cash in on Palmer b/c “he signed a contract” I’d be out of there as soon as I got the option. Mike Brown would rather make a point then make moves to compete…

    And let’s be real “He made a commitment when he signed that contract” is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. Teams cut players and contracts ALL THE TIME, yet when a player gives 6 months notice of his intention, they let him retire instead of trying to get some draft picks? Bengals fans will be bottom 5 of the league for the next 15 years minimum. ENJOY!

  19. I wouldn’t sleep on the Texans. If their line can hold up this season i think they take that division. The colts didn’t get any better and may have gotten worse (with age), the Jags did get better on D but the offense is a couple years away, and Tenn. ‘s only hope is CJ having 3000 yard season. I haven’t finalized my picks yet but i am leaning heavily to the Texans as AFC south champs and first time playoff team.

    I am not sure if they are ready yet to make noise in the playoffs they don’t have much experience in those types of games but when you get there its all luck of the draw and any given sunday. Good Luck to J.J. and his new team its time they give those fans a winner

  20. The front office of the bungles , ah……………I mean the circus tent of the bungles and the ring leader himself, ( Brown ) better do something because the animals in their zoo want to live in another zoo.

  21. The Texans chasing a championship…..still sounds a little bit strange…but definently getting use to it…GO TEXANS

    P.S Please sign Ty Warren thanks

  22. The problem isn’t that the front office won’t spend. Or at least not entirely so. They may not spend “enough” all the time, but they spend lots of money.

    What they don’t do is spend it on the right targets. They pay 7 million to a WR with a bum knee who never plays a down for them. They pay another 7 million to a WR who plays one year and sucks. They pay millions to a guy who starts out hot and then gets injured and sucks the rest of his time there and finally they have to cut him to avoid wasting yet more money on him.

    The problem isn’t the front office being unwilling to spend. The problem is lack of intelligence in the ownership. If Mikey the Moron wasn’t a moron, he’d realize that he could get a TON more value and make more money (which is all that he seems to really care about) by investing in a quality GM and quality scouting staff.

    Penny wise and pound foolish, that’s Mikey Brown to a T.

  23. It wasn’t about the money and was about being able to compete with a winning team. I believe him and his analysis. The Texans have a young team and have been showing as much talent in the front office as on the field. It doesn’t take much to change from an average team to a real contender. The Texans may be about to make that breakthrough.

  24. A Steelers fan calling Browns fans in-bred is like the pot calling the kitchen sink black.

  25. chc4 says: Jul 30, 2011 10:26 AM
    “What about the Texans indicates they are chasing a championship? Making the playoffs for once would be an accomplishment.”

    “duanethomas says: Jul 30, 2011 11:42 AM
    Go to Houston to chase a championship??? EPIC FAIL.”

    I love the fact that Bengals fans are making cracks about the Texans and their playoff possibilities.

    Please, the Texans are now and will continue to be a much better run franchise than the Bengals and with this signing they will make the playoffs this year.

    Bengals = Playoffs? Nah, not likely especially with the ownership and front office they currently have.

  26. “The Bengals have $49 million in cap space, which I’m sure will stay in Mike Brown’s pocket.”

    actually the salary cap floor is going force him to spend more money than he has ever before… and it will be on players less deserving than Joseph or Palmer.

    As PFT put it earlier “99% of the salary cap must be spent in cash in aggregate between 2011-2012”

  27. I can’t understand how the Bengals have any fans left. (by the way, my mom was from Ohio and I love the State…but…)

    Bengals Records
    2010 4-12-0
    2000s 68-91-1 (playoffs in 2005 whee…)
    1990s 52-108-0
    1980s 81-71-0 Best Decade
    1970s 74-70-0
    1960s 7-20-1

    This is not a franchise destined for greatness.

  28. For all the Bengal bashing that goes on on this site, it is easy (apparently) to lose track of the fact that the Bengals have won 2 division titles in the last 6 years. Only 4 AFC teams have won more division titles in that same time – New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, and San Diego. Baltimore has only one the division once in that time, and the Jets, Jags, Bills, Raiders, Browns, and TEXANS have all failed to win a single division title in that time. I know a little thing like facts won’t discourage most of the posters on here. The Bengals have problems, no doubt. So do many other teams that haven’t accomplished much recently and don’t get nearly the hate that the Bengals do.

  29. This is a guy who drove around town in a brand new orange Camero w/ a black racing stripe. Dude gave the Bengals a chance. And then some. Good for him for being smart enough to get out.

    AJ Green: Run. Just run away. As fast as you can.

  30. I have a lot of respect for Jonathan Joseph’s decision making process. After reading that, who wouldn’t pick Houston over Cinci?

  31. Just a couple of years ago, that secondary seemed to signal a new era for the Bengals and helped them win the division. And Zimmer is a good coach. It’s just a sad situation. But if the NFL hasn’t done anything about Bidwell all these years, they won’t do anything about Mike Brown and the poisonous atmosphere he creates.

  32. There is no salary floor for teams in 2011 & 2012 league years. Sorry to say Bengals fan (singular), you might have to get used to this phrase …

    “With the first pick in the NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select …”

  33. Decaturstaley75 likes facts. Here are a few. Since 1968 record is 286-372-2. Eleven seasons with a winning record. Nine playoff appearances. Five playoff wins. Fifteen times they have had four wins or less. Fifteen times!

  34. Hmm…2 playoff appearances in Cincinnati, none for the Texans. Mike Brown’s fault for being penny wise and pound foolish again and not getting the extension done last year.

    Well Mikey, get a 3-way trade going with Miami and Philly to get Asante Samuel.

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