Justin Bannan joins the Rams


The Rams continued to quietly add interesting pieces in free agency, picking up defensive tackle Justin Bannan on a three-year deal.

Bannan follows Josh McDaniels to St. Louis; the Denver Post said McD had a role in the move.  The former Ravens player didn’t fit great in Denver, but he can be a useful rotation player.  Baltimore and Dallas expressed interest in him.

The signing continues a trend of under the radar but promising moves by the Rams.  Safety Quintin Mikell, wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker, and guard Harvey Dahl are all sensible pickups that improve an ascending team with a quality young quarterback.

With Tarvaris Jackson starting at quarterback in Seattle, the Rams are the NFC West favorites.

18 responses to “Justin Bannan joins the Rams

  1. “The former Ravens player didn’t fit great in Denver,”

    that can be said about most of the players the ravens let go. why other teams dont recognize that is a mystery to me.

  2. “With Tarvaris Jackson starting at quarterback in Seattle, the Rams are the NFC West favorites.”

    Says who? I guess if you write for a blog, you can throw anything out there without any qualification.

  3. The Rams are doing this the right way. No blockbusters, just adding pieces that make the team’s strengths even stronger (aka defense and Bradford). I haven’t been this excited about football in St. Louis in years.

    Anyway, I was thinking that American football players should start using one name like Brazilian football players. Like Plaxico Burress’ jersey should just read “Plaxico”. Nnamdi should just be Nnamdi. And Bradford is just Bradford. It would add some personality. Chad Johnson had the right idea with “Ochocinco,” but he was a tad misguided and it was ridiculous that he had to legally change his name in order to get “Ochocinco” on the back of his jersey. Of course, not everybody should do this: only certain personalities and names should do this. Like “Matt” would never work. “Tom” wouldn’t work, but “Thom” might. Mostly, I think it’s a shame that Ndamukong Suh has the boring part of his name and not the exciting “Ndamukong” on his jersey.

    Just a missed opportunity.

  4. Solidifying the O-Line with Dahl, the D-Line with Bannan, the WR’s with Sims-Walker, and Safety help with Mikell … waiting for Snelling to spell SJ39, and the RAMS are quietly building a contender … at least in the NFC West!!!

  5. If the Ravens expressed interest, I’m surprised he didn’t go back. That’s where he was at his best, but we’ll see what happens.

  6. Things are looking up here in STL, although we’re still a few years away, I think. I’d love to see them sign some relief for SJ39, but what they’ve done so far convinces me they’re serious about bringing winning back to the Dome. Whether or not the FAs help or not remains to be seen, but I like the effort.

  7. Lol, obviously Rams fans have no idea what kind of tragedy McDaniels bestowed upon the Orange and Blue faithful. Letting this guy have any say in your personnel department is just asking for trouble. I don’t know what he is worse at, being a head coach or putting a team together but if you want to be excited about one of his retread not worth a damn free agent pick ups be my guest…

  8. @sc5000

    Obviously you have no idea that McD is just the OC and just b/c he had a say in signing a rotational DT doesn’t mean ****.

    This signing is not gonna hurt the team and worse comes worse adds depth to a thin posistion!

    GO RAMS!!!!

  9. Ok. Let’s hear it from the Rams fans and “others”. Rams have quietly added the pieces needed to win the NFC West. But… have you looked at the schedule for 2011? What will Rams fans accept? Do Billy and Steve have enough “juice” to make it if the Rams are 1-6 at the end of October? Another 7-9 is coming, at best.
    I think Rams lose West in 2011 to SF. Win West in 2012 and lose to Eagles in Championship game. Is 2013 their year? Doc

  10. sc5000,
    They said McD was influential in getting Bannan to sign with the team, not influential in getting the Rams to sign him. Read closely before you start throwing darts, my friend. McD has said to the press that he has no say in personnel, he will use whatever players they give him.

  11. docboss,
    Our first half schedule is brutal: Eagles, Giants, Ravens, GB, Saints, Cowboys and Skins. I think we’d be very lucky to be 2-5 in the first 7 weeks. (I can’t believe we don’t play a division opponent until week 9.) That may be too much for a young team to overcome, but I don’t think Billy D or Spags are on thin ice yet. A .500 season may be a bit too much to ask for this year, but as long as they are moving in the right direction, I’ll be satisfied. As I said in my previous post, I think they’re a few year (and a few good drafts) away.

  12. @docboss

    I ain’t scurred of the schedule. To be the best you gotta beat the best. Oh and SF also plays the NFCE and AFCN, and they also have a tough schedule…why do they automatically get to be the favs? JUst like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…lol.

  13. red513. I agree with you about the schedule. I just wonder how the fans will look at potential blowout losses in the first half of the season and how the team will react. Too much “negativity” and we may be seeing a move to LA. As an aside, my friend in LA is still mad that we took his team, won the SB, and then changed the uniform to look like ND! Bring back the yellow and blue of 1999!!!!

  14. ramsofsteel: Schedule favors SF in first half. They could be 6-6 when we see them at their place. By then we are at best 4-8. Young team could fold. Ownership could bail on the staff. I just don’t see it for STL this year. We may be the better team, but you cannot compare the schedules. Injuries are always the “joker in the deck”. I’ll enjoy the games as long as Rams put forth the effort and show some improvement. 2013 is our year.

  15. docboss,
    Everyone I’ve talked to has been pretty realistic about the schedule and what we can expect. I don’t think there will be too much negativity as long as they look competitive. The Rams can’t move until 2014, due to the stadium contract – I predict the Vikings have a horrible year (vying with the Skins in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes) and they make the move to LA next year.
    I agree about the team colors – the navy and gold is boring (as well as the celebration rules) – yellow & blue + bob & weave = Rams, IMO.

  16. No There not. Cardinals are the favorite. Im telling you people that Eagles Cardinals trade was 1 of the fairest big time deals I have ever seen.

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