Manning will get $69 million in first three years

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Peyton Manning’s new five-year deal gives him the same average yearly salary as Tom Brady, but the front-loaded deal ensures that Manning is essentially the league’s highest paid player for the next three years by a wide margin.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN writes that Manning will get $69 million over the next three years.  (For comparison, Brady got $48.5 million over his first three years on his extension.) That means Manning is “only” due $10.5 million-per-year in the final two years of his deal.

Peter King of explains the possible logic behind the deal:

“The new TV deal in 2014 will allow the team to re-do it. Sensible,” King writes.

Then again, Manning will be 38 years old in 2014.  The guy is one of the all-time greats, but he’s not immortal so it’s a little early to assume anything that will happen that far down the road.

In the meantime, Manning will essentially be the game’s highest paid player by a fairly large margin.

48 responses to “Manning will get $69 million in first three years

  1. So much for Manning taking less so other players could be signed.

    $23 million a year. Thats just ridiculous.

  2. Lol, didn’t ol’ #4 earn 23 mil last season? Pillsbury is just a Brett Favre wannabe.

  3. Mike Brown is thinking of matching this deal to lure Carson Palmer back to Cincinnati..

  4. Way to take one for the team, Pay-me-a-ton.

    The smart money says he plays no longer than three years.

    Enjoy the one Super Bowl trophy… ain’t no more going to Indy, not while there’s a Manning in town.

  5. nmking26 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 5:33 PM
    So much for Manning taking less so other players could be signed.

    If only the NFL Owners would drop their demand for a salary cap. Then Manning could get paid what he’s worth and the Colts could surround him with as many good players as it wants.

  6. @mississippi
    9 QBS had better stats than Manning last year.. atleast 10 will this year coming off another neck surgery.. hes getting old and wont heal like he used to.

  7. As long as Caldwell is head coach, Manning will never get another ring. Remember Peyton’s body language when Caldwell called a timeout in last years playoff game to let the Jets regroup & win with a time expiring fieldgoal – at least it wasn’t unexpected as Caldwell did the same thing to let Jacksonville win in the regular season.

  8. @daburgher

    The guy threw for 4700 yards last year with zero running game, not to mention Dallas Clark and Austin Collie being injured! Relax…#watchfootball

  9. Is that the guy, who turns 36 and is coming off back to back neck surgeries?

    You talk about a risk…

  10. richm2256 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 5:44 PM
    Now he’s got to go out and win a couple more Super Bowls to earn it.

    This isn’t boxing or tennis.

    Players don’t win championships, teams do.

  11. Well their salary cap has been tied up rather nicely. There won’t be much left for other players to get. Thanks for takin’ it for the team, Peyton!

  12. One thing to consider. If players retire during their contract, they give back part of the signing bonus. So if Manning gets 50 million guaranteed, and retires after 3 years, he gives back 20 to the team. At least it works like that among gentlemen.

  13. People are jealous that he didn’t hit the FA market and their team wasn’t able to sign him to a King’s ransom. I’m glad the deal is done and every penny is surely deserved. Let’s get to work!

    Go Colts!

  14. This isn’t going to be Manning’s last contract. He’ll play out the 5 and sign another 2-3 year deal.

  15. Manning will always be able to pad those stats going after the QB records playing in a dome 8x a year at home, another dome in Houston and a few games in FLA on the road yearly. He’s been doing that a long time. Brady plays in the elements. Favre did too for the majority of his career.

  16. didn’t ol’ #4 earn 23 mil last season?

    I’m hoping you meant “get paid” 23 mil

  17. I’m amazed at some of the ignorant comments. Just because Peyton gets $69 mil in the first 3 years does NOT mean he’s making $23 mil per year. Irsay tweeted that his cap hit is $16 mil in the first year. You HAVE to take into account the guaranteed money. That’s why it’s $69 mil, part of that $69 mil is the guaranteed money he will get that will be spread over 5 years for cap reasons. Peyton did what he said he would and took less than he could have gotten!

  18. drop703

    passing yards dont win championships.. ask Marino.. passing efficiently helps win championships. Anyone can throw for 4700 if they threw as many passes as Manning.. his YPA is not that good.

  19. The Colts bandwagon will finally lighten its load when people finally begin to realize he’s old, overpaid, and doesn’t have it anymore.

  20. That was expected. The Colts will backtrack as much of Mannings’ salary cap space in reworking deals as they can to take a huge cap hit the year after Manning retires.

    Using the TV money in 2014 to help cushion the fall out from the cap hit they will take the year after Manning retires.

    Expect 2013 to be his final year.

  21. Give credit where credit is due, Manning for the first time put his teammates first.

    The money he makes mostly comes from endorsements, his name has taken some bad PR lately, it was herting the Brand. He needed to this.

    With Peyton It is about business.

    Smart Move Peyton!

  22. nice job peyton, spin it so you look like a team player, meanwhile, you’re not leaving a penny on the table…maybe if you weren’t always pulling all those theatrics at the line of scrimmage, you know – barking out all those audibles so that everybody comments on how smart you are – shouldn’t that stuff be done in the huddle – just maybe you’re neck wouldn’t hurt so much and your lineman might be a little fresher and then you won’t have to throw them under the bus for breakdowns in protection…just sayin’…

  23. on anybody’s list he’s got to land in the top 5 players any time….

    but with your top guy taking up around 20% of your entire payroll for 3 years running… isn’t there gonna be a problem hiring… .well…. anyone?

  24. They cut the rookie money in half to help feed Pillsbury his 23 million per. Quick, get over to the park, Peyton there are a bunch of kids there, and they aren’t very big. You can get their lunch money easy.

  25. He’s probably worth it this year. But last season he began to look a little more pedestrian than in the past. Part of it is lack of receiving targets. Part of it is he’s getting old.

    In 2013, though, there’s almost no way he’s a $23 million QB.

  26. “Let’s just say there was a problem with protection.”

    Yeah, as in the Colts couldn’t afford any.

  27. The way Polian believes in structuring a team it wouldn’t matter that much to their structure if they had to pay him a few more million a year IMO. They don’t do things like most other teams. Their budget for QB and O skill guys is much higher than other teams’ I wager. Their D is basic and they will pay their edge rusher/s and the rest are mostly pieces parts. It works for them.

  28. I agree with daburgher. I have always said he was over rated! Too much ego, (among many other things) hated his father too! Nobody is worth that!

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