Masoli signs with Niners, temporarily moves to running back

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Former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who was kicked off the team last June and who finished his career at Mississippi, wasn’t drafted in April.  He recently signed with the 49ers, and he initially moved to running back.

Per Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Masoli already has moved back to quarterback, switching from No. 29 to No. 3.

Whether it’s a short-term camp-arm thing, given that Alex Smith can’t practice until the league year officially begins, remains to be seen.  Masoli said that he has been attending quarterback meetings, and that he’ll stay at the position for the time being.

11 responses to “Masoli signs with Niners, temporarily moves to running back

  1. It’s not the number. It’s the Orange QB Jersey he has to wear. Easier to identify him running from camp with laptops and whatnot under his arm.

  2. He’s just a camp arm until the 4th. Then he’s back to running back. Which might work for him, seeing as he’s (a) just 5′ 11″ and (b) bigger and faster than Gore.

  3. Some teams haven’t, and just won’t, sign any significant players; the players they do sign should not even be playing in the NFL. viz. Bengals, Browns, Bills, 49rs.

    But hope does spring eternal.

  4. The 49ers owners are idiots. As a diehard 9er fan this is a disappointing free agency. There’s a lot of talent out there that they are passing on. Spikes was let go and wasn’t replaced. Willis and Spikes was the defense last year. So far they signed their draft picks, Ackers and now this scrub. What about a CB,LB,OL or DL. Maybe even a RB or QB. Maybe they’re trying to get Luck next year in the draft because so far the moves they are making does not make any sense

  5. Can’t believe nobody’s talking about Masoli’s past and whether he’s even worth the risk. It says here that he’s not. Dump him. The last thing the Niners need is another Lawrence Phillips. The newspapers in the Bay Area haven’t challenged SF on the Masoli pickup yet, but has a Risky Business column on him that’s pretty interesting. Evidently, Masoli started his own website to show he’s not THAT much of a bad boy. Just what the Niners need …

  6. Not to worry. He can always find the team good deals on AV equipment and computers.

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