Plaxico Burress to visit 49ers next

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After a positive visit with the Steelers today, Plaxico Burress is getting ready for a cross-country flight.

Burress will visit the 49ers today, Steve Serby of the New York Post reports.

Although Serby says Burress will then visit the Jets tomorrow, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Burress hasn’t decided yet whether he’ll visit the Jets, and that if Burress stays in New York it would be with the Giants.

We had previously noted that there were reports calling the 49ers long shots to land Burress. But if Burress and the 49ers’ brass both think a face-to-face visit is worth their time on this busiest of NFL days, and if Burress is considering turning down invitations to visit other teams, there must be a realistic chance that it could happen.

24 responses to “Plaxico Burress to visit 49ers next

  1. Alex Smith to Plaxico? Why go through the formality of playing the season? Just hand them the Lombardi.

  2. Wait…earlier you guys posted that the reports were if he stayed in NY it would be with the Jets, NOT the Giants. Now you’re saying the opposite. I confused.

  3. Watch, Burress to Philly.


    I hope so. That would really piss Jackson off.

  4. I am now officially tired of watching Burress-gate! As a long time and life long Giants fan, he either is doing this to drive up his price or he just wants new scenery. If it ain’t broke, don’t try and shoot it Plax, just because gun laws are less serious in EVERY other city/state in the country doesn’t mean you need to go 3000 miles from where you already earned a ring! Make up your mind already!!!

  5. After reading the reports on how well his visit with the Steelers went (i.e. a day long welcome back party), I think he must have his mind made up already. Boy, are some Steelers fans going to be irked to see him back in black and gold.

  6. Niners aren’t really gonna sign anyone, unless it’s a UDFA or someones practice squad trash. Disappointing…

  7. Will sign with Pittsburgh Monday night. He has already told Colbert he will give him till Monday night to restructure current players salaries to free up money that fits the window Plax is looking for. Veterans have already come to Colbert willing to restructure to help bring him in without anymore cuts. Being reported in Pittsburgh. Welcome back #80

  8. I think Philly is now in the mood to do a package deal. Plax and Ahmad Bradshaw in green.

  9. “If you’re going to San Fran….cisco,
    be sure not to wear your pistol when you’re there,
    …..on the streets of San Fran…cisco..”.

  10. I think there is already a handshake deal between the Steelers and Burress. Kevin Colbert said that when he spoke to Burress that he wants him back, but they need to clear up cap space.

    I believe Burress just wanted to visit San Fran to take in the sights.

    Look for the Black-N-Gold to restructure a few deals and release a WR or two (Limus Sweed included) and make Burress a decent offer.

    He’ll end his career with the Steelers, likely as a situational WR. Imagine him, Ward and Wallace all on the field at once — not to mention Sanders and Brown — that is a QB’s dream!

  11. Apparently Jeremy Maclin is really really ill and lost 20 lbs and wont be ready to start for the Eagles so im pretty sure after everyone else tries to sign Plax he is just gonna pull an Asomuah and go to Philly..

  12. Im a niners fan but lets be serious guys. Its obvious the niners aint gettin nobody. Players are looking at our team and asking themselves why would i play for the niners. We not looking too good right now. WE NEED HELP

  13. if he can still play I would love for him to come to the Niners, we need all the help we can get

  14. You’ll still dissing Crabtree for getting injured in a players-only workout? SMH. If he would have gotten hurt during a game you’ll probably would have credited that to an attitude problem as well

  15. Plaz going to SF would be a disaster. Alex Smith is the QB and he can’t pass. The 49ers have Crabtree and Vernon Davis and no QB. The Niners need a QB not another end who will not get the ball delivered to him. I don’t see him going to Philadelphia. I see him in Pittsburgh or New York and I think the Giants have the edge.

  16. Why not pick up Burress…we lost Spikes, Baas, and Clements… Crabtree’s hurt…Gore’s holding out…etc.

    What’s the worst that can happen…they have to install metal detectors and hire TSA Agents to perform pat downs on him before games?

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