Plaxico meets with Tomlin, Colbert in Latrobe

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After last night’s reunion meeting with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, which is being described in the immediate aftermath as “positive” (which is roughly as surprising as any surgery on an NFL player being described in the immediate aftermath as “successful”), receiver Plaxico Burress has visited his other former NFL team — the Steelers.

Per the Beaver County Times, Burress is meeting with coach Mike Tomlin and director of football operations Kevin Colbert.

The presence of Plaxico at camp illustrates a dynamic that, as Peter King explained it during Monday’s PFT Live, coaches would like to avoid — bringing in free agents for visits at a time when a team has a group of players at the same position who may wonder precisely what in the hell is going on.

Steelers receivers, despite having a solid group that runs four deep (if/when Hines Ward is healthy), are missing one thing that Burress brings to the table:  Height.  The Steelers thought they were adding that with Limas Sweed, a second-round pick in 2008 who in three years has caught only a roster spot, and he’s on the verge of dropping that.

Though it has been a sore point between Ward and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers know what a tall guy like Plaxico can do for the offense.  The question becomes whether he’ll rejoin his first former team or his second former team, or whether someone else will jump into the hunt for a guy who can still be a weapon.

Given the Eagles’ recently stealthy pursuit of big-name free agents, for all anyone knows they’ll announce that they’ve signed Burress minutes after he leaves Latrobe.

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  1. As long as Plax would be comfortable with his role (only in 4 WR sets and in the red zone) I’d sign him to a 1 year deal and kick Sweed to the curb.

    He’d have a chip on his shoulder then to play for his final contract and that would only benefit the Steelers, who always seem to have red zone troubles despite all their weapons.

  2. Most people (other than us fanatic football fans) don’t even remember Plaxico playing for the Steelers. In Pittsburgh, they got rid of HIM and in NY, he shot rid of himself (Freud)! He needs to come back in BLUE where he belongs and it can be the feel good story of the decade if his presence pushes NY past the likes of the “best damn team that never won a Super Bowl” just over in PA.

  3. he needs to sign with the giants, i dont care how many potential recievers they have. coughlin is gone in a year so he needs to suck it up and deal with coughlin till hes gone

  4. The eagles sign plaxico, orchestrate a masterful trade for chris johnson for a seventh round pick and a box of tape, and the trade for james harrison and help him improve his image in the league while he decapitates people coming over the middle.

  5. Although he hasn’t been convicted, there is already a felon on the Pittsburgh receiving corps. Limas Sweed has been stealing a check for years. Hahaha…..

    I don’t condone what Plax did, but the man did pay a severe price. Being away from his family in prison and surrendering millions in salary should have taught him some serious life lessons. If the Steelers give him a chance, hopefully he will appreciate his opportunity.

  6. If Burress signs with the Steelers he isnt going to be a #4 lol . He will be the 3rd WR and try to push his way into the starting line up . Might push Hines into a smaller role this season .

  7. Sign him. 2-3 yr contract. Steelers have a very good receiver corp but no one like Plax. Limas Sweed got to prove he can be that man in camp.

  8. Roethlisberger and Burress were very tight back in the day. That is the only reason the Steelers are talking to him. A carrot for Benji.

  9. Plax will be taken away from pitstop and newark, NJ to land with a team that actually has a shot at winning something this year. THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!!
    Can you say Cliff Lee 2.0. Shoot, might as well say Namdi sweepstakes all over again. Players actually want to play for Philadelphia and are willing to take less money to do so. Cliff Lee did, Namdi did. Plax will, and you will be left holding your @0ck, saying I didn’t want him anyway…. again…

  10. pympdaddi says:
    Jul 30, 2011 11:10 AM

    ” He needs to come back in BLUE where he belongs and it can be the feel good story of the decade if his presence pushes NY past the likes of the “best damn team that never won a Super Bowl” just over in PA.”

    I think the giants should be more worried about giving new meaning to term “special” teams before they worry about a guy whos gonna play maybe 20 snaps a game. And maybe an offensive line would help.

    And another thing i know its not New York but why does that aera of New Jersey always smell like pee?

  11. Steeler Nation will always open it’s arms to Plax……….come on back home, brutha!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  12. isn’t mad5555 funny?

    TYPICAL EAGLE fan. Hasn’t won anything in 51 EFFING YEARS, FIFTY ONE YEARS!! But each year they start running their mouths.

    Blah, blah this & blah, blah that & each year that same loser coach that is one of the worst big game coaches in NFL history is going to once again lead them to the promised land.

    Free agency aside, how hard must it be to root for the Eagles?? FIFTY ONE EFFING YEARS- WOW – go ahead silly Eagle fans keep talking when February comes around & you have no Lombardi’s once again, Reid will have another excuse. Somethings never change..

  13. Giants clearly need him more. The Steelers went to 3 superbowls without him and Eli Manning has been very average without Plax bailing him out.

  14. @hobartbaker …

    Sorry to question your insider info :roll:, but if the Steelers were that intensely interested in Roethlisberger’s feelings about Burress, they wouldn’t have let him go in the first place. They’re talking to him now because of the need for more weapons in the red zone and his expressed interest in the Steelers. He works out with Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who says he’s in terrific shape. And he’ll come a lot cheaper than he once did. We can’t keep gambling on Sweed’s mental blocks over catching the ball.

    @clavette …

    The man just spent a ridiculous amount of time in prison given the nature of the “crime.” He has only a few years of NFL productivity left. Why would he want to come out of prison and spend even a month with a guy who treated him like a warden? Life is too short. Don’t know what he’ll do, but in his shoes, no amount of money could persuade me to work for Coughlin for a year or a day.

  15. I’m pretty sure that this “bringing in free agents for visits at a time when a team has a group of players at the same position who may wonder precisely what in the hell is going on” is not going on. I just don’t see Sanders, Wallace, Brown, and Ward worried. If the Steelers sign Plaxico he’ll know his role early and won’t be a distraction. He wasn’t a distraction in Pittsburgh the first time, he was a simply a cap casualty, there was no way they were going to pay him the kind of money he wanted.

    I still kind of hope he goes to either Pittsburgh of the Giants, both great organizations.

  16. Ruthless and Plax can reminisce about old times when they were young and crazy. Now, well……they’re older at least……

  17. Hate steeler fans, love palinforpresidentofnorthkorea’s tag.

    That being said, Plax would NOT be a 4th reciever in pgh. He would be #1 or #2 easily. It’s idiotic to think otherwise. Steelers would be getting a bargain and he very well could take them to another SB, god forbid.

  18. Eagles never win? Besides maybe indyand the pats no team has won more the past 10 years. Your right we haven’t won the big one since 1960. ,but we NEVER had a team this talented. So keep hating, we hands down had the best plan for free agency! But relax haters , after this year you’ll still say “you guys only won 1 super bowl”. Obviously pro bowl players think we can win, and if you can’t admit we’re the favorites then your a tool. We we’re 10-6 last year before DRC,Asomugha,Babin, VY,
    Wash, Mudd,Lee and its not done yet. Hate your team for not making big moves

  19. If he comes back, I predict a 2 Yr deal, worth around $2 mil a year (driven up by competing interests), he will start as the #3 with a fighting chance at #2 over Mike Wallace for the Slot Receiver. The guy may have been away for a while…but he does have talent & isn’t old, yet. Regardless of the fact that Hines is growing long in the tooth, he will almost certainly remain #1 this year. However, next season will likely be the start to his slide.

  20. Come back to your first love Plaxico. Your problems started after you left Pittsburgh. Come back home!!!!

    You are the missing link!!! If we had you back last years superbowl would have been a different result.

  21. Seems to me the true definition of a “tool” is one who fails to realize that winning a bunch of games but zero championships still isn’t winning s#!t. The Burgh isn’t anyone’s pitstop…it’s s playground for champions! On top of that I don’t give a handful of goat pee how many pro bowlers Philly signs you’re never gonna win crap with Michael Vick as your qb…one fluke season does not s champion make!

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