Raheem Morris: Bucs’ goal is to win the NFC South


Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris says he’s heading into the season with a simple goal in mind: Be better than the Falcons, Saints and Panthers.

“What we want to do now, which is realistic, is go out and win our division,” Morris said. “That would be our goal. Once you win the division, you have a chance to qualify for the playoffs, and once you qualify for the playoffs, anything can happen. As long as I’m the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we’re going to continue the championship search.”

Last season Morris identified winning 10 games as a goal, and it seemed like a lofty goal considering the Bucs were coming off a 3-13 season in 2009. Sure enough, the Bucs went 10-6 in 2010 — but they missed the playoffs, which raises the question of whether 10 wins was really the right goal.

Morris, however, said people misunderstood what he meant with the 10-win goal, adding, “I know it was nice for you guys [the media], because you said I wouldn’t get there in three years.”

This year Morris’s goal isn’t something anyone will misunderstand: He wants to win the NFC South.

24 responses to “Raheem Morris: Bucs’ goal is to win the NFC South

  1. A coach’s goal is to actually win his division???

    Wow, what incredible insight.

    He should pass that tidbit along to Marvin Lewis of the Bengals.

  2. “Bucs went 10-6 in 2010 — but they missed the playoffs, which raises the question of whether 10 wins was really the right goal.”
    How was this the wrong goal? That was a monumental feat. I haven’t checked, but +7 wins must be a record. Had Billicheck done this, it would be considered doing the impossible. It would rank right up there with the invention of the wheel. Raheem Morris is doing it right and winning the South is going to be tough, but he has his priorities straight.

  3. “Once you win the division, you have a chance to qualify for the playoffs”

    And that quote right there is why as a Bucs fan I will root for the guy but will never be fully comfortable with him as our head coach. He had the team perform very well last year and had a great turn around but there is no excuse for that type of comment coming out of the mouth of a head coach.
    What legit top coach doesn’t know that when you win your division you don’t just “have a chance to qualify for the playoffs,” you automatically make the playoffs?
    It could just be a brainfart but it’s really not a good sign.

  4. dont be fooled, the bucs can win the south… theyre salivating to revenge the falcons and can beat the saints on any sunday, monday or thursday.

  5. I hated Morris when he was Promoted to Head Coach. (Way too inexreienced). He was not good at all in his first year, and his play calling bluntly sucked.

    He impressed me last year, and his play calling was much more improved. I am excited this year, and if he gets the right pieces in place, the Bucs have a great chance of winning the NFC South, and more.

  6. @tbtrojan:
    I have to agree with you. When I read the quote from Morris, I was thinking the same thing. He knows that IF the Bucs win the division, they are in the playoffs, however, the comment seemed uninformed.

    I expect great things from the Bucs this year, but, I am scared of what the Eagles will do this year. Saints, I don’t think have it any more. Panthers, well….. I think we all know. The Falcons are going to be the toughest challenge.

    The Bucs never get any respect, even when they won the Super Bowl, their Power Ranking at the beginning of the season was 26. Let’s see what they do this year!

  7. Die hard Bucs fan but:
    The other teams in our division have done a lot more
    to make their teams better

  8. They would’ve exceeded that goal and went 11-5 if the refs didn’t blow the Kellen Winslow pass interference call vs Detroit. Green Bay would’ve never won the championship because they wouldn’t have made the problems. In Rah we trust. Coach em up, we have a bright future!

  9. I remember back when they only won 3 games people were calling him an idiot a buffoon and even called for mark dominiks firing. Raheem is a very good coach they had one of the youngest teams last year and barely made the playoffs, playing with a qb like freeman sho people still dont recognize as bein any good but u will all see when its said and done freeman is better than sanchez and its freeman who is the best qb of that draft class.

  10. It would have been nice to get a couple of “splash” players in free agency to help boost and promote this team. Building through the draft is fine but you don’t know if these guys are going to pan out. Instead you sign a punter and bring back Joseph and Trueblood…..That’s not gonna create a buzz!!! Sorry Bucs but ALL the teams in the division improved, while you stayed put. BIG FAIL!!!

  11. A note to PFT:

    The “Race to 10” was a challenge to be the first team to 10 wins, not to merely get 10 wins.

    Thought you might like to know… I mean, he only said that in the press conference that you’re quoting from to begin with.

    GO BUCS!

  12. @tbtrojan

    Don’t be obtuse. It was a minor verbal gaff. It wasn’t even a brain fart. He knows division winners go to the playoffs. You’re just looking for things to nitpick.

    Way to miss the actual content of the article.

    *Thumbs Up*

  13. well we shoulda been 11-5 last yr but the refs were idiots and screwed us against detroit. Tampa has a good shot with Freeman i rlly like the kid and we shoulda beat the faclons twice last yr and the saints we took out last game. GO BUCS

  14. “seneca1ss says: Jul 30, 2011 10:21 AM

    Die hard Bucs fan but:
    The other teams in our division have done a lot more
    to make their teams better”


    That’s because they are trying to keep up with the Bucs. I’ll take young players with loads of potential/growth, over washed up vets that just want money.

    Bucs are doing it right. They aren’t ready to win a SB this season, but thats not really the goal, they are still building this young team.

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