Ravens re-sign Chris Carr

Free agent cornerback Chris Carr is staying in Baltimore.

Carr, who checked in at No. 57 on our list of the Top 80 free agents, wrote on Twitter that he’s staying with the Ravens and “Very excited to finish my career here.”

Carr started all 16 games for the Ravens last season and was the team’s most consistent corner.

The Jaguars, Bengals and Jets were all said to be interested in Carr, but he won’t be going anywhere.

15 responses to “Ravens re-sign Chris Carr

  1. good. between carr, foxworth, smith, and webb the ravens should be solid at cb. reed should be healthier than he was last year. and i think either zibby or nakamura will be an upgrade over landry.

    defense could be amazing if sergio can return to what he was in college. or they can get osi.

  2. alright. defense is solid. would like to see the Ravens pick up a pass rusher or see Sergio play like a beast, but other than that we are good on defense. now we just need another veteran WR and a FB and we’re solid all the way around. I would like an update on the Vonta Leach situation.

  3. I like this signing. It will be interesting to see how the Ravens corners fare this year. Mattison frequently used a 3 man rush to allow an extra man in the backfield to back up what he regarded as a weak secondary, and that made the corners Carr, Webb and Wilson’s stats seem much better than they probably were. Adding Foxworth back and Smith to the mix on top of Carr and Webb is probably a big upgrade, though, not to mention perhaps a healthier Ed Reed. Gains outweigh losses thus far in the offseason on this side of the ball. Defensively I think the Ravens will scare a few teams.

  4. Great news! I laugh at all of the fools who think our defense is going to slide this year! If anything, it’s going to be younger, faster, and meaner!!! Chris Carr is a solid, steady and smart corner. Worse case scenario is that he’ll be one hell of a nickel back for us. Also love the fact that Jimmy Smith was so comfortable at practice yesterday. It is rare to see a rookie – especially at corner – come in and look like he belongs from day 1.

  5. I disagree. I think Wilson, who is younger and has more upside would have been a better signing than Carr. Where Wilson routinely deflected passes, Carr was routinely abused by the good qbs in the league. Supposing Foxwroth and Smith are your starting corners then Webb will probably be nickel and Carr would be an injury replacement or coverage in the dime package. This puts him on the field in virtually every third down situatuion which is where Ravens had trouble last year, stopping teams om third down.

  6. Good signing…if only for depth. I do expect to see Jimmy Smith starting early on. I hope Webb can turn the corner (pun intended) this year and develop into a starting caliber player that we can count on. I don’t trust Foxworth, but he has made plays for us in the past..

    And in regards to vonta leach, I’d be just as happy snagging vickers from the browns…Either would be a welcome addition.

  7. Don’t know the terms of his deal but I imagine Wilson was too expensive to keep in an already crowded backfield. The Ravens’ troubles also had to do with schemes, as Mattison seemed clueless. The idea behind rushing 3 is that you catch the opposing quarterback by surprise by dropping 8. As we saw time and again, no one was surprised. You won’t see a 3 man rush from the Ravens this year, that’s for sure. Chuck Pagano is going to be more aggressive in going after the quarterback.

  8. Signing Carr means Samuel is out of the question. Well the Ravens don’t have a linebacker to give.

    The secondary still needs help IMO. Ed won’t be here long, Zib and Nakamura at the other safety. Smith we can only wait and see. Foxworth coming off an injury and Webb and Carr are NickelBacks at best.

  9. eaglesfootballfan says: Jul 30, 2011 3:31 PM

    I thought he wanted a bigger role. The Ravens didn’t draft Jimmy Smith to sit on the bench.


    I think he (Carr) got a reality check…

  10. He’s consistent alright… consistently mediocre. And he doesn’t even guard the opponent’s best receivers.

    The Ravens should have re-signed Josh Wilson and let Carr go. Luckily they play in a division with no REAL passing/receiving threats. But they will fall to teams like the Colts AGAIN. And good luck to them in the playoffs against the good teams! They’ll need it!

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