Saints come to terms with Mark Ingram

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With the new rookie wage scale leaving little to be negotiated, the drama of when (or if) a first-round pick will sign his contract will disappear from the new-look NFL.

Still, fans of a given team will still exhale once their team’s first-rounder(s) are under contract.

In New Orleans, a first-rounder with a fairly recognizable name who recently escaped injury in a collision with a fairly large truck has come to terms.  Running back Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner, is officially a Saint, per a league source.  The first three years of the four-year deal are guaranteed.  Like all first-round picks, there’s a fifth-year option.

First-round picks are signing left and right as camps open.  As former Ravens coach and current FOX/NFL Network analyst Brian Billick said during Friday’s PFT Live, the rash of signing in a compressed time frame proves that these deals can get done quickly.

The lack of anything about which to seriously negotiate, and thus disagree, adds to that reality.

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  1. The combination of Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles should prove a lot better for NO then Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush. Ingram has shown consistently he can put a team on his back, but I doubt he’ll ever need to as long as Breesus is under center.

  2. I love how the Saints are flying under everyone’s radar this year. Cream rises to the top. The Saints will go no worse than 11-5 again this year and will make the playoffs again, likely winning the Super Bowl.

    The Eagles are loaded with talent but they will find a way to screw it up once again ha ha ha.

  3. Yes touchdownroddywhite, and the question is whether the falcons will get more out fo Julio Jones than they did out fo Michael Jenkins

  4. goawayeverybody says:
    Jul 30, 2011 11:15 AM
    I love how the Saints are flying under everyone’s radar this year. Cream rises to the top. The Saints will go no worse than 11-5 again this year and will make the playoffs again, likely winning the Super Bowl.


    How bout them Seahawks?

  5. You won’t find many multi sport stars choosing football as their career if this situation remains. Football is the only sport where they have to wait until they are 21 or 22 years old to start earning a living, and get crucified if they try to earn any money for their skills prior to that.

  6. Mark Ingram’s agent didn’t get a fully guaranteed contract. He should be fired. All first round picks should just hold out until they get a fully guaranteed contract. Teams are willing to do this to prevent holdouts, considering contracts like this are for ONLY abou 4 yrs/$9 million.

  7. Congratulations, Mark!! And congrats, New Orleans! You’ve got a hard worker, strong team player, and as rolltide510 said, a guy who can put a team on his back if need be–though with your passing game that shouldn’t be necessary. And he’s no prima donna. The combination of Ingram and Sproles should make for a powerful running game. Can’t wait to see the new look Saints! Take good care of our guy … don’t let him near anymore 18-wheelers 🙂

    Roll Tide!

  8. It’s so funny how most Saints fans are acting as though Bush was the worst player in Saints history. The biggest problem with Bush was his luck with injuries. His two healthiest seasons, two NfC title games and one Superbowl.
    That being said I hope Mark Ingram is a beast!

  9. Thanks, Deb . Football is back, I’m out of my hibernation, and am I ever happy. Back to following this and other boards to see what y’all are saying about FOOTBALL, not politics.

    Down here in the hot, muggy and RAINY south we KNOW our front office continued to work the long off season and our signings prove they did their homework.

    We intend to treat Sproles to the best the Who Dat Nation has to offer. We absolutely LOVE this signing. No worries, Deb, we’ll take care of him.

  10. Hey, giveseanpaytonhisjuicyfruit, you’re dead wrong about our love for Reggie. If some are saying that THEY’RE dead wrong too.

    We respect what Reggie did for our team AND our city. He brought hope and spirit back to our football team and our down-trodden city. I was really hoping he would be back in the fold. BUT he’s NOT a feature back and he still wants to prove he is.

    I wish him well and will follow his career in Miami. I hope he fools all of us and turns into the feature he wants to be – as long as he doesn’t play us :-).

  11. Ingram is a “straight ahead, downhill” runner. Has to be. With that neck if he tries to turn his head to the side his jaw gets caught under his shoulderblade.

  12. I’m really stoked about the Saints backfield this year:
    – Pierre is way underrated and barring injury should have a great year,
    – Ivory is a beast and has shown flashes of brilliance,
    – Ingram has potential for Rookie of the Year, give him the rock and get out of the way,
    – Hamilton was on his way last year to starting before his injury,
    – Sproles could be the most versatile back in the NFL.

    Add Brees at QB and I can’t think of a better backfield.

    I know the season hasn’t started yet but I think the 2011 New Orleans Saints could be special.

  13. Damn sucks that he didnt cash in when the iron was hot. He did have a good year last year but he would have made a killing if he came out after his heisman year. He probably wouldnt have got drafted as high but the money still would have been more.

    To what Billick said maybe thats why the Watkins deal is taking so long. They might actually have something to argue about. The Eagles could be trying to pay him less bc of his age saying that his career will be shorter then mosts. The agent is probably saying we arent negoiating a career contract we are negotiating a 4 year contract. They both have a point which makes it harder. The agent is right by saying its a 4 year contract the Eagles to are right bc when u draft a 1st round you arent looking at him as just a 1 contract guy your expecting him to be with the team for a very long time.

    That makes it tougher but Im not worried. Even though he is getting less and less time to prepare and learn the Eagles system and hes penciled in as their starting RG I have faith that Howard Mudd will have him ready to go when ever he gets into camp. Which I dont think will be that much longer.

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