Steelers call Plaxico visit “a positive”

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“Positive” remains the operative word after Plaxico Burress’ first two free-agent visits since getting out of jail.

After a reportedly “positive” visit with the Giants on Friday night, Steelers director of football operations Kevin Colbert told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the Saturday sit-down was “a positive.”

Burress had two meals with Steelers officials, including players who tried to woo him to return, and it appears based on Bouchette’s report that Plaxico told someone during the visit that he’s not going back to the Giants.

Meanwhile, Bouchette writes that Steelers backup quarterback Byron Leftwich had worked out with Burress in Miami during the lockout, and that Burress did not look like he had been away from the game for two full seasons.

The Jets reportedly plan to make a big push for Plaxico.  Bouchette writes that the 49ers also are interested, but that San Francisco is regarded as a long shot.

25 responses to “Steelers call Plaxico visit “a positive”

  1. thanks for 07 plax….and i really do mean that. as for this season though……see ya. you were given a chance to make ammends for screwing over your teammates and all giants fans in 08…and you have turned it down. typical of your type.

    the giants have more pressing needs then re-signing him anyway. plus, the last i checked, nicks, manningham, and smith (when he resigns) kind of have a pretty good idea on how to catch passes…and we picked jernigan in the third round to boot.

  2. Leftwich to Burress – that should inspire confidence in a deep playoff run for the Steeler faithful.

  3. I can take it or leave it with Plaxico. If he comes to the Steelers it better be at a good price. I would rather see Woodley, Troy, and others rewarded with their money! The Steelers will do what’s best. You can’t fault their way of doing business!

  4. I would love to see Plax back rockin’ the Black~n~Gold!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

    BTW, after what Nnamdi did yesterday, I bet Rex Ryan is STILL binge eating!

  5. The Bears seriously need to go after plaxico , braylon, or malcolm. So far, they have done nothing except sign projects.

  6. I guess it boils down to whether he wants to play for the most decorated franchise in NFL history, or the Jets who only talk about how good they are.

  7. I wish Plax all the best. He got screwed by silly NY laws getting 2 years for gun law violation. The guy was an idiot but not a criminal. So he deserves a good break in my book.

  8. he visited with the giants for 90 minutes and the steelers for 7 hours. I’d say it was more than positive. As for the Jets and 49ers? Probably a negotiation ploy from Rosenhaus

  9. plax18 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 4:06 PM
    he visited with the giants for 90 minutes and the steelers for 7 hours. I’d say it was more than positive. As for the Jets and 49ers? Probably a negotiation ploy from Rosenhaus

    No, he visited with Coughlin for 90 minutes last night. He also watched their first team practice, visited with many of his old team-mates (Diehl, Tuck, etc…), spoke to both owners (Mara and Tisch), and spoke to GM Jerry Reese. So I would say his Giants visit took longer than 90 minutes (unless they ALL went to dinner together).

    This nonsense of “He’s signing here, he’s signing there, this team is in, this team is out” is just ridiculous. Yesterday afternoon, Nnamdi was a slam dunk for the Jets or Cowboys. What happened?

    I am so sick of “unnamed sources”.

  10. wow — so predictable….gotta love all of the “comedians” on here…with their snarky, cynical remarks, (that’s what a generation of Daily Show viewers will affect).
    Anyways….to football talk — I’m a Steelers fan, and I think Plax. would be a great addition.
    But, if he signs for more $ with a different team, I think a real sleeper to sign would be Michael Jenkins (the Falcons released him to make room for Def. signings).
    Jenkins is 6’5” , fast, fluid, runs great routes, and would be a great 3rd WR. 777 yards last year is not shabby at all.

  11. jdandcoke …

    Clearly the JD has done a number on your head if you think Burress needs to beg the Giants’ forgiveness for getting screwed by the criminal justice system in New York. I don’t even like guns, but that was an insane sentence that made a mockery of what incarceration is supposed to be about.

    I’d be delighted for Plax to wind up in Pittsburgh if he doesn’t cost too much, but if he winds up somewhere else, that’s fine, too. For his sake, I hope it’s San Fran or Philly and not New York. It’s no more right to give celebrity athletes more time than they should have had than it is to give them less.

  12. The visit was “positive”? What was “positive” about it?

    Did they convince him to check his gun at the door?

  13. You know how in the movie “Gattaca” they did job interviews just by checking your genetic makeup, well it’s like that with the Steelers and criminal records. If you show up on one, you’re considered a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers “Culture of Crime” they’re trying to cultivate. I think at this rate you can bet that Art Rooney will be giving Tony Soprano a run for his money as the fat cat of a criminal organization, which they may as well be considering the kinds of people they have in their employ.

  14. No matter where he signs he better plan to give Michael Vick a piece or buy him a dinner or at the very least send him a thank you card or something.

    There is no way he would be getting all this attention if it wasnt for Vick. The fact that Vick has been able to rehabilitate his image and say and do all the right things off and particularly on the field has made teams way more comfortable in giving Plax a chance.

    Ill be the 1st to admit Vicks confiction was infinitely worse then Burress’ but teams still would have been very hesitant to in even bringing him in for a visit if Vick didnt do what hes been doing since getting out of the Pokey.

    So congrats to Plax on the seemingly seamless transition from penitentiary to player, just dont forget who laid the track for ya.

  15. Add him to the team and then it would then have one convicted criminal and one unconvicted criminal.

    “HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO”…all the way to Hell with a football hero gone bad, real bad.

  16. antibenapalooza says:

    “HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO”…all the way to Hell …

    Now that you’ve chosen your direction, could you spare the rest of us your running idiot commentary–which has no basis in forensic fact–and just go? Thank you.

  17. I think he made the trip just for another taste of the ‘burgh surf and turf…… keilbassi and carp ! Along with an ice cold Big Iron. They probably didn’t serve that in “the big house”.

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