Texans say goodbye to Amobi Okoye and David Anderson

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The Texans allowed defensive tackle Amobi Okoye and wideout David Anderson to shop around the league this week for a possible trade.  No one bit.

Okoye and Anderson were officially let go Saturday, according to John McLain of the Houston Chronicle.

It’s telling that no one wanted to give up a late round pick for Okoye, a former top-10 selection.  Still, the 24-year-old has started for four years and should be able to find a job out there.

Anderson could fit in somewhere as a No. 4 receiver.

20 responses to “Texans say goodbye to Amobi Okoye and David Anderson

  1. As much as I would like to have Okoye come to Philly, my guess is that he’s on the first flight to Denver.


    Who will do Connans string dance when they score a td now?

    I’ll miss david anderson. An i’m sure Okoye will become a decent player somewhere. His entire career so far has been with garbage d-line coaches and cord’s.

  3. Okoye needs to go to the bears. Still young with at least four years of service in the NFL. Rod can get him motivated and ready. Something that the Texans could not do!

  4. Bears need to put Okoye in Marinelli’s hands and see what he can do with him. Kid’s only 24 and still gas untapped talent.

  5. Okoye will still have a chance your talking about a kid who came into the league as a 19yr old senior in college. However Wade Philips knows defense better than most and it he cut Okoye there’s got to be more to it. Not to mention that his stats aren’t that spectacular.

  6. i wouldn’t mind seeing the Falcons pick Okoye up. they just dumped that turd Jamaal Anderson (finally), and they could always use more support on the DL. He is a decent player.

  7. Okoye in the DT rotation in Phi would be awesome, but only if he comes cheap. The broncos need help enough to overpay him though.

    The 3-4 was something he certainly isn’t built for.

  8. Okoye was probably 25 when he was drafted. Won’t be the first time that’s happened.

  9. Bengals for Okoye. Put him in rotation with Geno Atkins along side of Peko. put all three in on obvious running plays.
    Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson on the ends will have 20+ sacks between them with Dunlap getting 13 or more of them.

  10. Okoye is just another example of how big a crap shoot the draft really is. You’d think first round picks would be automatically high level players after all the microscopic examination they go through and you still end up with farts in the wind…….

  11. Okoye only started because they were too stubborn to admit he was a bust… Earl Mitchell played far better.
    Anderson will be missed- great guy and got the most of his ability, unlike Jacoby Jones

  12. Taking into account Phillips’ knowledge and Okoye’s poor production, I still can’t label him a bust. At his age, the fact he was cut is more an indictment of the organizations inability to develop defensive players. No matter how you cut it, they’ve never been a defensive oriented team and he was drafted at 19.

  13. He was cut because he’s not a fit on a 3-4 DL. He can play 3-tech somewhere, but his motivation and passion for football is the issue. He still wants to go med school – at least that’s what he’s said. He does great community work in his native Nigeria and he’s super smart – maybe too smart for the NFL. This will be his last contract wherever it is…

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