The Noel Devine era already is over in Philly


If the Eagles will indeed be a Dream Team in 2011, they won’t have on the roster a guy who was a YouTube phenom in high school.

Former West Virginia running back Noel Devine, signed by the team on Tuesday, was released Saturday.

The Eagles tucked the news into the tail end of the announcement that defensive tackle Broderick Bunkley, a first-round pick in 2006, had been traded to the Browns for a fifth-round selection.  No details were provided on the team’s website regarding the reason for the move.

Devine joined a crowded backfield, and he likely had a small margin for error.  Also, if he hadn’t kept himself in top shape, it likely would have been obvious.

For now, Devine has lost his ability to control his NFL destiny.  He’ll pass through waivers, and anyone who would want to sign him as a free agent would be foolish not to put in a claim on a contract that surely pays out only the minimum salaries.

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  1. Signed on tuesday, released on saturday…Something weird about that, was he out of shape, fail a physical or a drug test?…3 days and he’s gone, not even a camp body?…

  2. They found out he lied about his arrest record … he didn’t really have any … so they let him going knowing he’d never fit in.

  3. Please stop hating on the Eagles. You look pathetic for doing so. Please worry about your own losing, boring team that will go NOWHERE.
    Thank You and sleep tight. I know I will.

  4. Serendipity. Maybe the J-E-T-S can finally snag a FA now that their negotiations with Derek Anderson have broken down.

  5. philyeagles5 says: “i wanna see this guy in the NFL. hopefully someone gives him a chance.” The Vikes signed Vernon Gholston, Darth Vader signed Fat Albert and the Eagles signed a QB with a Wonderlic of 6. There’s always a chance.

  6. wouldn’t be surprised if Devine’s recent injury history had something to do with the move.

  7. “The Vikes signed Vernon Gholston”?……..Perhaps you should let the bears know of this.

  8. jw731 says: “The Vikes signed Vernon Gholston”?……..Perhaps you should let the bears know of this.

    Correct, da Bears signed him. I got my NFC trainwrecks mixed up.

  9. Considering LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Derrick Locke, and Devine are pretty much carbon copies of each other in terms of their running styles and skillsets, that is the likely reason they cut him. The Eagles opened camp and realized they had one fast small guy too many and decided to get rid of the one that doesn’t catch the ball as well or hasn’t returned kicks.

  10. jimmytwotimes says: Jul 30, 2011 8:04 PM

    Can’t afford him capped out ! HAHAHAHAHA


    Wrong Again …cleared more space today for more moves.

    Go E A G L E S !
    Current Projected Cap Room


    ***Please understand that the cap numbers for Nnamdi Asamugah and Jason Babin are estimates until indicated otherwise.*

  11. You got that $8,744,934 number mixed up with the cap , thats the price of a season ticket to see the dream team !

  12. Rumor has it Devine fainted when he got on the same field with Asomugha and Young. In fact I hear Asomugha is healing people in Philly as we post.

  13. jimmytwotimes says:
    Jul 30, 2011 9:01 PM
    You got that $8,744,934 number mixed up with the cap , thats the price of a season ticket to see the dream team !

    NFL Network’s Scott Hanson
    its for: NFL Network’s Scott Hanson is saying Plaxico Burress will sign with the Eagles.

  14. Britt & Garrett Reid told fat daddy, Devine owed them money and wouldn’t pay up…….

  15. They probably watched tape on him like everybody and liked what they saw enough to sign him. They obviously saw someone completely different in person. Probably the same thing everyone seen before the draft.

    He must be out of shape, have a bad attitude, not be putting in the work, not picking the scheme up fast enough, or simply not impressive in person to be cut that fast.

    I dont get the crowded back field remark however. Right now they have Lesean McCoy and thats its. They drafted Dion Lewis in the 5th round and have a career backup in Eldra Buckley who both are no lock to make the team beyond that no body. Just a bunch of other undrafted free agents like Devine. There was plenty of room for him to make the team if he showed them he was capable of doing so. Obviously he didnt.

    I see him getting picked up by another team but I dont see him catching on with them. He’ll be luck to get a final practice squad position. He is exactly the kind of back Andy Reid goes for small, quick, versatile runners who can catch the ball out of the back field. If he cant make it more then 2 days in a situation with those kind of odds in his favor I dont see how hes going to make it anywhere else.

    But you never know he could fix what ever made the Eagles sour on him so quickly and shine.

  16. Don’t want to speculate on the kid, that’s not right. However, my guess is his phy. condition or testing did him in. Remember he went undrafted.

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