Ty Warren: Bill Belichick moving away from the 3-4

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On his way out the door after getting cut by the Patriots, defensive lineman Ty Warren offered some thoughts about the future of Bill Belichick’s defense, saying the coach who long favored a 3-4 front seems to be moving toward a 4-3.

“I think it looks like they’re trying to get away from the 3-4,” Warren said, via Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com.

Warren got that feeling from the time he spent in team meetings before he was released, and the Patriots’ personnel at the moment appears to line up well in a 4-3 front, with Albert Haynesworth and Vince Wilfork as the starting tackles and Jermaine Cunningham and Eric Moore as the starting ends.

“That’s my whole outlook on the deal,” Warren said. “You have to play to your personnel too.”

Belichick has always been brilliant about identifying the right talent and putting that talent in the right position to succeed. Right now, shifting toward more four-man fronts and fewer three-man fronts may be the best way for the talent on the Patriots to succeed.

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  1. The Pats completely re-invented their offense midseason last year, so if anyone can pull this off it’s BB. I think with all their recent cuts they must be interested in a DE to replace Eric Moore. I’m guessing this means Mayo moves to OLB and Spikes plays MLB? Interesting to see how that will work out.

  2. I couldn’t tell you whether the Ravens play with more 3 or 4 men fronts because they are constantly switching the alignment. Perhaps the New England is moving in that direction as well away from a true/strictly 3-4.

  3. If true, I’ve seen this coming for a couple of years now as they’ve been in sub 4-3 packages very often. If they decide to switch to more of a 4-3 base that should keep Albert Haynsworth very happy and a happy Albert is a scary Albert … watch out Mark Sanchez!!!!

  4. I said the same thing when I read about the trade for Albert. I’m still not sold on Cunningham and Moore as the rush ends though. Neither are any of the Offensive Coordinators the Pats will play either. But if anybody can make it work I suppose Bill can.

  5. It is pretty clear they don’t have the linebackers to play a 3-4. They will be impotent, yet again, if they don’t make changes. 14 sacks doesn’t bring home championship hardware.

  6. So NOW maybe we finally know why BB didn’t go for an OLB in the draft. If they go to a 4-3-4 (or in passing downs, 4-2-5), that opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for Pats at LB. Bill seems to like Dane Fletcher, who could be WSLB while Mayo is a natural tackling machine and can play anywhere, including SSLB. Big issue: Is Spikes durable enough to hold down the middle.

  7. wow.are they changing things around the pick up of Albert? that would be funny if he tanks it.

  8. Yeah steel6times, because we all know the Steelers have been beating up on the Patriots big time over the last few years. Oh wait, its the other way around! Can’t we get some muzzles for these idiots?

  9. The 3-4 is a superior defense…if you have the talent for it (a true nose tackle, and linebackers with size/speed). If you DON’T have the talent, it’s far, far inferior to the 4-3, which depends less on physical match-ups and more on schemes.

    I loath Belicheat with a fire as hot as the burning sun…but he’s wise, considering the players he has, to move from the 3-4. Dammit.

  10. Steel6times maybe you should change to “Steel4TimesBeforeIWasAlive” or “Steel2TimesSinceIWasBorn”. You should find a bandwagon that doesn’t double as a paddy wagon, which is where most of your team for this year reside in the back of at one time or another. Having your fair weather team getting pulverized in the Super Bowl doesn’t make them the gateway to the next beat down from the NFC.

  11. BB always tailors his teams to play to the strengths of his players and if that’s a 4-3, he will use it. We have played several games in the last couple of years where the base defense was actually 4-3 so I’m not overly concerned.

  12. Teams are loving this hybrid D. If you have versatile personnell a 3-4 can instantly change to 4-3 before the snap by a couple guys takin their hand out of the dirt and shifting. Tough to nail down blocking assignments. Like when the Jets will have only 1 guy hand in the dirt and everyone else walking around and moving.

  13. Very excited about the upcoming season annd moves still to be made.

    Sorry steel6times, the AFC North doesn’t even go thru Pittsburgh anymore.

  14. I’m sure it’ll be a mix of looks that’s still good enough to confuse most OCs and QBs on any Sunday, and they’ll win 12 give or take.

  15. ampats says:Jul 30, 2011 8:31 AM

    Sorry steel6times, the AFC North doesn’t even go thru Pittsburgh anymore.


    Sure it does, look at the standings the past…I don’t know…10 or 15 years.

  16. I can’t wait for the first time Brady is throwing one of his throw-the gatorade-cup-really-hard hissy fits on the sideline…and Ochostinko clowns past him wearing a gold cape, mugging for the camera.

    How entertaining will that be!

  17. I dont think Bill is done yet. I am not sold on the move to the 4-3 either, He seems to like the hybrid D.

    My gut says this is still a work in progress this is what day 3 of camp right

  18. Thumbs up if you are tired of steel6times and his/her annoying comments and wish PFT would block them all.

  19. Patriots.

    Super Bowls illegally taping opponents signals: 3
    Super Bowls not illegally taping opponents signals: 0

    The facts don’t lie.

  20. i’m sure they’ll still play some 3-4 just maybe focus more on the 4-3 with the personnel that’s there…still wish ty didn’t have to be cut he was one of my favorite players

  21. They will no doubt play some 3-4 this year. Back in SB39, they decided to change to a 4-3 base knowing that the eagles were preparing for the opposite. Having players with experience in both alignments will be valuable.

    Also, with so many coaches from his tree around the league, his selection of pure 3-4 players are few and far between. Back in the sb run, only the Steelers ran a 3-4. This makes a lot of sense.

    BB hasn’t been able to replace McGinest and Vrabel at the OLB position. We will see what he can do with another d lineman or two.

  22. @flaka…yea…being one miracle catch away from 19-0 followed by 3 years rebuilding after losing McGinest, Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel, Law, Brown, Samuel, Seymour, Branch, Givens, etc, etc has nothing to do with it. Same signals in plain view to 70,000 people in the stadium every Sunday…get over it 😉

  23. Shanahan needs to take a page outta BB’s playbook here.
    If it works dont fix it. That was a good redskins defense until he got hold of it and tried running a 3-4 wout the players to make it happen.

    Hate to say it but Haynesworth will have an impact if they go 4-3

  24. steel6times says:
    The AFC has to go through us. Good luck! lolololol

    The Patriots kicked the Steeler’s ass up and down the field last year, as always. It wasn’t your Steelers who stopped a 14-2 New England, moron.

  25. It seems that the Pats have pretty much made a habit of going through Pittsburgh……on the way to Superbowls in New Orleans twice, and Jacksonville once.

  26. Even though I dont like the Patriots I can admit that they are a great team. They have 1 of the best coaches in league history, they always make great personel decisions, and are probably the favorites to come out of the AFC this year.

    But I think they would have the worst pair of DE’s in a 4-3 with Jermaine Cunningham and Eric Moore. I just dont see how you can expect to get any pressure on the qb with those 2 as your main pass rushers. I think they would possibly have the best DT tandum in the NFL with Haynesworth and Wilfork but they arent pass rushers they are lane clogging run stopping power pigs. McCourty was great last year but hes gonna have a hell of time this year if that’s what their planning to do. No matter how go a cb is they cant stay with a WR forever they will eventually get away.

    But maybe were getting a head of ourselves. Maybe they’re going to run the 3-4 this season and are just starting to acquire the right personel to make the switch to a 4-3 base in the future. Maybe that’s what he meant. That would make more sense because obviously they dont have the players yet to run a 4-3 as their base format. It would explain the Haynesworth trade and releasing Warren. Haynesworth is the definition of a 4-3 DT and Warren is tweener. He wouldnt really fit at dt or de.

    I know better then to question Bellicheck. What ever hes planning to do will probably set the league on fire. We will just have to sit back and watch the magic.

  27. No way some of the people we now view as starters on N.E.’s defense will be that way when opening day rolls around.

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