Vince on Vick: “We’re going to compete”

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In response to Vince Young’s decision to dub the Eagles a “Dream Team,” several of you astutely pointed out that Young will be playing the role of Christian Laettner.

But Vince possibly has his sights set a little higher.

“We’re going to compete, and that’s what we do,” Young said Saturday regarding Vick, in comments distributed by the team.  “It’s going to make him play better and it’s going to make me get better.  That’s what we have to do, and I have his back.  Whatever happens, if I get a chance to get out there, I know he’ll do the same.  Right now, I’m just going to be paying attention to him, listening, asking questions.  At the same time, I’m definitely going to be the best that I can be in order to push because I want to see him be the best that he can be and help him lead this team to a Super Bowl.”

In fairness to Young, it’s likely that his reference to the notion of “competing” doesn’t mean he believes he’ll actually be competing with Vick for the starting job.

We think.

More importantly, Young is confident that, if/when he gets another chance, things won’t go like they did in Tennessee, during the times things didn’t go well.

“That’s definitely behind me,” Young said.  “It was a learning experience and I’m a working product.  There isn’t no one perfect in the league.  As you see as guys get older and more mature, they start to take off so I’m kind of in that mode right now.  I definitely wouldn’t take anything back.  I’ve learned from all of my mistakes. I’m basically just ready to just move forward and do what I can to get the Eagles to a Super Bowl.  That’s what I’m here for.  I’m very excited to be here and a part of a great tradition of a football team.”

We like the attitude.  And we continue to believe that a coach who knows how to press Young’s buttons will be able to get him through the highs and the lows of playing quarterback in the NFL.

Two years ago, no one would have imagined that Donovan McNabb would be long gone and Mike Vick would be the Eagles’ starter.  Two years from now, who knows how the depth chart will look?

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  1. That’s rich. Vick is faster, stronger and more familiar with the offense.

    Vick starts week 1. Period.

  2. Vince says” “I’m a working product.” Does he mean a work in progress? He’s been there 1 day and he has put his foot in his mouth twice.

  3. touchdownroddywhite……wow did u come up with that all by urself? thank u captain obvious, u really know football


    Is there any other team in the league besides the Patriots and the Eagles?

    Youre only on 24 hours a day. I think you can fit them in.

  5. I think with vick’s style of play, he will miss a couple games over the next couple of seasons, and Vince Young will get a chance to play. If he makes the best out of that, then the eagles could have a Kevin kolb situation all over again. Of course, that’s assuming young is any good.

  6. wawa33 says:
    Jul 30, 2011 3:44 PM
    Vince says” “I’m a working product.” Does he mean a work in progress? He’s been there 1 day and he has put his foot in his mouth twice.


    Vince is fine…he just needs to make sure he doesn’t put his foot in Vick’s mouth for fear of the HERPES!!

  7. Young’s been through the ringer, and I hope this new start works out for him. He sounds more mature in this latest interview.

    Given the kind of pressure put on QBs these days, it’s maybe better for those of us arm chairing it all the time to occasionally cut some of these guys a little slack… but not too much since they’re getting the big bucks.

  8. I think we are all forgetting that Young considers himself a “HOF” QB! Seems like in less then a day VY is picking up where he left off. Will he ever learn?

  9. Fans aren’t worried about them “competing”, they are worried about them “completing”.

  10. He said he wants to learn from Vick and try to challenge Vick to keep him on his toes because Young obviously wants to be out there himself. It does sound like he is going to go there and compete with very little expectation that he’ll actually win.

    What’s wrong with that? You don’t want a guy coming in saying “I’m here to collect a check and carry Vick’s bags”. He should go out there and compete to the best of his abilities.

  11. Calm down guys, its all good. That’s what good players say. Would you rather he come in here with an “I ll just hang around attitude” ? If Young has what it takes, bet your a- – Andy will get it out of him.

  12. touchdownroddywhite says:
    Jul 30, 2011 3:44 PM
    That’s rich. Vick is faster, stronger and more familiar with the offense.

    Vick starts week 1. Period.

    Agree 100%. When Vick signed with Philly Andy Reid put in packages for Vick because of the contrast between Vick and Mcnabb. Its not neccessary with Young because he’s slower, weaker and a inferior passer to Vick. If and when Vick gets hurt (good chance he will) Young needs to come in and play well. If Vick stays healthy, no way Young see’s the field. For what? To run the Wildcat????

  13. Vick had his career year. He won’t come close to those passing numbers again. I say VY starts close to half the team’s games this year.

  14. Another quotes from the interview:

    “Whatever they ask me to do, to be scout team quarterback or quarterback learning, do whatever it is. I just want to be here to help and be a part of a team. I’m just happy to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles.”

  15. Who’d a thunk – another QB controversy brewing in Philly. Hope Vick doesn’t let it put him off his game.

  16. @touchdownroddywhite, thanks for pointing out the obvious. I don’t think there’s anyone, Young included, who was contesting that.

  17. Eh.. whatever, nothing big here. On the James Harrison comment scale this is like a 1.5…

  18. You missed the part where Young started to say “national championship” and had to check himself and say “Super Bowl” instead.

    Honestly, it was kind of Freudian and summed up the last five years. Like he hasn’t realized this isn’t college anymore.

  19. Young said. “It was a learning experience and I’m a working product. ‘

    is “working product” kind of like “a work in progress” ??

  20. “I’m a working product.”

    (Eagles’ fans shakes his head and keeps a positive focus on Young’s marvelous physical skills.)

    ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.’ A. Lincoln

  21. Not a Vince Young fan but if I were an Eagles fan I would be happy with that response. What is he supposed to say ” I am not going to compete during practice like I want to be a starter?”

  22. Sorry VY maybe you’ll be better competing against Vick but you’re definitely not going to make him any better.

    It’s the right attitude to want to compete and want to start because every player who wants to be successful so never be satisfied with his performance and always strive to improve but don’t get ahead of yourself here VY. Take a back seat and learn to be a QB like Vick did and maybe in a couple of years you’ll get a shot with another team.

  23. i love how they are trying to make the eagles into the heat. this is how the media will drum up business. how the hell did u come to that? becuase they signed namdi? they had samuels who is a stud and they are trading him. they have a rookie at MLB, a rookie at SS, a 2nd year man at S, a 2nd year 7th round pick at WLB, and a 3rd year 7th round pick at SAM. and they still have more cap room, they aint even at the floor yet. yeah thats the heat

  24. Why the hell does the media even give vince young the “time of day”? Never has been a real NFL QB and never will be…..the kid is a hellva athlete but he just don’t got it upstairs and I do believe QB requires some cerebral abilities.

  25. Watch out, Vince, or Vick will sic his dogs on you… Oh, never mind, they took the live ones away from him

  26. no need to compete vince….you’ll be getting your head handed to you in the five or so games you’ll have to start when vick is injured.

  27. He wasn’t saying he will compete for the starting job. That was an attempt at the media to stir something up. If any of you had actually played sports, you would understand that teammates are constantly in “competition”, that usually the biggest factor in a player getting better.

    He wants to push Vick to become better, and he wants to be pushed to become better himself.

    That’s all that was said, and there was in no way anything “negative” about it.

    The “Dream team” comment was taken out of context as well. I watched both interviews live, and got absolutely no “attitude” out of either comment.

    All the people on here that are negative are just pissed off that their team hasn’t done as much as the Eagles have in FA.

  28. I think Vince has always thought of himself as more talented than Vick. And he might be right. Vick was never the runner up in the Heisman vote and he never won a national championship. Even if he doesn’t win the starting job, he wants to show that he’s better. Vick chokes in big games. Vince does the opposite.

  29. To be honest, I don’t think vince could’ve gone to a better situation. They have an amazing qb coach with the eagles and obviously andy reid. Their qb coach has worked moble qb’s before. Like Steve young and others. I think he’ll be able to teach a lot to vince. The ball is really in Vinces court now, he can become good if he puts the time in with this guy. He just had to do it

  30. Vince Young competing with Mike Vick? Are you serious? A little friendly advice to Vince
    Young: If competing with Vick is something you plan to do, you should be aware of the outcome for those who do not compete to Vick’s standards…

  31. Oh well. It’s the law of unintended consequences. Now they’ll have to hire a guy to stay between Young and any microphone in the area.
    What an idiot…

  32. With all these great Eagles signings, the only thing that can bring this team down is character issues affecting performance. As a fan of another team in the NFC East, I’m glad to see Vince young not accepting his role already.

  33. dcbassguy says: “All the people on here that are negative are just pissed off that their team hasn’t done as much as the Eagles have in FA.”

    Packers haven’t gone after a single open market FA and I’m not pissed off. However I would have been extremely pissed off if the Packers had gone after a QB with a Wonderlic of 6, a history of assaulting fans with various pieces of equipment, and a tendency to disappear into a black hole of doom. Worse yet, it’s *Philly*. Fans will throw stuff at him.

  34. press said he was a backup, vick said he was a backup, hell… I think someone from the team said so too….

    The real point here is…. faced with all that… this idiot can’t control himself and MUST infer that he’s gonna put up a fight for the starting job… he can’t let it sit for an entire 24 hours….. at exactly the time he should be the most humble, putting in the work kinda guy he should be.

    and that’s the proof that he will forever be a malcontent…. and a problem. You don’t ever see franchise QBs act like that….ever.

  35. “Working product”? Wow. I want to see VY have some long-term success in the NFL, but jeez. Somebody tell me his words were just transcribed incorrectly and he didn’t really say that. 0_0

  36. Hey Vince, When you walk by people and you feel like they may be laughing at you, they probably are. You lost a battle with Kerry Collins and you think you can battle with Vick?!?!?!

  37. People are reading too much into this. Young and Vick will compete with one another the way the QB’s and RB’s and WR’s and DB’s on all teams compete. They will push one another. The better Young plays in practice, the better it will force Vick to play and vice versa.

    Good teams create competition and the perception of competition even when the job is not up for grabs. If Reed didn’t tell Young that he wants him to try to compete for the job then Reed is not a good coach.

    As a coach you just try to avoid telling the media that two guys are competing for a job unless the job truly is up for grabs. Unless Reed tells everyone there is a competition, there ain’t one, but Young sure as hell better be playing like there is.

  38. I just want to throw this out there and i am in no way a VY fan and i would have rather had a guy like hasselback. You know how many QB’s have a better winning percentage since Youngs Rookie year of guys who have 25 starts or more ??? The answer is 6. Thats it. That means the guy has the 7th best winning percentage since he was a rookie. Not bad for a guy who can barely speak.

  39. Agree with you, Mike. I think he knows Vick is the undisputed starter. He’s just saying (and not very well) that he has a competitive mindset and wants to help the team anytime he’s called upon. If he behaves himself, works hard, and learns as well from Vick as Vick did from McNabb, in two years he’ll be starting for another franchise.

  40. Someone needs to take over at QB once that offensive line of theirs starts clicking. I mean, clunking.

  41. Don’t just read the quote. Watch the video on the Iggles’ website.

    It wasn’t like he was saying he expects to win the starting job. He was just saying he wants to push Vick to make him better.

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