Vince Young declares the Eagles to be a “Dream Team”

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In a move that could eventually be a nightmare for Philly fans, newly-arrived backup quarterback Vince Young has declared the Eagles to be a “Dream Team.”

“From Nnamdi [Asomugha] to [Dominique Rodgers-]Cromartie, to Jason [Babin] to myself,“ Young told the media on Saturday, according to Tim McManus of  “I know they are going to do some more things. . . .  It’s just beautiful to see where we’re trying to go.”

All that’s missing are the fog machines, the spotlights, and expectations that can be achieved only if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

Team president Joe Banner knows the power of the term that Young applied to the Eagles.

“It’s a scary term,” Banner said, per McManus, “but . . . somebody wrote the words ‘The Eagles are all in,’ and that’s how we look at it.  We’re doing anything and everything we can, we’re being aggressive about it, and the expectations are high.”

Last year, the Eagles won the NFC East but lost at home in the wild-card round to the Packers.  Whether Asomugha and Jason Babin and Young and Donald Lee and Johnnie Lee Higgins and whatever else the Eagles have up their sleeves will put make coach Andy Reid’s 13th season his luckiest one yet remains to be seen.

That said, it’s safe to say that the same dynamic that made otherwise neutral NBA fans turn on the Miami Heat will prompt NFL fans with no strong feelings about the Eagles to develop them.


171 responses to “Vince Young declares the Eagles to be a “Dream Team”

  1. This coming from a person who thinks he is a HOFer! I like the move the eagles have made; but as long as you have Andy Reid running the show I don’t think a Super bowl win is in your future. The man has zero clock management skills.

  2. As a lifelong Eagles diehard and season ticket holder, I absolutely WELCOME the venom that the rest of the league should have for our team! It worked in 2004, to the extent that it got the team over the hump of the NFC Championship Game and into the Super Bowl… now they’re finally pushing all of their chips into the middle of the table. So let the rest of the league and fans despise us… even Fire The Walrus is happy! Bring on the bull’s-eye!

  3. If the J-E-T-S knew VY was about to get mouthy like that they’d have snagged him in a heartbeat. Cogent analysis is probably something a guy with a 6 on the Wonderlic should stay away from. Hope he’s smart enough to avoid the Philly sidelines come December.

  4. LOL! Just like the Heat, right! Paper champs come and go every year. And every year they come up empty handed

  5. So Vince Young is predicting that the Eagles will lose the Super Bowl again just like those choke artists from the NBA.

  6. LOL! Yes Vince Young this is a dream team for you because it will be a fing dream if you even beat out Kafa or whatever the hell his name is for the second spot behind Vick. When did VY become Nnamdi or DRC or Vick all this talk of we always amuses me from guys who won’t even get any playing time. Next thing you know Brian Cardinal will be telling us how he’s leading the Mavs back to the finals. Maybe good ol Ryan Mallet can break it down for us how he and Tom Brady will be breaking records this year for the Pats. Lord these third stringers!

  7. Picking up a bunch of parts that never played together before. We have watched all the Hoopla before on Teams trying to bring in a bunch of players only to watch the Teams Crash and Burn.

    My guess is Philly does not do as well as they did last year. And their secondary is still a long long ways from Haynes and Hayes. But this is the time of year all have hope, but then the games start.

  8. Still need linebackers and an upgrade from Winston Justice and maybe a guy named plaxico and then there is a dream team

  9. Nightmare? Andy Reid will put Young in his place. Young is very, very talented. What he lacks is discipline.

  10. “Not 2, not three, not four, five, or six”…. don’t get caught up in the spin cycle of your own bullcrap like LeBron James and the Miami Heat.
    Win something first.

  11. Dear Vince Young,

    You’ve only been on the team for a couple of hours. Keep your mouth shut.


    The World

  12. Prediction: If the Eagles don’t go to the Big Show this year, Andy Reid’s looking for a job next season.

    I think the organization is serious with this “all in” commitment and given Vick’s fragility and age, this does appear to be the year to try to take the big prize.

  13. And will most have the same result as the Miami heat, failure. With mike Vick and andy reid as your leaders, you have the 2 of the worst big game managers. Reid will choke this away and Vick will throw a int on a game winning drive. BOOK IT!

  14. Already have hAters its funny when a teams goes all out and signs the best players people start crying an hating cuz their team was to cheap to get them! Go eagles!! Eff your haters

  15. It’s funny how Reid knows he needs a backup because Vick will certainly miss games each season.. Eagles will still be an overhyped team that won’t win a championship.

  16. Any real Eagles fan will tell u its cautious optimism, BUT i hope it makes the rest of the league hate us, US AGAINST THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bring it on

  17. We haven’t won since 1960, how can you hate on us for finally going all in? They say “any given Sunday” for a reason, but i give my team a standing ovation for going for it all!

  18. DRC was a Pro Bowler in ’09. Last year he was dreadful. If you think Asante Samuel is averse to tackling in the run game wait til you see DRC!

    And are you referring to VY as a Pro Bowler? LMAO… the freakin’ Titans didn’t even want him!

  19. Thanks for reminding us why the Titans cut you. Sidenote, why is it when teams like the Redskins do this they are buying a ring but when the Eagles do it they are a “dream team”?

  20. Haters!!! Lol yall are all jealous and the pats are a joke im so sick of hearing how there the best hows brady gonna get ball to ocho with nhamdi all over him and drc or asante on welker keep dreaming!

  21. I hate to agree with VY here but this team sure looks good on paper. If VY is pressed into service after he’s worked with Andy Reid he’ll be a better QB – and last year his QB rating was 98 in an off year. Feel free to laugh. I do believe the thought of Mike Vick making it all the way back made people laugh a couple of years ago too.

    The only caveat is of course that “on paper” is very different from on the football field which is why they play the games. I’ll be rooting for the Eagles to go down in flames but I’m not going to betting on it. Go Packers!

  22. i am sure that the addition of a backup QB will put Philly over the hump

  23. He’s ezzzactly right. It is his dream team. He gets to be a playaaaa, Mike Vick’s B!tch, chance to go to the supabowlll, all the sh!t that goes along wit it, just no chances of being injured or thinkin too much!

    Sounds like VY’s dream to me!

  24. The Packers are still the best in the NFL.

    They won the Super Bowl. Until someone else does, they’re the champs. The Packers still have a better overall defense and an even more potent offense. This makes the Eagles better, but not the best.

  25. The Eagles have made a number of solid moves… too bad Andy Reid is still the HC. Worst ‘big-game’ coach since Marty Schottenheimer.

  26. Why would anybody listen to a word that Vince Young says??? I wonder if he doesn’t get to start if he’ll throw a hissy-fit and curl up in a corner with a gun. This guy is a certified mental case and the last person in the world I’d want on my team. There is no doubt he has football talent, but the mental issues are a disaster waiting to happen. Ask Jeff Fisher.

  27. I’m thinking 11-5 …. if everything goes right, and if Vick stays healthy.

  28. They can’t stop the run. That’s a problem and even if all the DB are out there do honestly believe that the packers, falcons & saints won’t eat ’em this year. I’m sorry but you my friend are going realize my Chris Bosh couldn’t stop crying after he lost the finals last year. Yea that was a so-called “dream team” to right?

  29. Getting Plax will solidify the offense for the red zone and defenses will have to “pick their poison.” Also, if Vick does go down in a game, having Vince as a backup allows for the same offense to be run as opposed to some hybrid “drop back only” as with Kolb running the show. The Eagles have upgraded their chances within the NFC East for a start.

  30. That said, it’s safe to say that the same dynamic that made otherwise neutral NBA fans turn on the Miami Heat will prompt NFL fans with no strong feelings about the Eagles to develop them.


    Such an outcome is obviously high on your ‘Dream List’, Little Mike. One wonders just what prompts your long standing disdain for the Eagles.

    There is virtually no similarity between the Heat and the Eagles. To attempt to compare one off hand remark of a happy but not too smart newly signed Eagle QB to the totally over-the-top, orchestrated crap that went on with James and the Heat would seem to be beneath an intelligent and educated man.

    Try to keep that bias in check. It’s not very becoming.

  31. Sorry, but getting Vince Young, Babin, Rodger-Cromartie and Nmandi (same goes for those knuckleheads in Miami) pales to putting Jordan, Bird, and Magic together. The only thing that could have made that team better was replacing Laettner with Shaq. Using “Dream team” in reference to anything else is lame.

  32. the caption of the Miami Heat at the beginning of this article is perfect. We all know how that ended. Why is VY even opening his mouth? He should be instructed to be seen and not heard. This guy will bring problems to Philly. Vick better take him under his wing and give him a room to sleep in. You still can’t watch him 24/7, so I truly believe he will get in trouble, and I think with the press the team will now get, and with all the increased pressure to win a SB this year, VY as a distraction will be hard to manage. Just my opinion, but ALL the pressure is now on Philly to win it all, and that added pressure will be palpable. Andy Reid is truly on the hot seat. It may work out, but I doubt it.

  33. I have high expectations for the Eagles but they have nothing to do with the addition of Young. Vick is the beast on the team and everyone wants to think about how he tapered off at the end of last season but think about this, he had one year of serious game study going into last season. He has now doubled that and added some experience as a “legit” NFL QB. Young needs to shut up and realize he’s a 3rd string QB.

  34. Wow…such hatred. Young likely won’t contribute much, but as of now the Eagles will be the most complete team in the league. High expectations can be a team’s undoing though…as can injuries.

  35. You lost your entire lb Corp and safeties, plus have a new d coordinator. With only one actual pass rusher and a holdout as your number 1 wr. Dream team alright.

  36. Hey NFL,
    U MAD BRO???
    This ain’t the racistskins.
    The Eagle know how to get the most out of their players.

  37. No, this is not the slapdick festival that is the Miami Heat. But, the Eagles could fail just as hard too. Football is 100x better than the NBA.

  38. robsterny, good post – “Bring it don’t sing it” – love it. VY doesn’t know how to do anything else BUT sing it. He has a good win/loss record, but has that translated into anything of substance? No. And VY adding himself into that list he mentioned – just goes to show you how his ego is not and will not be in check, regardless of where he goes. Tennessee just got rid of its biggest and most destructive distraction. If Coach Fisher can’t coach him and help him develop into a decent citizen, I highly doubt Reid can.

  39. That’s a bit of a stretch to comape the new Eagles team to the Miami Heat. First, there was no “decision.” Second, while all three in Miami had their choice via free agency, a lot of our big moves have been via trades. Third, the Eagles probably won’t hold a gawdy introduction conference like Miami did.

    the Patriots added a pair of big names and they’re always going after the Super Bowl. Would it surprise any of you if they came out and said “we are going for it this year?”

    I’ve heard many athletes say many stupid things but I think you are getting a little overworked about this one.

  40. As long as Vick is under center people will always hate this team. But, we, as fans, love the underdog and in order to have an underdog you need to have a hated favorite. Thats the Eagles this year. It’s crazy but it should be the Packers.

  41. if the eagles had aaron rodgers then yes it might be considered a dream team but with michael vick they will never get past the 2nd round! Eagles are already thinking they are superbowl champions for 2012, they still got to get past the cowboys and giants in there own divison which wont be easy. Well we all know the redskins will be 2 easy wins on there scheldure but nothing is guarenteed in that divison!

  42. Dream Team?

    First, does he realize he’s not going to be playing unless POS gets hurt?

    Secondly, dream teams won’t have a collective IQ in the Mid-80’s for their quarterback position.

    Will love watching them crash & burn.

  43. Eagles and Heat are not the same.

    Eagles have earned where they are by hard work, building a solid foundation, and the ability of Andy Reid to develop QB’s that play super in his offense.

    The Heat were 3 losers that came together to stack a game that 5 people at a time play…..and they still couldn’t win.

    It’s not like 60% of the Eagles starters came to play with their friends. There are 22 O & D starters + 2 kickers + at least 3 important special teams players. That’s 27 starters. 60% of that rounds out to 16 players.

    16 players didn’t leave their teams to join the Eagles as free agents.

  44. It’s real easy to say the Eagles will never win a Super Bowl, their history backs that up. But at least these are intelligent pick ups. you cant argue with Asomugha, Cromartie, Babin, and even Vince Young as a project/backup. Any team would love to have the first three. Compare this to what the Redskins have done. Gaffney, Moss and Stallworth? Absolutely idiotic signings. The Eagles may not win it all but at least the are giving it an aggresive and intelligent effort which is more than most franchises (Bengals, Skins) can say.

  45. VY better be careful. All he is doing is gathering more media attention to the Eagles. They are going to have a huge target on their back and they haven’t even settled contract matters with Action Jackson yet.

  46. You should all give the guy a break. With his athletic talents, he’s going to hold the he11 out of that clipboard!

  47. I have to say….you philly dillys are the most $hit-talking of all NFL fans …yesterday we couldnt even find any of you! LOL…Its gonna be fun to beat you!!

  48. LOL, Vick is very similar to LeBron… he’ll rack up stats and fill up highlight reels but he’ll never win a championship because he’s a one-trick pony.

  49. Okay, first, if Young plays the dream is over. So hold that clipboard tight Vince. Second, Nnamdi and DRC? Way to overreact to the Pack’s passing attack. Nice try though…..

  50. Vince is right about a dream team. As a Eagle fan
    I’m dreaming of a run stopping tackle, a real
    linebacker that actually makes plays and
    anyone who can replace Winston Justice
    so Vick doesn’t have to run for his life.

  51. Ok. Reality check. The HEAT came in second. SECOND.!! Where did your team finish?! And don’t tell me you’ve been a MAV all this time. ‘Cause you haven’t.

    So the if the point is to draw a comparison to Miamuh, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. I’m sure everyone would look at a conferenc championship as a worthwhilê acheivement.

  52. Don’t have anything against the Eagles and think they’ve had a brilliant FA period so far … but that photo is priceless for giving any team a reality check. If football can be compared to poker, the Pack has virtually stood pat … because they already have a winning hand.

  53. If dan snyder had done this, it would have been considered a huge mistake.

  54. what are they gonna do when there own crowd starts in on him,cuz at some point he will have to play,thats a funny thought i don’ t care who you are.

  55. We call all say this next February, the sun will rise and set. We’ll still have to pay taxes. And the Eagles will still be without a championship. The Cubs will get the Pennant before The Eagles will get a Lombardi.

  56. And DWade has a ring… so Duh, Winning (not losing). What is this? Talladega Nights, if you’re not first you’re last? GTFO w/ that shti.

  57. I’m not sure that I get the comparison between the Eagles and the Miami Heat, but what’s wrong with trying to go all out to win a Super Bowl this year? Andy Reid probably knows that this will be his last shot at it (with the Eagles, anyway). As far as Vince Young is concerned, there’s no real reason to be excited about him being an Eagle, but of the available backup types left on the market, which one would honestly be a better choice?

  58. The Philadelphia Eagles organization likes to refer to themselves as the GOLD standard ,,,,,,,more like the FOLD (in the playoffs ) standard !

  59. I’m not an Eagles fan but I don’t think anyone can deny that on paper yes, it’s a dream team.

  60. VY must still be feeling the effects of James Harrison and friends planting him on his head last year!! It’s comical that he even included himself in his Dream Team delusion.

  61. That answers the question of whether or not he has matured. After his issues and how his season ended last year, he should be humbled. “To myself…” just shows that he doesn’t get it. If Vick goes down and he has to come into a home game and then screws up, it’s all over but the cryin for him.

  62. thesmartest1 says:

    “Some jealousy raging in these posts…..”

    Vince? Is this you?

  63. Congrats Eagle fans, you’ve wrestled away the free agency champions trophy from the Redskins.

  64. Vince Young went on suicide watch in TN. How is this little crying baby going to handle the fans in Philly? I wouldnt have wasted a used tampon on signing this guy.

  65. Compared to the teams VY had in Tennessee, it must feel like a Dream Team, particularly when he consider the improved coaching he is getting (as opposed to Heimer-Winger).

    The Eagles aren’t calling themselves anything, everybody is chasing the Packers.

  66. As a Falcons fan (and remember that very carefully as I type this). Being the number one seed last year and shaping up to be a contender yet again this year as well. With all the talent that the Eagles have amassed and the endeavors they have poured into free agency and trades this year. I can honestly say I would not mind seeing the Eagles actually make it to the SB this year. Now if they have the ability to win a ring or not all depends on how well this very talented team works together. With Nnamdi, Cromartie, and Asante (if they do decide on keeping him). That could be a very, very dangerous backfield to pass against. Cole and Babin together can shake up many a QB. Celek and Lee along with Desean and Maclin are a tourdeforce for the passing game. With Vick and Young, both starting caliber QB’s at the helm of this team.

    With all that being said, can they all set everything aside work together in sync and go for gold. If so this is the greatest Free Agency pick ups the Eagles have ever amassed and it will be remembered. If not however this will forever be Andy Reids last year as a Football coach. Not just in the NFL, not even a peewee league would pick him up after losing with this team.

    So good luck to the Eagles and we will see you in the playoffs.

  67. We aint no dream team. But we good. Still need LB’s, don’t know what’s up with RT (vick’s blind side). Gotta sign watkins and djax. Packs are still the champs. We comin for them though! … And we are no Miami heat, we drafted most of our team, and/or developed our players…The deadskins are more of the heat just payin high priced free agents and never getting anywhere.

  68. rhf123 says: “The Eagles aren’t calling themselves anything, everybody is chasing the Packers.” Who have released 7 veterans, signed all 10 draft choices + a bunch of UDFAs, reduced the cap by ~$18M so they have room to nail down Finley and other Packers who will be FAs next year, and haven’t chased a single open market target. And a backup QB who could make VY look like what comes out of a can of Silly String.

  69. The Eiggle YACKERs are out in full force ! When they start chirpin about how great they will be just ask how many Lombardi’s they got in the empty case ? This is usually followed up by a response from the eagle yacker that goes something like this “yea thats all you can come up with ” ahahahaha they are e-a-g-l-e-s YACKERS !

  70. I’m a pretty big Eagles fan and I understand the joy of the signings. But a dream team? Come on. Has anyone seen our starting LB core?

    Casey Matthews is penciled in as our starting MLB.

    I’m excited for the season, but when you say SB bound and NFC favorites you’re pushing it a tad bit.

  71. Good luck to the Eagles with VY! They got the “cancer” that the Titans got rid of. “Released” was the best day I’ve had as a Titans/Oilers fan ever!That brat, AKA baby was let go, kicked to the curb. I’m so glad we didn’t trade him like he is worth more than a bench warmer. Would have liked to see him unemployed, but….

  72. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jul 30, 2011 1:45 PM
    The Packers are still the best in the NFL.

    They won the Super Bowl. Until someone else does, they’re the champs. The Packers still have a better overalldefense and an even more potent offense. This makes the Eagles better, but not the best.
    awwww someones butthurt that another team s grabbing headlines. Great, SB champs, yay. Now go ask the Saints if anyone cared what they did the year before.

  73. dalcowis says:
    Jul 30, 2011 2:27 PM
    what are they gonna do when there own crowd starts in on him,cuz at some point he will have to play,thats a funny thought i don’ t care who you are.
    …HA! – yeah – throw your pads @ philly fans & see what happens –

  74. The media is a bunch of tools. I’m glad VY feels that way about the team he is now a part of, if you don’t feel that way about the team you’re on, then you shouldn’t be on that team. Everyone loves to hate on Philly – the city, the teams and the fans. I hope the Eagles go on a run like The Pats just to shut everyone up.

  75. I LOVE TEAMS WITH HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!!! It’s a recipe for DISASTER!!!! Look what it did to my Cowboys last year…

  76. Hilarious.
    The Philadelphia Eagles are officially the 2011 preseason champions, dethroning the Minnesota Vikings of 2009 and 2010. Congrats, Philly!

  77. Damn Vince, you were simply supposed to say, “I would like to thank the Eagle organization for this great opportunity. I’m looking forward to getting to work and being a positive impact on this team any way I can.” That’s all ya had to say son. But “Dream Team”? All I can see now is VY punking out like LaBron James in the finals this year with zero sense of urgency.

  78. Have a couple of ex-raiders on team should help. Beat working for Old Al. Good luck! And if u do losse this year…try not to cry VY.

  79. As an Eagles fan, we don’t want raised expectations. We haven’t ever won a Super Bowl so we’re just trying to get one. You’ll never hear a true Eagles fan talk about this Dream Team garbage.

  80. contra74 –

    I suppose a Viking fan would know about irrelevance, since that’s where Minnesota will be for the next few years. Bash the Packers all you want, as it’s all a sad little Viking fan like you has with your zero championships and no stadium. And your team isn’t even the preseason champs this year. Too bad.

  81. EIGGLE fans beggin for an x-GIANT to help get them a ring thats how desperate the YACKERS are!

  82. I thought the funniest part was when he said he wanted to help the Eagles win a “national champ….Super Bowl.”


  83. The Eagles should sign JaMeatloaf Russell to complete Vince Young’s dreamscape and make Andy Reid look slim.

  84. contra74 says:

    awwww someones butthurt that another team s grabbing headlines. Great, SB champs, yay. Now go ask the Saints if anyone cared what they did the year before.


    Nah, I don’t care about the teams that think they’ve won the Super Bowl already (especially when they never have).

    Nor do I care about free agency, as TT is the best in the business at building a team.

    The Packers won the Super Bowl with tons of injuries, and they beat the Eagles twice last year.

    Sorry, but you’re just not going to upset a fan of the World Champs.

    Enjoy your day!

  85. now if only the Eagles had Rodgers, Matthews and Woodson…..then you could call them a Dream Team!

    right now, the Eagles are nothing more than “Paper Champs”

  86. Being completely unbiased, the problem with Vince Young is that while he has the raw talent to become a top 10 quarterback, he is an immature and sensitive individual. He needs to learn how to put his defense mechanism down and start focusing on utilizing his talents in a more efficient manner. I don’t blame him for making those comments because despite how this sounds, he needs to be loved. For the first time since signing with the Titans, he feels like he is a part of something special. Say what you want about Andy Reid and clock management, but he and Belichick are the two best coaches in the NFL in terms of maximizing talent out of troubled athletes. He more than anyone can empathize with his players because he deals with it in his own family.

    This is a very different situation than the Miami Heat because you don’t see Michael Vick, Nnamdi Asomugha or Asante Samuel (who might not be with the team much longer) predicting 1-8 championships. They know their roles on the team. Vince Young will soon know his. But his comments about being on a dream team for him are absolutely valid and not necessarily due to the talent surrounding him. Just like Michael Vick, he has an opportunity to do something special whether it be from a maturing, reputation or talent standpoint. For him, that could be a dream come true.

  87. any of you Eagle fans who can’t understand the comparison between the heat and the Eagles, let me spell it out for you. Miami went out and got LeBron, the best at his position. The Eagles went out and got Nnamdi, the best at his position. The Heat also went out and Got Bosh – not the best at his position, but very good. DRC is like Bosh – pretty good, but not the best. They added to a team with a solid DB already in place – Samuel, who like Wade, is very good, even though Samuel is now supposedly on the trading block. The comparison is a valid one in a lot of ways – The heat went out and assembled a new-look team by getting the best players available, and what was supposed to be a championship team – The Eagles have done the same thing. Time will tell, but so far, the comparison is valid, especially the pressure that is now on the Eagles like it was with the Heat after they assembled their team.

  88. Hmm.. What do you do when the guy holding the clipboard can’t read?
    “Uh, Vince? You’re holding it upside down again…”

  89. Idiot. Haven’t you learned yet? Keep ur mouth shut and play the game. I don’t care who the hell you are.

    Big ups on landing Aso though, best CB in the league.

  90. 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960

  91. Can’t coach ’em up? Poach ’em up. Andy Reid is gone if the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl. That’s assuming that Lurie has a brain in his head, realistically Reid should have been gone 2 or 3 years ago.

  92. As an Eagles fan, we don’t want raised expectations. We haven’t ever won a Super Bowl so we’re just trying to get one. You’ll never hear a true Eagles fan talk about this Dream Team garbage.


    Don’t have to. You got true Eagles talking about it. Can’t wait until the season starts and reality sets in.

  93. Anyone comparing the Eagles to the Heat obviously doe understand the dynamics of Football or Basketball. In Football adding 1 player doesnt have nearly as much effect as it does in Basketball. Their at 5 starters per team in the NBA their 25 in the NFL. The Heat went out and brought in the best player in the league, kept their own superstar, and brought in a top 15 player. To make up 3/5th of the starting lineup. The Eagles went out n got the best player at his position but I dont think anyone is argueing that hes anywhere near the best player in the league like Lebron was. They brought in a 1 time probowler in Babin who is no where near a top 15 player like Bosh is. They trade a very good player imo at a very vaulable postion in Kolb for a 1 time probowler in DRC. They also brought in a head case but talented player to be a backup QB. They also let Quinton Mikell a probowl caliber player walk in FA. Minusing Kolb and Mikell and adding Young and DRC is an improvement but its not even in the same universe as keeping a D Wade.

    Also people didnt hate the Heat because they brought in Lebron and Bosh they hated them bc of “the decision” and their media tour where they were claiming that they were going to win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 championships. I dont see the Eagles acting like that.

    Yes Vince Young said something really dumb about the Eagles being a dream team. But that was just him and trust me he will be talked to. Todd Herremans for example right after that happened made it a point to say on twitter that they dont consider themselves a dream team. You cant listen to what VY says and take it as hes talking for the entire team. Everyone knows the guy is bi polar. Which means when your happy your really happy and you get all giddy and say goofy things without thinking “Like saying they are a dream team”. And when your sad your really said acting out like cursing out coaches, drinkin, throwing your pads, running around with guns, and making people worry that you are going to kill yourself. Even if he wasnt people were so worried about him that they thought it was a possibility. Vince Young hasnt had a chance to get the Andy Reid treatment yet. Hes been their for 1 day so you cant expect him to be doing and saying the right things already.

    Its like the new fad among sports writer to compare every team that gets better to the Miami Heat. This is like honestly the 10th time I have heard some team being called the new Miami Heat even tho its only be a year. And everytime the writer that has said it has had no clue what hes been talking about. Basketball is less like Football then any other sport. The team dynamic is so much different and they effect of 1 player that isnt a qb is a 100 fold. The Heat brought in 3 superstars which is 3/5th of their starting roster. So unless the Eagles or any team for matter brings in 15 of the top 75 players in the entire league in 1 offseason without losing any then they are uncomparable to the Heat. ( I got top 75 bc a starting lineup in basketball is 5 players and 25 in the nfl, which is 1/5 the size, bc the Heat brought in 3 of the top 15 players in the nba I multiplied 15 by 5 and got 75).

    Even if you look past all that would it really matter? Eagles are already the most hated fan base in the NFL and Philly altogether are the most hated on fans in sports. It would be like squirting us with a water gun in the rain. It wouldnt make a difference.

  94. Vince this isnt Tennessee. You thought the media was hard there? Wait to you see what they do to you tonight in Philly. You say you wanna learn from Vick? Then do it. Dont make bold statements, be humble, own up to your mistakes, and show them with you play and not your mouth how you feel about you and your teams abilities. The latter being the most important in your case.

  95. If the Eagles wouldn’t have signed Young, I would have said best of luck. However, that guy is so full of himself it’s disgusting. Shut your mouth and sit down on the bench. He thinks he helps to make up a dream team? I’d say it’s definitely a dream and he’s still living in it. Come back to reality, idiot.

  96. Anyone who compare the Eagles to the Miami Heat is crazy..

    First of all.. the Eagles turned Mike Vick into what he is today.. the guy looked like a CFL player this time last year..
    Reid.. although at times i hate him so much, is THE BEST QUARTERBACK COACH IN THE LEAGUE..

    Secondly.. They built the offensive weapons from the ground up drafting D-JAX, Maclin, Shady, Celek ..

    THIRD.. only after rebuilding the team and shedding McNabb, Dawkins, Mikell and a few other proven veterans, did the youngest team in the league go spend money that half the teams in the league also had .. These free agents were NOT overpaid.. they wanted to come to philly..

    we didnt over spend. we didnt do anything yankee like or heat like.. Reid knows his days are numbered if he doesnt win this year and he went all in

    How can you hate the eagles?

    We havent won anything.. and im not saying we are going to .. but they are the most exciting team outside the Pats to watch this year.. id be jealous if your tem did the same..

  97. Um what are you guys talking about? Eagles were 9th against the run last year. Thats better then 23 other teams. Add in Asomugha the best tackling cb in the game. Cullen Jenkins a helluva run stopper. Babin an upgrade at de. Chaney, Allen, and Coleman improving in their 2nd season. Who were pretty good in their 1st seasons. Casey Matthews a tackling machine.And the biggest improvement Jim Washburn.

    But hey if saying the Eagles cant stop the run makes you feel better well more power to ya.

  98. A wet dream if you’re a defensive lineman or a linebacker looking across at that offensive line.

  99. This coming from a guy who scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test! First time he gets booed they’ll place him on suicide watch.

  100. Granted, the moves they made might win them the division by a game, but…

    They face upwards of eleven teams with above average NFL running backs, including a deadly gamut of the opening five games against some top competition. With that said, they could very easily be looking at 0-5 to start the season. Add to that the fact that each of these acquisitions carries a form of the “NFL SuperDiva” virus, and this could potentially explode into the T.O. disaster x 1,000. My problems with this team is believing that Vick will regress more than he did in the second half last season (notably in the recurring injury department) the talent that Vick is working with at WR being suspect, and a lack of any real threat in the front eight or the safety positions of a defense led by a former offensive line coach.

  101. I love when bench players mouth off.

    Hey Philadelphia, What does the Lombardi Trophy look like?

    You will Never Know!!!!!!!

  102. Anyone who says that Vince Young should stop talking are hypnotized by what the media has portrayed about the man. Truth be told he is a 2 time pro bowler and took a trash team to the playoffs, despite a 0-5 start, his rookie year. I think it is you guys who need to shut the trap and watch Vick go down only to be in good hands…. Time will tell & remember who tried to break your trance…..

  103. VY is stupid and annot compare to MV.

    Way to go Vince!! You know that you’re hopeless don’t you? You were brought in to be a distraction from the rest of the team NOT because of your football prowess…

  104. Speaking of dreams, the biggest pipe dream of them all is philly winning a SB. Its simply never going to happen! hahahaha

  105. Only dreams VY will be seeing is when he’s knocked on his ass trying to tackle a guy who just picked off a wobbly duck from VY in 20 degree weather in December when VY is filling in for injured Vick.

  106. Pay top $ for proven players and hope for the best? Nah – they should follow the strategy of our resident genius owner here in Cincy: get’em cheap on bail! At least with the lockout, we would be spared another 4-12 year. Sigh – yet another long year ahead here in the Jungle…

  107. Miami Heat lost to a great Dallas team but beat the crap out of Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago. Michael Jordan was “schooled” by the Celtics and Larry Bird for years until they finally broke through. Haters gonna hate cause they are ignorant scum, but I’ll take LeBron and Vince Young over many others, any day.

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