Antonio Cromartie talking to Raiders, Jets


With several teams still having needs at cornerback and Nnamdi Asomugha and Johnathan Joseph off the board, Antonio Cromartie is now in a good position as the best cornerback available. And reports today say both the Raiders and Jets have made offers to Cromartie.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Raiders want Cromartie as the replacement for Asomugha, who left Oakland for Philadelphia in free agency. In Oakland, Cromartie would be one of the starting cornerbacks along with Stanford Routt.

And Jenny Vrentas of the Star-Ledger reports that the Jets have made an offer to Cromartie, and that members of the Jets’ coaching staff have been in regular contact with Cromartie over the last week.

The Jets were spurned in their pursuit of Asomugha, so they’d like to keep Cromartie around as the next-best option. Last season Cromartie started 15 games for the Jets, and this season he might be even more valuable to the Jets because Cromartie can also return kicks, and the Jets have lost return man Brad Smith in free agency.

The San Francisco 49ers, meanwhile, are also believed to be showing interest in Cromartie.

Although Cromartie isn’t as good a cover corner as Asomugha, he’s more than adequate as a consolation prize for the teams that wanted Asomugha and couldn’t get him. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that more teams are interested in Cromartie as well. He’ll have his choice of contract offers.

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  1. He’s no Nnamdi but I think he could pair up nicely with Routtt…I really like Routt he had a pretty good year Im just worried about who’ll be the no. 2 corner because lets face it Chris Johnson sucks and the rest of the guys are 2nd year players or rookies

  2. 49ers showing interest! Does management really think it can fool fans into thinking they’re actually doing something? They showed interest in Nnamdi. Then Ochocinco, then J.Joseph, then Plaxico, and now Cromartie!

    All this “interest” has left them down 5 defensive starters and 4 offensive starters!

    But hey.. they “have a FA plan.” “We’re gonna be patient.” No, you’re gonna be useless!

  3. He is gonna land with the dream team eiggles making them the super dream team ! Instead of having linebackers on the field they will go with all cornerbacks !

  4. Come on Raiders do something during free agency. Resigning all of our previous players and losing Nnamdi isnt exactly going to help us…

  5. I think he fits best with the Jets and they would crazy not to get him with as many Blitz packages they run they need two corners.

    But don’t be shocked if the Niners do get into the bidding. NY has really high taxes and Cro has a lot of kids so he needs the money !

  6. Please god let him go to the Raiders. He was overrated in SD, mediocre in NY and I’ll be glad to have the Chiefs play him twice a year!

  7. Jredshoes. Raiders didn’t even need a second CB to wipp the queeefs azz twice last year . Cassel looked like a deer in the headlights, and he’ll see the same front 4 coming for him again.

  8. Most of his kids are still on the West Coast. And because he’s such a great family man, I’m sure he’ll choose the Niners or Raiders. He’ll be happy to see his children and tell them how much he missed them…as soon as he remembers their names.

  9. jimmytwotimes says: “He is gonna land with the dream team eiggles making them the super dream team ! Instead of having linebackers on the field they will go with all cornerbacks !” They’re going to need all they can sign. Packers just resigned James Jones. All four top WRs return, Randall Cobb gets added, Finley’s back.

  10. Everyone complaining about al not making moves he’s resigned everyone on the team beside nnamdi ( miller is resigning), if he signs cro the loss of nnamdi wont have much impact at all. Also free agency is not close to over so many players still out there that wont get overpaid

  11. Come on Mark D, he’s 26 which is young enough for the plan, and we need someone for when Talib is in jail…

    I am not one of the usual I want my team to sign everyone available people, but this is a need and we have the money. I just wish it had been Joseph…

  12. cmon chicago we need this guy…tim jennings and bowman are not no.1/2 in NFL…and peanut is getting old…we need CBs, instead of signing all washed up cowboys player get someone with potential. Atleast get this guy if youre not going to get an OL

  13. Oh man…. If the Raiders dump millions on “Raw-Dawg” Cromartie after letting #21 walk away, I’ll throw up right in my mouth.

  14. Hope the Raiders don’t get him….Cromartie isn’t worth what crazy Al will give him. Al might even pay him more then Aso got……Mean-while while Al gazzzes at his stop watch with visions of another over-paid fast CB danceing in his head. The player the Raiders really need resigned is Zach Miller. Gonna be great losing him……Or how about some OL help. Ya that stiff K. Barnes you resigned is really gonna solve the OL problems…….Speaking of fast DB’s. Why draft 4 of them the last two years if your gonna sign Cromartie???….

  15. Raidersfankirk. The only 3 things you can depend upon are death, taxes and the Raiders will screw things up. Yes you beat the Chiefs twice last year and the Chiefs still won the division. I (along with the rest of the AFC West) hope you get Cromartie. It’ll be another example of Al throwing stupid money at an overrated player.

  16. I love Nhamdi, but the name of the game is MAKING PLAYS! Nhamdi doesn’t make them for the money he is and was getting paid, if you can get Cromartie, a guy 5 years younger mind you, for 4 million less a year, YOU DO IT! End of story. BTW I could care less about how many kids he has, if he makes plays & brings it every game then I’m all in. Jets blew it by not signing him to begin with & bad mouthing him all offseason

  17. As for the Chiefs, the Raiders came in your house and beat the living crap out of you 31-10 without Nhamdi, Seymour, or McFadden playing! Remember that? HMMMMMMMM

  18. AC is half the player that Nnamdi was…but…he’ll cost half the money. Good move by Oakland if they can pull it off. Oddly, most Jet fans–in the blackened coal that is their hearts–must view getting the same player back as a down-grade, since they honestly thought they were going to get Nnamdi.

    Ah, Philly…signing him away from New York is the gift that keeps on giving. Little part of me is rooting for them now just for the heartbreak they brought Jet fans.

  19. Come to the Oakland, Cromartie. The Jets didn’t want you. They wanted to replace you even when cornerback wasn’t their biggest need.

  20. Guy’s, he already knows that he has kids in Arizona, Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco and Dallas. Now he just has to double-check if he has any in Oakland or New York. He wants to stay as far away from them as possible #worstfatherintheworld

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