Braylon Edwards gets interest from Cardinals; Jets viewed him as “diva”


Braylon Edwards is one of the big names still available in free agency, and it’s not clear which teams — if any — are interested in signing him.

But the latest team we’re hearing mentioned in connection with Edwards is the Arizona Cardinals.

Darren Urban notes on the Cardinals’ web site that multiple reports have connected Edwards to Arizona, where he’d be the No. 2 receiver to take some heat off Larry Fitzgerald and give another weapon to new quarterback Kevin Kolb.

However, it’s important to remember that when a player with Edwards’ physical talents isn’t drawing much interest in free agency, there’s probably a pretty good reason for that. And the reason is that Edwards is often a bigger headache than his talent justifies.

Rich Cimini of reports that the Jets wanted no part of Edwards, who was viewed as a diva in the organization. Throw in the fact that he was busted for drunk driving and the fact that he seems to be asking for more money than he’s worth, and it’s easy to see why the Jets would decide to move on.

Edwards is coming off a solid season, catching 53 passes for 904 yards and seven touchdowns and adding another nine catches for 164 yards and a touchdown in the playoffs. But that doesn’t mean he’s the kind of player NFL coaches want on their teams. At the moment, the Cardinals appear to be one of the few teams that actually have any interest in Edwards.

60 responses to “Braylon Edwards gets interest from Cardinals; Jets viewed him as “diva”

  1. Does this mean the Jets will not re-sign Rex Ryan to a new deal once his current one expires?

  2. Jets hate you, Browns hate you,
    do you and your father see a common ground here??

    its not the cities or the fans!

    dude is the single most over rated WR ive ever seen play. catches EVERY ball with his body and jumps LOL hes a joke. he shouldnt even been in the NFL but the he is tall and can jump, so they keep him around. amazing.

  3. The Jets also said that Kerry Rhodes was a diva, and he had a great season in AZ last year; not a distraction at all.

    I think it’s the NYJ that naturally create distractions.

  4. Whoa, Whoa….This article must be wrong…..I’m pretty sure I heard everyone affiliated with the Jets repeatedly assert that Braylon and Santonio were the best duo and that they were going to the superbowl. Now they say he’s a diva…..hmm, must be more nonsense coming from the drama-queen city.

  5. After watching his antics in Cleveland, I’m just glad he’s out of the Browns’ hair. Any team that picks him up is in for a boat load of trouble. The guy is indeed a diva, which much be Italian for “pain in the ass.” Way over rated as a receiver, too. Hears footsteps on routes across the middle and is often a drop machine. Good riddance!

  6. Oh wait, I thought us Browns fans only hated you because you went to Michigan? Is it the same for the Jets now too? No, we hated you because you thought you were better then you are and dropped too many passes, period!

  7. A diva? Perhaps that means he wouldn’t wear sexy nylons for Rex and slowly peel them off. What a bunch of clowns these Jets are!

  8. Braylon Edwards seems to be the next WR in the likes of David Boston, Brandon Lloyd and Antonio Bryant.

    Talented…but a .10 cent knucklehead through and through

  9. Edwards played very well for the Jets and was a compliment to Santonio Holmes. He may be a diva but Rex Ryan is the fattest diva the world has ever known. With the exception of the old version of Aretha Franklin.

  10. Is this the same Jets that just signed complexico Diva hell that is what it said on his locker

    Wait till complex is late for meetings and starting taking plays off
    Does he do this yes he does over and over again

    Complexco has one person to blame and that is complexco himself

  11. Let me guess BrayBray Baybay the reason no one liked you in New York and it didn’t work out is because they were all Ohio State Fans. If you’re gonna act like a diva, you need to actually be consistant Pro Bowl Reciever . Take your talents to Souf Beach as a wanna be male super model or bell hop, just dont drop the luggage you bum!

  12. They were afraid he’d get drunk and Plaxico might pass him the gun. Also, the non-diva Revis doesn’t want to hear anything more about his mama.

  13. I’m sensing that the “Diva Receiver” era is drawing to a close in the NFL. It seems that teams are putting more of a premium on work and professionalism. Here’s hoping that some of the marginally talented, “me first” loudmouths find their way out of the league.

  14. The bad thing about being a diva is once you slip just a little below elite (if he ever was elite) you might as well have leprosy. Now he’s just another idiot looking for a comparable idiot to sign him.

  15. Yeah, right…he’s a diva…and the Jets wouldn’t want any loud mouth, arrogant divas on their team…well, except for their coach and just about every other player.

  16. This is the sort of things I don’t like about the Jets. I understand that you need self confidence and bravado to play this game but if you don’t have anything positive to say about a teammante/employee keep it to yourself, this might affect the way you do business.

  17. I read this and thought of so many things to say, but you guys have already covered it very well. The Jets B*itching about a Diva? Really, I mean Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy?

  18. He might be a diva, but if your team signed him I’m SURE you’d be happy! Period! The same with Cromartie, better than 80% of the players playing in this league at their position

  19. Wait a minute, you think you need to look to off-field reasons why noone is interested?! Let’s look on the field. When he catches the ball he’s an amazing talent, and he has a knack for getting open. And when he does, he catches almost half the balls that hit him in the hands, and those that don’t hit him in the hands he may reach for if it’s not too much work. The problem is he drops more balls than Roy Williams, and he doesn’t work to get the ball. He maks an occasionally amazing grab, and is hard to tackle. But that is worthless if he can’t catch the ones that hit him in the numbers. I wish the JETS would resign the guy to distract Sanchez from better options…

  20. @RexCanCoach

    You are such a homer buddy. Open up your eyes! Rex is a clown, and his luck is about to run out.

  21. As a clear #2 on the Cardinals, with his market being soft, and he possibly even being a 3rd option in the offense, he will be less “diva”. A short (2 yr) contract could be a win-win. Now, if we can get him to grow some dreads…

  22. “DIVA”
    that is the word I have been blogging about this guy for months.
    I feel validated because he is.
    He’s the high maintenance girlfriend who doesn’t have ANY faults, but can’t keep a guy (team).
    I feel so good.
    I do wish her well though.

  23. Diva???……I think Turd is more accurate. But hey, they fixed that by signing Plaxico.

  24. I think Braylon gets a bad rap…He just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. On a positive note, he does do alot of charity work. I know that he paid for college for alot of inner city cleveland kids this past year, keeping his promise. I am a browns fan and was glad to see him go. Dude was so afraid to get his ass rocked on every play he would drop every other pass that was thrown to him. Seemed to make the acrobatic catches tho.

  25. “The Jets also said that Kerry Rhodes was a diva, and he had a great season in AZ ”

    If Kerry Rhodes made one tackle last year it would’ve been an improvement over what he did his final season in NY. He was a diva who wouldn’t make the hard hit.

  26. waldoampere says: Jul 31, 2011 6:49 PM
    “The Jets also said that Kerry Rhodes was a diva, and he had a great season in AZ ”

    If Kerry Rhodes made one tackle last year it would’ve been an improvement over what he did his final season in NY. He was a diva who wouldn’t make the hard hit.


    Weird….they traded for Antonio “Don’t hurt me Shonn Greene” Cromartie.

  27. Cleveland said the same thing when the J-O-K-E-S traded for him…Now they’re saying he’s a diva with that pedo Dirty Sanchez under center, Santonio “Sir-Tokes-A-Lot” Holmes, Darrell Revis, Bart Scott and that buffet killer Rex Ryan still on board…and they’re throwing jabs and diva stones at ANYBODY?! Who are they to claim anybody a diva? GTFO with that noise

  28. chadinkc30 says:Jul 31, 2011 5:45 PM

    He might be a diva, but if your team signed him I’m SURE you’d be happy! Period! The same with Cromartie, better than 80% of the players playing in this league at their position

    Not hardly. I’m more than happy with Jennings, Driver, Jones, Cobb and basically Finely catching the passes from Aaron. Can’t see where this choad would be better than that….

  29. Why the Jets ever thought this guy was worth a @#$% is beyond me. I’m surprised the Jets didn’t want to keep him though….. in spite of their Rex Ryan self generated hype, they are not very smart.

  30. Some teams are exceptions of course with your Packers being one of them! Im just saying there are many talent lacking teams out there where Cro and Edwards would be instant upgrades to their wr’s or cb’s. Too bad this salary cap floor rule doesn’t go into affect until 2013, it gives the cheap ass teams a couple of more seasons to be cheap (ala TB, KC, SF, CINCYS of the world)

  31. larryfitzgerald4mvp :

    Kerry Rhodes had a great season?????? Are you out of your mind? I guess I can tell by your username you are a cardinals fan which would explain your ridiculous assessement. I guess picking up fumbles laying there for a walk in td makes a good defensive player. Every time I see him play hes getting run over by a running back or shying away from any type of contact whatsoever. He has a ton of talent, he just doesnt care anymore since he got paid already. The guy was atrocious last year (except for a few sexy plays which you equate with having a good season). In my book good defensive players to start with at least have to want to tackle opponents.

    Rhodes has good range in coverage, tackles like my grandmother, and has no interest in helping in run support. But yea, he had a great season. I wonder how the cardinals defense was so bad last year then?

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